Starfield Research Projects: duration and all 5 main categories of Research Projects in Starfield


Starfield Research Projects are a key way to enhance your character and gear. So use our guide and learn the project duration and it’s categories.

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Starfield Research Projects: duration and categories of Research Projects in Starfield

Starfield Research Projects are a key way to enhance your character and gear. They offer various improvements, but they take time to finish before you see the benefits. These projects are diverse, helping you improve your game experience beyond just the main story. While the exact duration for each research project varies, it’s essential to understand that they all require some waiting time. This guide will provide insights into how long Starfield research projects take, helping you plan your gameplay effectively.

Starfield Research Projects Duration

Research projects in Starfield have varying durations, and their completion times are not fixed. Players can check the time required before starting a project. Skills and companions in Starfield can influence research time, with certain skills speeding up the process. 

Additionally, the choice of companion can also impact the duration of your Starfield Research Projects, making it a dynamic aspect of the game that adds complexity to the gameplay.

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Choice of companion can also impact the duration of your Starfield Research Projects

Starfield Research Project Categories and how many can be performed at the same time

You can work on research projects to improve your character and gear, but you’re limited to doing one research from each of the five categories simultaneously. These categories cover various aspects of the game, and you can’t perform multiple researches from the same category, even if you switch between different research labs. There are five main categories of research projects in starfield:

  • Pharmacology: Enhance aid item effectiveness and learn to craft items for curing Status Effects and healing health.
  • Food and Drink: Research various consumables to increase their quantity and effectiveness.
  • Outpost Development: Develop and upgrade the Outposts you own throughout the game universe.
  • Equipment: Research and acquire new Mods for your equipment.
  • Weaponry: Customize and add Mods to your weapons for improved performance.

Note: Think wisely about which area to focus on first. If you use many health items, go for Pharmacology. If you want to deal more damage, choose Weaponry. Prioritize the category that suits your gameplay style to improve your character effectively.

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