Pikmin 4 Sun-Speckled Terrace Guide: Every puzzle with new treasures and more


Discover the secrets of Pikmin 4 Sun-Speckled Terrace with our comprehensive guide. Solve every puzzle, uncover treasures, and more with ease.

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Pikmin 4 Sun-Speckled Terrace Guide: Every puzzle with new treasures and more

As you might know, the primary mission in Pikmin 4 is to rescue Captain Olimar. But success doesn’t guarantee a 100% completion rate. With a vast and challenging Pikmin 4 Sun-Speckled Terrace to explore, players must navigate through numerous tasks, treasures, castaways, and onions to achieve the ultimate goal.

In our Pikmin 4 Sun-Speckled Terrace guide, we unveil the secrets to completing the level at both 99% and 100%, providing invaluable tips and insights. Unlock the full potential of Pikmin 4 as we present a detailed list of all treasures, caves, castaways, and onions waiting to be discovered. Let the exploration begin.

Pikmin 4 Sun-Speckled Terrace: Treasures, Onions, & Rescues

Pikmin 4 Sun-Speckled Terrace’s starting level offers a thrilling adventure with 7 Rescues, 34 Treasures, and 4 Onions to uncover. To conquer all challenges, players must need the Red, Yellow, and Ice Pikmin, unlocking them as they progress. Here is the table to summarize it:

Castaways7PikminRed PikminYellow PikminIce Pikmin

Now here we will organize the details on Pikmin 4 Sun-Speckled Terrace into sections, starting with the surface world exploration and subsequently delving into the diverse caves scattered throughout the level, providing a comprehensive and strategic approach.


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Pikmin 4 Sun-Speckled Terrace: Surface World

Top-right quadrant

  • Treasure – Aspiration-Ritual Ball: The Aspiration-Ritual Ball sits atop a brick wall in the northeast section. Only Yellow Pikmin can reach it, but Oatchi can knock it down for any Pikmin to collect.
  • Treasure – Lesser Mock Bottom: Before the Stopwatch and Bulborb on the North side, use Oatchi to break the pots.
  • Onion: The Onion lies south on the map, concealed by a wall requiring three Bomb Rocks for destruction. You need Yellow Pikmin to reach it. 
  • Treasure – Temporal Mechanism: Heading south, spot one hanging on the fence. Rushing forward to bring it down swiftly.
  • Treasure – Double Dragon-Eyed Scope: Now go south past the fence to discover the Treasure on the planter near the cave entrance.
  • Treasure – Sunseed Berry: From there you will find the Treasure awaits on a planter, just beneath the cave entrance.

Bottom-right Quadrant

  • Treasure – Orb of Destruction: Head southeast, mount Oatchi, leap to the ledge, grab the treasure. Use Yellow Pikmin to carry it back to the base.

Top-left Quadrant

  • Treasure – Talisman of Life (Moon): To obtain the “Talisman of Life (Moon)” treasure, you need to head to the very top of the slopes in a specific area. Once you reach the top, you’ll encounter a giant enemy. Defeat this enemy to make it drop the treasure.
  • Treasure – Fire-Breathing Feast: Next, go to the end of a path and drop down a level. After dropping down, double back and search for the “Fire-Breathing Feast” treasure. This treasure can only be reached by using Yellow Pikmin, which has unique abilities that allow them to access certain areas.
  • Treasure – Snack Bean: To find the “Snack Bean” treasure, head back in the opposite direction. Get down to the flower pot located just below the platform. Once you are near the flower pot, watch for the aiming reticle to appear. Use the Pikmin to dig up the treasure from the flower pot.

Bottom-left Quadrant

  • Treasure – Satellite Shield: Head west from the base to find Treasure buried in the dirt. Use Yellow Pikmin to unearth it. This perched treasure adds 40 Sparklium to your collection.
  • Treasure – Mysterious Carriage: Use Yellow Pikmin in the southwesternmost corner to lower the bridge and access the Treasure. Obtaining this treasure will give you 50 Sparklium.
  • Onion: Take Pikmin from the previous location, turn the corner, and flatten a paper bag with enough Pikmin to find Onion.
  • Treasure – Perforated Raft x 2: Progress forward to the left from the Onion. Found to the left of the Dandori Day Care trial entrance, break pots to uncover the treasure. 
  • Onion: Access this area after acquiring enough capacity for 30 Ice Pikmin. Freeze the water, build a climbing wall, and dig up the Onion to expand your Pikmin collection.

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Pikmin 4 Sun-Speckled Terrace: Industrial Maze

Sublevel 1

  • Treasure – Memory Fragment (Top Right): The “Memory Fragment (Top Right)” is situated on the west side, concealed behind bars.
  • Treasure – Personal Injury Plank: As players loop around the map and reach the initial area, they can employ Yellow Pikmin to access the elevated “Personal Injury Plank” treasure hidden behind the same bars.

Sublevel 2

  • Treasure – Stately Rubber Cutie: The “Stately Rubber Cutie” treasure lies to the north of the entrance, concealed within breakable pots.
  • Treasure – Detective’s Truth Seeker: Utilize the Pikmin to lower the paper bag, thus crafting a pathway for the treasure to follow.
  • Treasure – Unlimited Locomotive: Utilize the Pikmin to excavate the treasure and transport it safely back to the base camp.
  • Rescue: Along the way, discover a stranded Castaway to rescue, situated east of the previous treasure. Use Yellow Pikmin to reach the platform. 

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Pikmin 4 Sun-Speckled Terrace: Last-Frost Cavern

  • Treasure – Director of Destiny: To find the “Director of Destiny” treasure, knock down a broken pot near the arrival point using Oatchi’s Rush. 
  • Treasure – Refreshing Goo: For the “Refreshing Goo” treasure, search within purple bushes located south of the Onion. 
  • Onion – Yellow: Dig up the “Yellow” Onion in the northwest corner and have Pikmin transport it. 
  • Rescue – Russ: Rescue the scientist, Russ, by defeating enemies and destroying frozen obstacles in the southwest corner.

Pikmin 4 Sun-Speckled Terrace: Hectic Hollows

Sublevel 1

  • Treasure – Mama Doll Head: In order to access the treasure, utilize a team of 10 Ice Pikmin to freeze the water.
  • Treasure – Empty Vase: Continue to the sublevel exit and proceed southward to the corner to discover this hidden treasure.

Sublevel 2

  • Treasure – Aspiration-Ritual Pole: After ensuring the area is safe, locate the hydro jelly positioned atop a can. Employ Ice Pikmin to freeze the hydro jelly before dismantling it. Climb on top of the frozen hydro jelly and utilize any Pikmin available to retrieve the Treasure from its position.
  • Rescue – Kingsly: Use Oatchi to swiftly rush towards the first Treasure and take down the Castaway located on the right.
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Hectic Hollows is a part of Pikmin 4 Sun-Speckled Terrace

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Pikmin 4 Sun-Speckled Terrace: Aquiferous Summit

Sublevel 1

  • Treasure – Talisman of Life (Crane): To get the treasure, just freeze the water using Ice Pikmin.

Sublevel 2

  • Treasure – Memory Fragment (Top Left): Find the treasure in the central northern part of the map and pick it up from the ground.
  • Treasure – Skin of the Phoenix: Move westward and use Pikmin to reach the treasure on the elevated rock by throwing them to the high ground.
  • Rescue – Dalmo: Dalmo is the 5th castaway you’ll save. While exploring caves, you’ll discover unconscious castaways, whose identities will be revealed only after ending the day. To rescue them, approach the exit. Now get a hydro jelly to freeze and destroy it to find the Castaway.

Pikmin 4 Sun-Speckled Terrace: Crackling Cauldron

Sublevel 1

  • Treasure – Deceptive Snack: It can be found in the Crackling Cauldron. Start from the entrance and head towards the east to discover a hidden Treasure nestled inside a broken pot.
  • Treasure – Illumination Goo: Head south from your current location and uncover the hidden treasure with the help of your trusty Yellow Pikmin.
  • Treasure – Dusty Bed: The Dusty Bed hangs from a spider web in the Crackling Cauldron, close to the sublevel exit. Follow the path ahead, and you will come across a valuable Treasure hanging on the web. To reach it, gently push down the paper bag obstructing your way, then take a left turn to reach the elevated platform. Utilize the Pikmin to assist you in bringing the Treasure down from its hanging position.

Sublevel 2

  • Treasure – Daughter of the Earth: To find the treasure, go to the Sizzling Floor near the entrance of the sublevel. Use Red Pikmin to extinguish the heat, then dig up the treasure.
  • Treasure – Cookie of Nibbled Circles: Go to the next room, and use Yellow Pikmin to reach and pick up the treasure.
  • Treasure – S.S. Chocolate: It is similar to picking a “Cookie of nibblet circles”. Just use Yellow Pikmin to pick it up.
  • Rescue: To rescue, Use Yellow Pikmin to reach the Castaway on the other end of the map.

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Pikmin 4 Sun-Speckled Terrace: Dandori Day Care & Trial Run

Rescue x 2: Completing the Dandori Day Care and Trial Run Challenges rewards players with two additional Castaways, doubling their rescue efforts and expanding their crew in just one go.

And that brings us to the end of our Pikmin 4 Sun-Speckled Terrace guide, including details on every puzzle with its treasures and more.

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