Fortnite x Destiny 2 collaboration: skins, price, cosmetics, release date announced


Fortnite x Destiny 2 collab skins have officially been revealed to the players via a new trailer.

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Epic Games created the free-to-play battle royale game called Fortnite. It was first launched in 2017 and has since become a cultural phenomenon. Every day, millions of people from all over the world play Fortnite. Crossovers in video games have been made possible by Fortnite. There have already been crossovers between Fortnite and other video game series, films, television shows, actors, singers, the NBA, fashion labels, car brands, etc.

However, with any collaboration, getting leaks on them is a sure event. And previously leaks revealed that a new Fortnite Destiny 2 collaboration is set to happen in the near future.

Numerous video games have partnered with Fortnite, however, they typically involve popular franchise characters being transformed into playable Fortnite skins. But a forthcoming collaboration of Fortnite and Destiny 2 is shattering that stereotype by adding armor sets inspired by Fortnite to the well-liked Bungie looter-shooter.

Bungie made the announcement about their partnership with Epic Games at the annual Destiny 2 showcase today, on Tuesday, August 23. Along with Destiny 2, The Epic Games Store will soon provide cross-promotional activities like Destiny 2 Fortnite collab and Destiny 2 Fall Guys collab.

Well, we are focusing on the Fortnite x Destiny 2 collaboration, and you can read the details below.

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Fortnite x Destiny 2 collaboration announced

Another Fortnite partnership is forthcoming thanks to Epic Games’ announcement of their collaboration with Destiny 2, which will provide skins and other items inspired by the FPS franchise.

Fortnite crossovers in the past have tended to be quite one-sided, adding a popular character to Epic’s expanding collection of skins. However, after showcasing cosmetics drawn from Destiny 2, it seems like Fortnite is expanding into other games.

Different cosmetics and celebratory items are being distributed throughout all three games: Destiny 2, Fortnite, and Fall Guys. Fortnite includes pickaxes, back bling, gliders, and a creative map based on Destiny 2’s Javelin-4, while Destiny 2 receives three skins with Fortnite themes. In the meantime, Fall Guys will feature skins inspired by the Hunter, Titan, and Warlock classes in Destiny 2. 

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Fortnite Destiny skins

The first information on the collaboration was leaked by renowned Fortnite data miner ShiinaBR, who stated, “FORTNITE X DESTINY 2 CONFIRMED.”

The majority of Fortnite and Destiny 2 fans applauded the combination, and the leaker even released photographs of some well-known Fortnite skins as Destiny 2 armors.

The new Fortnite cosmetics from Destiny 2 have now been officially unveiled by Epic Games to the players. The following skins from Destiny will be available in Fortnite thanks to the Fortnite x Destiny 2 crossover:

  • Commander Zavala
  • Ikora Rey
  • Exo Stranger

Players can buy these skins along with a few other items in the Fortnite Item Shop.

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Fortnite Destiny 2 cosmetics

Along with the Fortnite Destiny 2 skins, we will likewise get Fortnite Destiny 2 cosmetics.

The official blog post revealed that players will get the following Fortnite Destiny 2 cosmetics:

  • Commander Zavala
    • Targe Back Bling: Commander Zavala’s Ghost. (Included with the Commander Zavala Outfit.)
    • Crown-Splitter Pickaxe: “Our enemies think themselves gods and kings. Show them the error of their ways.”
    • Sparrow Glider: Vehicle used for transportation across land (or in Fortnite, air transportation). Comes with the Zavala Shader Style fit for Commander Zavala.
  • Ikora Rey
    • Ophiuchus Back Bling: Ikora Rey’s Ghost. (Included with the Ikora Rey Outfit.)
    • Black Talon Pickaxe: “His life brought peace to the Reef. His death brings a sword.”
    • Sparrow Glider: Vehicle used for transportation across land (or in Fortnite, air transportation). Comes with the Ikora Shader Style fit for Ikora Rey.
  • Exo Stranger
    • Pouka Back Bling: The Exo Stranger’s companion. (Included with the Exo Stranger Outfit.)
    • The Lament Pickaxe: “The last thing the Vex ever heard — the grinding wails of a vicious Banshee.”
    • Sparrow Glider: Vehicle used for transportation across land (or in Fortnite, air transportation). Comes with the Exo Stranger Shader Style fit for the Exo Stranger.
  • Investigate Emote

Every skin in Destiny Fortnite collab uses the same glider. However, gamers can select their favorite style from three available options for this cosmetic item. Additionally, an Investigate emote was also created as a consequence of the collaboration.

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Fortnite Destiny 2 skin price

Fortnite players will need to use V-Bucks to buy these skins since they will only be available in the Item Shop. Fortunately, there are a number of bundles that provide cosmetics at a reduced cost

Every Fortnite x Destiny 2 skin has a Gaming Legends Series rarity, which means it will cost 1,500 V-Bucks to purchase. Players just need to make their purchase in the Fortnite Item Shop to get the new skins.

Fortnite x Destiny 2 crossover release date

Epic has officially confirmed their crossover with Destiny 2, revealing cosmetics and more, however, there won’t be any Fall Guys cosmetics for the game. The official time that gamers may access the available Fortnite x Destiny 2 content is August 23

  • 8 PM ET
  • 5 PM PT
  • 1 AM BST (August 24)

Three Fortnite x Destiny 2 skins, a few pickaxes, gliders, and an emote will all be included in the update. Players will adore the skins in particular because of their custom design. As a reminder, there was also an announcement for Destiny 2: Lightfall. When the expansion debuts at the beginning of next year, it will usher in a brand-new era for Bungie’s MMOFPS. 

Three original characters created especially for this new Season 18 will be inspired by Black Knight, Omega, and Drift. Do check that out too.

We will update you with the new information, so keep following Gamevro.

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