Best Minecraft Diamond Seeds for 1.20 Update


With our hand-picked selection of the best Minecraft Diamond Seeds for the 1.20 Update, set out on a glittering adventure.

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Best Minecraft Diamond Seeds for 1.20 Update

In the vast world of Minecraft, diamonds are the most coveted and essential resource for crafting powerful tools and equipment. However, mining for diamonds can be a time-consuming and challenging task.

Fortunately, players can take advantage of specific world seeds that offer easy-to-find diamonds right from the start of their adventure. We’ve compiled a list of the ten best Minecraft diamond seeds in the 1.20 update, providing players with an edge in obtaining these precious gems without the exhaustive search.

Best Minecraft Diamond Seeds for 1.20 Update

Here is our list of the 10 best Minecraft diamond seeds in the 1.20 update:

  • 7450399754159464024 Seed
  • 17645624058879295 Seed
  • -1465807168420144386 Seed
  • 7784480152621942521 Seed
  • 3707364281767014579 Seed
  • 1092638703741470121 Seed
  • -5690682354395449467 Seed
  • -206561949 Seed
  • 17858528004904979919 Seed
  • 1136332378 Seed

Before we go into the specifics of these seeds, it’s crucial to understand that this list reflects the author’s preferences; your choice of the Best Minecraft Diamond Seeds for the 1.20 Update may be completely different.

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Seed: 7450399754159464024 (Bedrock)

In this Minecraft Diamond seed, players won’t have to dig too deep to uncover a substantial chunk of diamond ore blocks near the spawn point.

Head to the coordinates (X: 336, Z: 1269) to find a village nestled near water. But the real treasure lies below this structure. Dig down to (X: 336, Y: -30, Z: 1269), and you’ll stumble upon a cluster of ten diamonds just waiting to be mined.

Seed: 17645624058879295 (Bedrock)

For players who prefer looting over mining, this Minecraft Diamond seed is a dream come true.

From the spawn point, you’ll find yourself in a village with not one but eleven blacksmith buildings. These buildings contain diamonds waiting to be looted from the various chests scattered around the settlement, making it a lucrative option for diamond acquisition.

Seed: -1465807168420144386 (Java)

For Java Edition players, this seed grants access to two villages near the spawn point.

Close to these villages, you’ll discover a substantial collection of diamond ore blocks at coordinates (X: -35, Y: -23, Z: 441). Make sure to bring along a Fortune-enchanted pickaxe to maximize your diamond yield.

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Seed: 7784480152621942521 (Java)

This seed might require a bit of a trek, but the payoff is worth it.

Travel to (X: -502, Y: -39, Z: 437) in an underground location filled with lava and water flows to find diamonds embedded in both the floor and nearby walls. Be cautious while mining, as the nearby lava can be a threat to your precious finds.

Seed: 3707364281767014579 (Bedrock)

Although this Minecraft Diamond seed doesn’t offer an abundance of diamonds, it provides easy access to them right from the beginning.

The spawn island features two villages—one in a savannah biome and the other in a plains biome. While the savanna biome village has limited diamonds, the plains biome village’s blacksmith shop holds promising loot, including a few diamonds.

For a few more treasures, such as a few diamonds, head to two shipwrecks at (X: 152, Z: -88) and (X: -248, Z: -104) or further wrecks at (X: -88, Z: 184) and (X: 56, Z: 136).

Seed: 1092638703741470121 – Tunnel to the Treasure

This Minecraft Diamond seed spawns players near two villages, separated by a large hill with a huge cave.

Descend into the depths of this cave at coordinates (X: 8, Y: 100) or Village at (32, 80) or Beached shipwreck at (168, 72) to discover dozens upon dozens of diamonds waiting to be mined. A single mining session here can provide enough diamonds to craft full diamond armor.

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Seed: -206561949 – Lush Coral Diamonds

This seed offers both beauty and functionality. It features a Coral Reef and Lush Cave near the spawn point, with abundant diamond ore beneath them.

With over 50 Diamond ores in the Deepslate near spawn, players equipped with a Fortune III pickaxe can harvest over 100 Diamond ores within the first few Minecraft days.

Seed: -5690682354395449467 – Village Diamonds

For players who want a head start with diamonds, this seed places them inside a village with a couple of chests containing around four diamonds. This provides an advantage without making the game too easy by granting abundant resources from the start.

Seed: 17858528004904979919 – Underground Riches

This Minecraft Diamond seed encourages players to explore deep caves, as it offers an easily navigable massive cave system close to the spawn point. Along with diamonds, you’ll find other valuable resources such as Redstone, Gold, and Emerald ores.

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Seed: 1136332378 – Desert Temple with Diamond Treasure

Desert Temples are excellent places to find free treasure, and this Minecraft Diamond seed provides just that. The Temple in this seed contains diamonds, Horse Armor, Emeralds, and enchanted books. However, beware of TNT traps that can destroy the loot if not handled carefully.

As players embark on their Minecraft adventures, these Minecraft diamond seeds in the 1.20 update offer an advantage that will make their journey through the blocky world all the more thrilling. Happy mining!

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