Valorant No Limit skin bundle: release date, skins, price, more in 2023


Valorant No Limit skin bundle from Riot is a selection of slick and fashionable weapon cosmetics that pushes the limits of the game’s style and flare.

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Valorant No Limit skin bundle is the new skinline in the game

Valorant has a huge fanbase, thanks to the new content and the skins that the developers roll out frequently. 

Players can change the look of their agents and weapons in the game via Valorant skins, which are cosmetic commodities. These skins come in a variety of designs, from more colourful and whimsical to sleek and futuristic ones. Every skin collection has a distinct theme, and players can obtain them in a variety of ways, such as through in-game purchases, battle passes, or special events.

Valorant skins are distinguished by their high degree of detail and craftsmanship. These skins enhance the overall aesthetic experience of the game with sophisticated weapon animations and spectacular visual effects.

Riot recently announced the Karma Give Back bundle, which will be made available on June 6, 2023, along with the 6.11 patch. Furthermore, now Riot has revealed one more skinline.

An upcoming patch will include the Valorant No Limit skin bundle in honour of the VCT Masters Tokyo, which will launch on June 11, 2023. A bat melee skin, ghost, spectre, bulldog, and vandal skins will all be included in this new Valorant skin bundle.

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Valorant No Limit skin bundle release date

A teaser film was used to support the unexpected introduction of the Valorant No Limit skin bundle.

The Valorant No Limit skin bundle, which is scheduled to replace the Magepunk 3.0, has not yet been made accessible by Riot, but it is anticipated to go live on June 15.

Since the current skin bundle will expire soon, players have nearly 12 days to purchase the new Valorant No Limit skin bundle, which will be offered in the store.

Valorant No Limit bundle skins

A player can stand out in the game and express their commitment to the Valorant universe by equipping a distinctive and eye-catching skin. Valorant skins can be used as a status symbol and a means of self-expression in addition to their aesthetic appeal.

The Valorant No Limit skin bundle was been given a first look by Riot on Twitter, and as the image shows, the upcoming Valo No Limit skin features some stunning aesthetics.

It appears that the bundle will include 4 well-known weapons in a red and black colour scheme and there will be a baseball bat with a similar concept for the melee. The following are going to be a part of Valorant No Limit Skinline:

  • NO LIMITS Vandal
  • NO LIMITS Bulldog
  • NO LIMITS Spectre
  • NO LIMITS Ghost
  • NO LIMITS Bat (melee)
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Various skins in Valorant No Limit Bundle

The Valorant No Limit skin bundle was expected to have various colour variants, as is customary with skin bundles from developers. However, the Valo No Limit bundle only features two shades in each skin, the Skins change colours depending on Shadow/Light, and there are no variations.

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And as is customary, Player Cards and Sprays will be available too for the future Valorant No Limit bundle. And information on the subject has already been leaked.

valorant no limit skin bundle, valorant no limit skin release date, valorant no limit bundle price, valorant no limit playercards, valorant no limit sprays
Valorant No Limit Playercards

Valorant No Limit skin bundle price

You can buy the Valorant No Limit skinline with Valorant Points (VP), which will introduce the first-ever bat melee to the game. However, the Valorant No Limit skin bundle price has not yet been disclosed officially.

According to the leakers, the Valo No Limit Bundle is a Deluxe Tier which means Weapon Skins cost 1275VP, 2550VP for the melee, and 5100VP for the bundle. And also, this bundle is the VCT Tokyo Bundle.

Also, as it will only be accessible for a short time, be sure to acquire it as soon as you can whenever it releases.

And, whenever we learn the cost of this bundle, we’ll update the article.

That is all that has been revealed thus far about the new Valorant No Limit skin bundle.

We will update you with the new information, so keep following Gamevro.

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