Spider-Man 2 Mister Negative: how to easily defeat Mr. Negative?


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A few missions after the encounter with The Lizard in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, you’ll find Miles trying to escape from Kraven’s facility. At the end of his path, he comes face-to-face with Martin Li, also known as Mister Negative. Kraven arranged this whole setup as a dangerous test for Miles. Now, Miles must fight Mr. Negative, who has already defeated other bad guys in Spider-Man’s enemy group. If you’re having trouble winning this battle, here’s a simple guide on how to beat Mr. Negative in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

Tips to Beat Mister Negative in Spider-Man 2

Dealing with Mister Negative can be tough, but you can handle it. In the beginning, he attacks you from side to side and up and down, just like he does in the Spider-Man video game from 2018.

Phase One

In the first part of your battle with Mister Negative, you need to learn how he attacks and moves around while trying to hurt you.

Mister Negative will use the attacks to harm you. When you dodge or block these attacks, you can then attack him for a bit. We found that using Miles’ special abilities, like Venom Jump and Chain Lightning, can really hurt Mister Negative. Also, if you use your Web-Shooters to trap him in webs, you can hit him with a powerful move before he escapes. Once you’ve lowered his health to zero, it’s time for the second part of the battle.

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Kraven arranged this whole setup as a dangerous test for Miles.

Phase Two

Li has some new moves to be careful of:

  • Negative Energy Dome: Li hides inside a protective shield, making him invulnerable for a short time. To break it, dodge his attacks until you can use your Thunder Burst power. This will break the shield, leaving Li open to attack.
  • Tornado Sweep: Li releases tornadoes in different directions around him. Look for gaps between them and move into these gaps when the tornadoes come close to you to avoid getting hit.

In addition to these new moves, Li will also use his old attacks, but they will be faster. Just like before, dodge and counter his attacks, and wait for the right moment to attack him. Keep doing this until you reduce his health to zero.

Phase Three

This phase of the battle might seem easy. Mister Negative will use all the attacks he’s used before, and since you’ve seen them all, you know how to defend or dodge them. Your goal here is just to stay alive until you reduce his health to zero once more. It’s not over yet.

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Now, your main goal is to catch a demon. You’ll be jumping between platforms and swinging from buildings to chase it. If you accidentally fall into the water, no worries, you can quickly recover.

The demon will attack you with ground sweeps and lightning, but you can easily dodge these attacks when your Spidey-Sense tingles by pressing the circle button.

Once you catch the demon, you’ll have to face more challenges. It’s all about fighting despite everything coming at you. You can deal with these opponents in the same way you’ve handled groups of Hunters before. Don’t forget that using your Venom Jump and Reverse Flux abilities can help you take on multiple enemies at once.

There are several waves of inner demons to fight off, but once you’ve beaten them all you will have won the fight against Mister Negative.

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