Total War Warhammer 3 Shadow of Change DLC: release date, price, and content leaked


New info like Total War: Warhammer 3 Shadow of Change DLC release date and price has been leaked, along with details on exciting new content such as legendary heroes and lords.

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Total War: Warhammer 3 Shadow of Change DLC release date and price have been leaked

We are certain that Total War Warhammer 3 doesn’t need any introduction to the game fanatics, as the Total War series already has a dedicated fan base. However, the fans are eagerly anticipating the release of the “Shadow of Change” DLC for Total War: Warhammer III which was announced back in May 2023.

Well, worry not as recent leaks has revealed the Total War Warhammer 3 Shadow of Change DLC’s release date and price, along with some details on the upcoming content.

Shadow of Change DLC Release Date and Price Leak

As reported by Dealabs bilbil-kun, the “Shadow of Change” DLC is expected to be released on August 31, with pre-orders starting on August 8. Players can look forward to exploring new content and embarking on thrilling campaigns just a few weeks after the pre-order period.

In terms of pricing, the leak suggests the following prices for different regions:

  • Europe: €24.99
  • United States: $24.99
  • United Kingdom: £19.99

Furthermore, it has been claimed that during the Shadow of Change DLC pre-order period from August 8 to 31, players can enjoy a 10% discount on the introductory price.

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Shadow of Change DLC Teasers and Roadmap

Not only the leaks, but the Total War Twitter account has been dropping hints and teasing the upcoming Shadow of Change DLC.

In the upcoming Total War: Warhammer 3 DLC Shadows of Change, it has been made announced that Yuan Bo, the Jade Dragon, will serve as the Legendary Lord for Grand Cathay.

Now, although there is no official confirmation for Yuan Bo’s Tzeentchian counterpart, it is clear from the short story that The Changeling will be the Legendary Lord commanding the Daemons of Tzeentch in the upcoming DLC.

However, Creative Assembly didn’t just drop this little piece of information directly, instead, Master of the Meteor Wind, a short story in collaboration with novelist David Guymer revealed this info to us.

The tease aligns with the previously released Warhammer III roadmap, which indicated that the Shadows of Change update would be coming during the Summer of 2023.

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Total War Warhammer 3 Shadow of Change DLC Content

The “Shadow of Change” DLC is poised to offer players a wealth of exciting new content. The expansion as per the leaker is expected to include:

Legendary Lords

  • Yuan Bo, the Jade Dragon: Legendary lord of the Grand Cathay race. With the ability to transform between human and dragon forms, the Jade Dragon wields destructive power as a single-target destroyer and a formidable spellcaster with the lores of Light, Yin, and Sky magick.
  • The Changeling: Legendary lord of the Tzeentch race. Capable of taking the form of any legendary figure, the Changeling’s true form remains a mystery known only to Tzeentch himself.
  • Mother Ostankya: Legendary lord of the Kislev race. A powerful sorceress with unique melee capabilities, Mother Ostankya wields her cauldron both on and off the battlefield. She can rain down spirits on enemies from a distance or transform into a hybrid artillery carriage with spider legs for melee combat.

Legendary Hero

  • Les Scribes Bleus (The Blue Scribes): Legendary hero of the Tzeentch race.

Additional DLC Content

  • The leaker has revealed that there will be 12 Combat Units and 9 Renowned Regiments to add further depth to the gameplay.

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The “Shadow of Change” DLC is set to provide players with a rich and immersive experience, bringing new legendary lords, heroes, units, and regiments to the game.

Also, Creative Assembly appears to have set a standard with the “Shadow of Change” DLC in terms of content structure. The next two scheduled updates, “Thrones of Decay” and an unannounced project, are expected to follow a similar pattern.

Well, with new legendary lords, a legendary hero, combat units, and renowned regiments, players will have a wealth of new content to explore. And with pre-orders allegedly starting on August 8, the announcements seem to be coming soon.

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