How to Defeat Giant Dog Boss in Pikmin 4: Guide to Beat Ancient Sirehound


As we explore the methods and tactics required to take down the tough Giant Dog Boss, also known as the Ancient Sirehound, in Pikmin 4, get ready for an epic battle.

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How to Defeat Giant Dog Boss in Pikmin 4: Guide to Beat Ancient Sirehound

In Pikmin 4, the Ancient Sirehound, a huge boss that looks like a dog and has five difficult stages, is the ultimate task. This gigantic creature, found in the Cavern for a King at the end of the Primordial Thicket, stands as the final obstacle in the game. With its thick fur and imposing presence, it closely resembles Oatchi or Moss but on a much grander scale.

Defeating the Ancient Sirehound is essential to obtain the precious Gift of Friendship – its collar. This article will walk players through the methods they need to beat this tough opponent, the infamous Dog Boss.

Recommendations Before Fighting The Giant Dog Boss

To beat the Ancient Sirehound, players must strategize and be prepared for its five phases. Players must consider the following recommendations before fighting the giant Dog Boss: 


Strategic use of Pikmin types is crucial for victory. Recommended Pikmins are — Red Pikmin, Yellow Pikmin, and Purple Pikmin.

To defeat the Ancient Sirehound, players should use Purple Pikmin to topple it with just two Pikmin on its tail. Bring Yellow Pikmin to destroy shock orbs in its third form, and Red Pikmin in abundance to deal damage during its fourth phase. 

Oatchi Skills

In the epic showdown against the giant Dog Boss in Pikmin 4, mastering two crucial skills – Mega Rush and Big Chomp – is essential for a successful battle.

  • Mega Rush: It reduces the charge time, enabling quicker execution when the boss is flipped over.
  • Big Chomp: Upgrading Big Chomp allows Oatchi and the Pikmin to team up and deliver powerful attacks against the formidable creature. 

Remember: To beat the last boss, the Ancient Sirehound, Oatchi’s skills must be upgraded. Upgrade Rush to Mega Rush for a speedy attack when its belly is exposed. Consider getting Big Chomp too, as it’s highly recommended. This skill empowers Oatchi and the Pikmin to bravely take on the ancient doggo.

Gear and Items

Thermal DefenseTo safeguard yourself and Oatchi from the giant Dog Boss’s freezing attacks in its Ice Form, make sure to equip this appropriate gear.
Anti-ElectrifierTo avoid getting shocked by the Ancient Sirehound’s attacks in its Shock Form, make sure to equip this special gear for both you and Oatchi.
Scorch GuardPut on this gear to protect yourself and Oatchi from the giant Dog Boss’s Fire Form attacks.
Ultra-Spicy SprayThis spray makes you and your Pikmin move faster. This fast movement can give you enough speed to avoid Ancient Sirehound’s attacks.

Before battling the Ancient Sirehound in Pikmin 4, equip the right gear for an easier fight. Remember, your Pikmin can still be affected by certain things, so whistle to protect them. Use the Ultra-Spicy Spray while running to be faster and harder to hit. This makes it tricky for the giant Dog Boss to harm you.

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How to Defeat Giant Dog Boss in Pikmin 4

Ancient Sirehound has multiple phases, each with a separate health wheel to deplete, and its attack patterns change accordingly. For the ultimate clash, go to the Cavern for a King’s final sublevel. You’ll be tested in this multi-phase battle by the different threats and varying attack patterns.

1. First phase

The giant Dog Boss in Pikmin 4 uses two main attacks: a jumping slam that crushes Pikmin and drops stalactites from above, and a charging attack that can eat caught Pikmin. To fight it, trick it into charging at fallen stalactites to stun it. 

Then, use 15 Pikmin or two Purple Pikmin to flip it over, exposing its belly for attacks. As its health drops, it does more jumping slams before charging. This strategy works for all phases of the battle.

2. Second phase

In the next phase of the battle, the giant Dog Boss will unleash five bouncing snowballs, similar to Arctic Cannon Larva. It will also use a long-ranged ice breath attack, which can freeze Pikmin and lead to a charge attack. 

While it tries to face the player during this attack, its turning speed is slow, and you can still pull its tail. Be cautious to avoid getting hit by stray snowballs. 

Additionally, touching any part of its body (except the tail) will transfer its current element to Pikmin. 

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3. Third Phase

During the electrical attack phase, the Ancient Sirehound in Pikmin 4 uses lightning attacks. It starts by spewing three electrical furballs, which create a spinning plus-shaped lightning pattern until they’re destroyed. Then, it performs a dash attack. 

After that, it surrounds itself with electric fields but can’t move during this time. That’s when you can attack its tail safely. 

Keep in mind that the Sirehound raises its tail out of reach when not using the “center of the arena” attack. As it takes more damage, it increases the number of furballs and dashes. Stay cautious and take it down!

4. Fourth phase

Once the giant Dog Boss becomes fire-based, it will shoot fireballs, make flaming shockwaves by stomping, and spit burning hairballs that create shockwaves if not destroyed. 

Remember, the shockwaves won’t hit anything behind the Sirehound, so use that chance to go 

behind and tug its tail. Stay cautious and find the best moments to attack during this fiery phase of the boss fight.

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5. Final phase

In this final phase, the Ancient Sirehound takes to the skies for its next phase. It launches gloomy projectiles that create harmful patches on the ground, similar to the Smoky Progg. It also shoots a gloomy beam in a straight line. Players must navigate carefully between the patches, avoiding the beam, to reach under the Sirehound and pull its tail again. At low health, it panics Pikmin with a roar, quickly moving away from the player. Beware, this roar can destroy many Pikmin in gloomy puddles.

But there’s good news. This phase has an easy weakness. Use a Lighting Shock item while it’s airborne, and the giant Dog Boss’ tail will drop, becoming vulnerable for a quick takedown. With enough Lighting Shocks, it won’t even get a chance to attack.

When the Ancient Sirehound loses all its health, it flees, leaving its collar and Louie.

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