Elden Ring Rykard – Ways to defeat the demigod boss


Elden Ring Rykard is another boss that players will have to fight in the game to see the face of victory.

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Elden Ring, an action role-playing demands players to acquire a magical ring and become the Elden Lord by taking the role of an in-game character. Players explore landscapes, gather objects, and engage in physical combat with numerous foes from a third-person perspective. Players attack foes with swords, spears, axes, arrows, and spells; and the battle is emphasized by cries of suffering, splatters of blood, and impact noises.

The game contains gore images such as collectible objects with severed fingers and tongues, a boss character chopping off its arm, and severed arms dangling from the ceiling.

Elden Ring boasts a plethora of monsters for players to fight and defeat, but Rykard is undoubtedly the oddest boss in the game. Elden Ring Rykard, the strange serpentine demigod who commands the Recusants of Volcano Manor, is sure to irritate and unsettle many gamers with his creepy look and destructive assaults.

That being said, beating Rykard is a rather simple task if you understand how to do it. Here’s all you need to know about defeating Elden Ring Rykard.

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Elden Ring Rykard Location

Every Elden Ring player has one question in mind, “Where to find Rykard Lord of Blasphemy?” But don’t you worry we have the answer to the most difficult aspect of dealing with Rykard in the game – Elden Ring Rykard’s location

Rykard is artfully hidden behind a series of side missions and events, culminating in a clash with this Elden Ring shard-wielding deity.

Elden Ring Rykard is deep under the Volcano Manor, where he has formed a cult-like vow to conceal the truth about himself. This guide will include spoilers because the secret to discovering Rykard involves a number of characters from Elden Ring’s larger narrative.

The journey to encountering Rykard begins before the Volcano Manor when you are still touring Lumaria of the Lakes. You’ll notice a sequence of gazebos as you ride through the swamp, each carrying something fascinating, such as an item, a Site of Grace, or a gateway.

There players will also get to see an NPC, Rya, who has been robbed. Rya will ask you to find a stolen necklace and will guide you to a nearby hut where the robber is cooking prawns.

Accept to give assistance to Rya and proceed to the robber’s location. The robber will be extremely unpleasant to you and will try to extract 1000 runes from you in return for the pendant. You may, of course, murder him and take his corpse, but we highly advise against it.

The robber plays an essential role in Elden Ring’s narrative and will prove to be a valuable friend later on. So, simply ignore his rudeness and hand him the runes for the pendant.

It’s also important to note that the prawns he offers aid boost your defense, which might be quite important in the next conflicts. He’ll subsequently be discovered selling crab in the Altus Plateau. He’ll be considerably friendlier here, and will give you some information about the Dung Eater, whom you’ll encounter soon enough.

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Elden Ring Rykard – How to reach Volcano Manor

When you go back to Rya, she will thank you for your assistance. She’ll offer you a vital item as a thank you, an Invite to the Volcano Manor.

You can continue traveling north to Mt. Gelmir and the Manor near the summit after defeating Elden Ring Rennala and gaining access to the Altus Plateau. You’ll be greeted like a guest and may run across some of the people you met on your tour. To show your commitment to the covenant, you’ll be offered various killing contracts to perform.

Be aware, this will set you on a totally different road, so if you want to repair the Elden Ring and become the Elden Lord, just do what you’ve been doing to ingratiate yourself with your hosts.

Eliminating the first few assassination targets is a fantastic method to gain the trust of the Manor’s occupants. These contracts have minimal impact on the main narrative of the game, although they do drop some excellent equipment.

However, be cautious if a member of the Manor requests that you kill Tregoth if you haven’t yet killed Redahn. Tregoth is a summonable partner in the battle that can help you defeat that difficult boss. Thankfully, murdering Tregoth isn’t required to progress on this journey.

After every successful assassination, you’ll discover more about the Non-Playable Characters inside the manor, especially Rya, who will begin to reveal her true character to you. She’ll also voice her concerns about what’s going on at Volcano Manor in Elden Ring.

She’ll start guiding you towards the room next to her that goes to the main Legacy Dungeon once she’s shown you her actual colors.

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Elden Ring Rykard – The exact location at Volcano

While we won’t go through the Volcano Dungeon in detail here, this is where you’ll eventually meet Elden Ring Rykard once you reach the final stage.

When you get close to Rykard, you have to defeat a mini-boss known as the Godskin Noble. When you’ve finished, use the Site of Grace to return to Rya and tell her what you’ve discovered. Rya will then inspire you to finish Elden Ring Rykard.

Continue on the journey to Rykard while battling the snake people along the way, until you reach the portal to Rykard’s arena. Remember that if you choose to go all-in with the Volcano Manor covenant, you may bypass the Legacy Dungeon and simply continue murdering their assassination targets.

You’ll soon be able to meet with Elden Ring Rykard without having to fight your way through an erupting volcano.

But be warned: neither of the Non-Playable characters that you will see in the game is easy prey; so it is possible that the volcano road in Elden Ring may be simpler for some. If you encounter Rykard via invitation, you’ll have the choice to fight him during that scenario.

Instructions on how to defeat Elden Ring Rykard

Rykard is not a standard Elden Ring boss like Radahn; instead, it has its own concept, which is crucial to success. In that regard, this is extremely comparable to the Storm King fight in Demon’s Souls and the Yhorm encounter in Dark Souls 3.

To take Rykard down, you’ll need to equip a particular weapon instead of the one you’re now carrying. The good news is that this weapon can be found on your left as you approach the boss arena and is a lot of fun to use.

Equip the Serpent-Hunter sword spear as soon as you see it. You may also think about abandoning the game and going to the Round Table Hold to enhance it as this weapon will enable you to deal with Elden Ring Rykard from a safe distance without having to cross the lava that surrounds him.

This generates continual fire damage as you fight Elden Ring Rykard, making the combat much more difficult. The weapon functions normally, but when you cut it, it unleashes a massive gust assault that is lethal to Rykard.

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A few suggestions on Elden Ring Rykard

If you regularly use a shield, we recommend using the Serpent-Hunter with both hands to maximize the damage as Elden Ring Rykard in his initial form will be quickly defeated with this.

Any incantations or equipment that shields against fire and physical harm are highly recommended in terms of benefits. Anything that boosts your damage output is also beneficial. If possible, employ a ranged Spirit Summon so they aren’t enticed to run into Rykard’s lava and burn to death. They can strike from a safe distance, distracting Elden Ring Rykard as you destroy him.

If you’re normally a melee user with little need for FP, we’d encourage you to reconsider right now. Make sure you have some flasks on hand to refill your FP bar, as most of the Serpent Hunter’s heavier hits use FP, and if you run out, you’re in big danger. As a result, devote a few flasks to magic rather than all of them to health.

Elden Ring Rykard will become even more hostile in his second phase and will begin firing skulls at you, which can be quite painful, thus ducking will become more crucial once the fight resumes. Stick to your plan and use your new weapon while dodging his strikes.

Elden Ring Rykard – Rewards on defeating

Killing Elden Ring Rykard will grant you the Blaspemous Remembrance and Rykard’s Great Rune. Activate the Site of Grace, take the Eye Surcoat from a nearby corpse, and then return to Volcano Manor and talk with Lady Tanith to complete the manor’s chain task.

The residents of Volcano Manor will be remarkably indifferent to the demise of their demi-god. When you return, no one will be hostile. The Lady of the Manor, as well as Rya and the other members, will depart gently.

We will update you with the new information as soon as it comes out, so keep following Gamevro.

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