Starfield Romance: All Romanceable characters and ways to build a relationship


Use our guide on Starfield Romance and check all the romanceable characters in the game and ways to build a relationship with companions.

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Starfield Romance: All Romanceable characters and ways to build a relationship

Bethesda’s fresh RPG offering, Starfield, is all set to provide players with an immersive cosmic adventure. Players will have the opportunity to go through a vast galaxy, explore various planets, and encounter a wide range of characters along their journey in the Starfield universe.

Apart from the base game, the inclusion of romance options has become a widely appreciated aspect in numerous games, Starfield included. While you go through the celestial skies and uncharted worlds, you’ll also have the chance to build relationships with a select group of individuals who accompany you on the journey of this RPG world.

Starfield Romance

For those who wish to find a meaningful connection while traveling the galaxy, here’s some good news: Starfield Romance is actually a thing.

During an interview, Todd Howard, the Director of Starfield, delved into the complexities of Starfield romance. He highlighted how romance characters can experience a blend of emotions towards the player, encompassing love, occasional dissatisfaction, and even temporary resentment due to the player’s actions. This means that maintaining a happy relationship requires thoughtful decision-making.

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How to romance the characters in Starfield?

While the specifics of how to start and build Starfield romances are still under wraps, Todd Howard has expressed his intention to infuse more depth and realism into relationships compared to past RPGs.

To embark on a romantic journey within Starfield, players will need to build affinity with characters through their personal quests and actions that resonate with them. As your bond grows, more romantic options will become available.

What’s remarkable about Starfield romance is its details, echoing the complexities of real-life relationships. As you enhance your connection with companions, your actions can either strengthen your relationship or provoke their dissatisfaction, potentially leading to the end of your relationship, although reconciliation might be on the horizon.

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Bethesda plans to add more depth and realism to relationships in Starfield.

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Romanceable characters in Starfield?

The question of who can be romanced in Starfield leads us to four romanceable companions, all of whom are integral members of the exploratory Constellation organization central to the game’s main storyline. This Starfiled romanceable companion consists of:

  • Sarah Morgan
  • Sam Coe
  • Barrett

Sam Coe, the skilled pilot with the air of a space cowboy, is the only romantic option showcased in preview footage. His expressions of affection, while somewhat cheesy, convey a heartfelt sentiment as he declares his love for the player.

Sarah Morgan, the leader of Constellation, offers a unique romantic avenue. Her character embodies a sense of space-faring heroism akin to a space Captain America, seasoned with an affinity for lasers and plants.

Barrett, a gifted engineer and fellow Constellation recruit, forms the third member of this romantic trio in Starfield. While his character remains shrouded in mystery before release, a glimpse of his personality is conveyed through his resonant voice and hinted culinary skills.

As for the fourth Starfield romanceable companion, we are yet to get details. Starfield previews have tantalizingly revealed the cast of Constellation characters, leaving the identity of this fourth potential companion up for speculation. Given the aim for balance, an expectation arises for at least one more female or perhaps a non-binary character to complete the list of Starfield romanceable characters.

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There are a total of 4 Romanceable characters in Starfield, with the identity of one still unknown.

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Are marriage and children possible in Starfield?

Marriage, a common feature in some RPGs, remains uncertain for Starfield. Drawing parallels to games like Skyrim and Fallout 4, where there are various marriage options, Bethesda’s take on Starfield’s marriage is yet to be revealed.

Now, regarding the prospect of having children in the Starfield, no information has surfaced on this front. While conceivable, the logistical challenges of having children in a space-centric gameplay like Starfield’s cast doubt on their inclusion.

Also, beyond the explicitly scripted romances, the possibility of lighter interactions with other characters, not directly tied to the main story, is still open. While not confirmed, this suggests the developers may have more in store for players seeking various romantic connections.

As the cosmic odyssey of Starfield unfolds, the intricate web of romance, partnerships, and relationships adds an enriching layer to the gameplay, promising an experience that captures the essence of both the fantastic and the relatable.

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