Cuphead Moonshine Mob: How to beat the mob in Bootlegger Boogie boss fight


Cuphead Moonshine Mob from The Delicious Last Course DLC is to be defeated during the boss fights to progress through the game.

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Cuphead is one of those games whose charm comes from its simplicity. Even the DLC packs that come out don’t mess with the underlying theme of the game. The new DLC, The Delicious Last Course does the same. It keeps the sense of playing Cuphead intact while adding new levels and more intense bosses. Each of the fights is more challenging than the base game.

Cuphead Moonshine Mob from Bootlegger Boogie boss fight is one where you need all your wits about you. Players have to take on an entire mob, which is what makes this difficult. You have to be constantly on the lookout for movements and attacks from all directions.

If this sounds familiar to you, then read on, because we are going to explain just how to bring the Cuphead Moonshine Mob down.

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Defeating Cuphead Moonshine Mob in Bootlegger Boogie

Here’s a great Cuphead Moonshine Mob loadout:

  • Shot-A: Peashooter
  • Shot-B: Spread
  • Super: Energy Beam
  • Charm: Smoke Bomb

The peashooter is a classic weapon. Using the Spread with it will ensure easy hits in close-quarter fights as you will find yourself moving around a lot. Multiple bullets will be able to strike at once. Ms. Chalice is an excellent choice due to her invincibility ability. The Energy Beam will let you make use of moments when the boss is exposed. It drains a lot of health.

Finally, Smoke Bomb will let you focus more on the offense front than the defense. You can run around without taking a hit.

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Phases of Cuphead Moonshine Mob boss

  • Phase 1: The Tophat Spider

Although the Tophat Spider is humongous, it’s an easy and big target. Using spread will deal maximum damage. This spider hops between platforms. The fight could tilt over in its favor when it calls its friends for help, who are its attack set. So be careful.

In this phase, you take on worms that jump around, police ants that spit projectiles (the pink ones you can dodge), flies that ram into you, and bombs hanging from spiderwebs. The strategy here is to act fast and act smart. Don’t let those pesky insects fill up the screen or things will start to get out of hand while tackling the Cuphead Moonshine Mob.

  • Phase 2: Gramophone and the Dancing Bee

You have two enemies in this phase: one is easy to deal with, the other, not so much.

A gramophone is the first one, and also the more dangerous of the two. It emits rays that rotate around the screen, and it’s bad news if you get caught in it. It has a green phase when it’s safe. The orange phase means it is charging up, and the red means it deals damage. Don’t worry, you’ll have plenty of time to evade.

The second enemy while dealing with Cuphead Moonshine Mob in this phase, the dancing bee, can be dealt with by sticking to the lowermost floor and simply attacking it. There are also ants and barrels here. Just dodge the beam and keep using Spread.

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  • Phase 3: The Anteater

The fight with Cuphead Moonshine Mob gets easier from here on out. The top two floors have only their sides remaining. The attacks of the snout in this phase will be from various directions. Watch out when it gets to licking an entire area on the screen. It then spits out a ball of bugs. Parrying, instead of dodging, is the best option in this case.

The game plan is to evade the nose, switch lanes, and attack the snout every which way you can. A snail sometimes appears and attacks the anteater as well.

  • Phase 4: Fake Victory

The Cuphead Moonshine Mob plays a sly move here. After taking out the anteater, a knockout sign comes up. But don’t let your guard down just yet. The Snail comes out and attacks you will bluish and pink fireballs, which, however, can be parried. The speed increases with every shot. The peashooter, Ex Attack, and super are your best bet here. The Spread won’t work as efficiently.

The only other surprise on the Snail’s part is that sometimes it hides in its hat and then suddenly sends out a powerful attack. But this is easily dodgeable if you are alert. All you need to do is keep your head in the game and keep attacking. This way, you are sure to emerge as the victor against the Cuphead Moonshine Mob.

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Well, this is all that you need to do. If you follow the above-mentioned steps carefully, there is no doubt to the fact that you will beat the Cuphead Moonshine Mob in the Bootlegger Boogie boss fight.

We will update you with the new information, so keep following Gamevro.

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