Pikmin 4 Hero’s Hideaway Bunker Code: easy way to unlock bunker and card locations


Start a thrilling quest in Pikmin 4 as we reveal how to quickly open the Hero’s Hideaway Bunker and find the hidden secret card locations to get the codes.

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Use our tips to unlock Pikmin 4 Hero’s Hideaway Bunker

Pikmin 4 has a mission called ‘Rescuing Olimar.’ In it, players need to open a bunker to save Olimar. The bunker is like a safe with a three-number code and this code changes with each playthrough.

The clue for Pikmin 4 Hero’s Hideaway Bunker Code lies in the symbol on the lock’s dial. By locating similar symbols around the hideaway, players can identify corresponding numbers. These numbers, in the order of the symbols on the dial, are the solution to the puzzle.

It’s a personalized challenge where players use symbol hints to deduce the changing code and save Olimar. To find the code, players look for special cards. If you’re finding it difficult to crack the Pikmin 4 Hero’s Hideaway Bunker Code, don’t worry. This walkthrough will provide you with the steps to unlock the Bunker in Hero’s Hideaway.

Pikmin 4 Hero’s Hideaway Bunker Code

To unlock the Bunker in Pikmin 4’s Hero’s Hideaway, a unique three-digit code is required. Each digit corresponds to a playing card symbol on a dial – Heart, Diamond, and Club. Collect these three cards in the hideaway to reveal the associated code numbers beside their symbols. Once acquired, input the code using Pikmin on the dial. 

The card locations to crack the Pikmin 4 Hero’s Hideaway Bunker Code: First Card Location, Second Card Location, and Third Card Location. Combine the cards’ numbers to crack the personalized Bunker code and progress in the game.


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Pikmin 4 Hero’s Hideaway Bunker Code: Card Locations

First Card Location

To find the first card in Pikmin 4’s Hero’s Hideaway, go right from the bunker entrance. Climb the cabinet left of the entrance using scattered books. Then, take the railing connecting to the stairs. This gets you the first card on top. It’s a step-by-step process: cabinet, books, railing, stairs, card. This card helps open the bunker and advance in the game.

Second Card Location

You can find the second card close to the Blackboard near the start of Hero’s Hideaway. To get it, just use your dog Otachi’s charge move. This will knock the Dart off the board, and you can pick up the second card from it. It’s a straightforward way to get the card you need.

Third Card Location

Finding the third card for the bunker in Pikmin 4’s Hero’s Hideaway can be a little tricky, follow these steps:

  • Get on the Table: Start by going to the northern table. You can do this by jumping down from the Bunker’s table and heading toward the pipe shown in the picture. Watch out for the guarding dog—it might eat your Pikmin. Defeat it to avoid problems.
  • Use the Railing: Go through the pipe, then use the railing to get on top of the table.
  • Press the Button: On the table, there’s a yellow button. Hit it with a Pikmin to turn on the fan. This helps you bring Otachi up to the table, which you need for the next step.
  • Activate Another Fan: Go to the other end of the table. There’s a blue button next to an inactive fan. Press the button with a Pikmin to activate the fan. It lets you reach another fan in the distance.
  • Jump to the Steps: Using the second fan, you can jump to the steps where the final keycard is. Pick it up, then go back to the bunker entrance to unlock it. This gets you inside and progresses the game.

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To open the Pikmin 4 Hero’s Hideaway Bunker at its entrance, use the collected code numbers that you will see on your screen on the right side. Modify the number by hitting the dial with a Pikmin strike.

Each hit increments the number by one, so avoid spamming Pikmin to reach the intended number. It is important to be patient while adjusting the dial to match the code and gain access.

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