Remnant 2 Pulse Rifle: Easy guide to get the Pulse Rifle in Remnant 2


With our simple-to-follow tutorial, you may discover how to get the Remnant 2 Pulse Rifle and unleash its full potential.

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Easy guide on how to get the Pulse Rifle in Remnant 2

If you didn’t start with the Engineer archetype in Remnant 2, there is still a way to obtain the Pulse Rifle.

For this, you need two Quest Items: the Decorum Cipher and the Memory Core II. These items are found in two separate dungeons of N’erud. But first, you will have to check if the Pulse Rifle is available in your current roll of N’erud. This article will show you how to do all of these things and get the Remnant 2 Pulse Rifle.

How to get Pulse Rifle in Remnant 2

Follow the steps detailed below to get the Remnant 2 Pulse Rifle:

Check if the Pulse Rifle is available

Before you even start to locate the Remnant 2 Pulse Rifle, check if it’s available in your roll of N’erud. To do this, locate the Custodian in the planet’s first open map, which could be either Abyssal Rift or Phantom Wasteland. You find the Custodian in a building that is next to the Ascension Spire Checkpoint.

Just inside the entrance to the spire, there are rows of seated statues. Behind the row of statues to the left is located a hole in the ground. Jump through and you reach an elevator. Use this to go down. Once you have descended fully, you come upon a circular metal device. This is where you confirm if the Remnant 2 Pulse Rifle is available or not.

If you are allowed to interact with only one or no points on this metal device, the Pulse Rifle is not available in your roll of N’erud. You will have to re-rol N’erud, through the Campaign or Adventure Mode, and repeat this same process. However, if you are allowed to interact with two points, then the Pulse Rifle is available and you can proceed with the rest of the steps outlined below.

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Remnant 2 Pulse Rifle is part of the long gun series

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Obtaining the Decorum Cipher and Memory Core II

Once you have the Decorum Cipher and the Memory Core II in your possession, return to the spot when you checked on the availability of the Pulse Rifle in the current roll of N’erud.

Here’s how to obtain these two Quest Items:

Decorum Cipher

This Quest Item is located in the Terminus Station dungeon in Remnant 2. This dungeon appears on any of N’erud’s open maps, like Abyssal Rift Eon Vault, Phantom Wasteland, and Timeless Horizon. After you reach the training event at the end of this dungeon, go to the Checkpoint. Then, crouch below the cables to the right. Move forward and you come upon a ladder and walkway which lets you enter the train’s engine room via a hatch in the roof. This is where the Decorum Cipher is.

Memory Core II

For the Memory Core II in Remnant 2, you have to reach the Dormant N’erudian Facility dungeon. You can spot this dungeon in any of N’erud’s open maps. This Quest Item is sitting behind a locked red door in this dungeon that can only be unlocked by the Biome-Control Glyph. You find this glyph, first, locate a corridor filled with purple smoke and large tanks. The railing is punctured at one point here. Pass through the puncture to fall onto the pipes below then move forward until you encounter an elevator. Ride it up and you reach a room within which is the Biome-Control Glyph on a metal container.


Inserting the Decorum Cipher and the Memory Core II

After you have both the Quest Items in your possession, reach back to the circular device under the Ascension spire. Insert the Items to deactivate the barriers that protect the Remnant 2 Pulse Rifle as well as the Core Booster amulet. This amulet boosts weak spot damage by 50% for 10 seconds after eliminating an opponent.

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That’s how you get your hands on the Pulse Rifle in Remnant 2.

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