Lost Ark Argos Abyss Raid walkthrough – attacks, challenges, 3 phases, more


Lost Ark Argos Abyss Raid, the 3 phase challenge is indeed difficult to compete and hence we have made a walkthrough for you to deal with them more efficiently.

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The Argos Raid in Lost Ark has three phases. Different gear scores are needed for each one of them. The first one starts at item level 1,370 and for the last phase, you’ll need 1,400 GS.

If you wish to have smooth play in Lost Ark Argos Abyss Raid, then it is suggested that the with 8 members on your side, split into two teams. Make sure each of the teams has support. And keep plenty of health and shield potions on you, in addition to having efficient communication between the team members.

Now, of course, as the title reads, “Lost Ark Argos Abyss Raid walkthrough,” we can’t only be stating this much. Hence below we have detailed each element that affects the Lost Ark Argos Abyss Raid.

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Basic attacks in Lost Ark Argos Abyss Raid

The list of Lost Ark Argos Abyss Raid basic attacks isn’t small, but each one has a strong effect on the opponent.


Argos strikes with either the right or left paw.

Horn Quake

The horns flare and then Argos lowers its head, which causes the ground in front to crack up. Get out of the frontal zone.

Double Stomp

Argos crashes its two front paws on the ground in addition to carving out a cone-shaped surface. Usually, this happens twice. Get to the side or behind Argos’ back.


Argos launches forward by pushing from its hind paws. Be swift because if this strike finds its mark, then you will become a ballistic missile.

Whirl Jump

A ring-shaped region is blasted from the ground when Argos plummets after jumping after and doing a spin. Either be very close to Argos or very far to avoid the ring-shaped AoE.

Earth Fissures

Argos makes two shallow and narrow incisions in the ground which explode all through the battlefield. The only safe area is in the eye of the storm: the region between the incisions.


In this basic attack, Argos will stare ahead for a moment in a direction and then dash forward. Many times a second jump attack follows.

Super Jump

Argos disappears into thin air only to come dashing out on you from the sky. The indication is blue circles.

Teleport Jump

Argos teleports to the front along tracers marks on the ground. The teleportation is lightning fast, so beware.

Light Orbs

Argos skips backward and then shoots light orbs forward.

Mega Stomp

Argos executes this attack when it has been significantly harmed. It gets back to its feet and stomps: if it is with the right paw then the outside region is blasted. If it is with the left, then the inside region.

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Phase 1 of the Lost Ark Argos Abyss Raid

In the Lost Ark Argos Abyss Raid phase 1, Sun and Moon are pitted against each other. One team is assigned a sun debuff while the other, a moon debuff. Yellow is for the sun and purple is for the moon. Now, don’t touch the opposite star/planet no matter what.

If an attack happens, your only strategy is to take cover. So each team needs to have a mind of its own.

Boss mechanics in Phase 1 – Lost Ark Argos Abyss Raid

Sun & Moon Explosions

The action of Argos raising both its front paws into the air and bringing them crashing down segregates a sun and a moon area on the ground which could be either inner or outer. If you are a sun player, then you need to be inside the sun region, and vice versa for the moon players, or you will receive damage.

Big Pizza

8 “pizza squares” form on the ground, each of them using color to differentiate between a sun or moon square. Long story short, get into your square or you will be dealt massive damage. This strike will happen three times in succession.

Small Pizza

Argos likes junk food for sure. This time, a variation of the pizza is formed on the ground. The ground will then flash 5 times. You must memorize the location of the sun and mood fields. After doing this, just get inside any one of your corresponding squares to avoid massive damage.

Sun & Moon Aura

Argos will display its ability to stand on two paws and then shoot a round sun or moon aura. No damage will come to you if are with the aura of your color.

Sun & Moon Orbs

Argos will invoke orbs of yellow and purple all over the ground. Gather your color’s and leave the others. Simple.

Safe Spot

Whenever Argos intends to destroy, it always provides a means to escape its wrath. It will call 8 safe spots, equally distributed among the sun and the moon. The moon squares are closer to Argos than the sun squares, which are more spaced out. Get to your square to not be in the path of Argos’ shockwave.

Tranquility Phase

After the shockwave in the previous mechanic, a dotted circle is conjured around Argos. Don’t attack it during this time. Instead, do a damage stop. If any one team makes too many attacks, the team of the other element will be wiped out. So just run like hell until the bar stops you short.

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Phase 2 of the Lost Ark Argos Abyss Raid

There are five stages in this Lost Ark Argos Abyss Raid phase 2.

Argos Arena

This is a simple fight against Argos who is stronger this time. Most of the attacks from phase 1 will be repeated, and there won’t be an element change anymore.

Sun Arena

Some time into Phase 2, Argos will straighten its head. The entire sun group will be teleported into a different arena to fight the mini-boss Veorix. Here, you have to look out for exploding fireflies that staggered you upon contact. Meanwhile, the moon team is locked in combat with Argos.

Time and again, it will shoot lasers into the air. This means a wipe mechanic is coming and the moon team needs to convey it to the sun team ASAP. After the sun team beats Veorix, they can join the moon team in battle.

Argos Arena

The moon and sun groups join forces again against Argos.

Moon Arena

There is no partiality in Lost Ark. The moon team has to fight the mini-boss Tarvos this time. They need to get Tarvos’ health below 70% of the maximum to ensure the entire sun team’s survival within 90 seconds.

After this feat is accomplished, a mini-mini-boss appears, Tarvos’ Rift. After you beat this guy, Tarvos again appears in the center of the battlefield. As Tarvos’ HP lowers, the mini-mini-boss again appears. This cycle is repeated until Tarvos is beaten.

Argos Arena

Again the sun and moon team come together and battle Argos. The attacks are similar to those in Phase 1 of Lost Ark Argos Abyss Raid.

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Phase 3 of the Lost Ark Argos Abyss Raid

The distinction between the sun and moon team has vanished in this Lost Ark Argos Abyss Raid phase 3. All you need to focus on here is bringing Argos down by parrying its attacks. Argos has three weather mechanics in Phase 3.


As expected, sunlight floods the arena. You get a slowdown debuff from the weather, which you can choose to remove by gathering green seeds on the ground. But beware of the red seeds because they explode.

Every stage will have a wipe mechanic. In this one, Argos will come to the middle of the arena and turn it into a yellow energy field. Every team member needs to find a yellow seed and stand in this field. Even if a single member fails to achieve this, the entire team faces extinction.

Rainy Dawn

Poisonous rain will lash down, achieving permanent damage. Gather blue seeds this time around. The green ones explode. The wipe mechanic now is that Argos teleports to the center, and hits the ground with its paws two times to project the symbols of a sun and a moon under its frame. Go to the blue seed to avoid immediate elimination.


The light is taken out of the arena. The red seeds improve vision, while the blue seeds are detrimental. For the wipe mechanic, Argos teleports to the center, and the arena is converted to a dark energy field. Purple seeds pop up everywhere. Every member needs to collect this within a few seconds or else the entire team will perish.

Most dangerous wipe mechanic in Lost Ark Argos Abyss Raid

Argos lightens up in a yellow or purple hue and howls into the air. Two random players will before safe spots from the impending wipe. These safe spots will be indicated by a sun or moon symbol over the players’ heads. Keep in mind only 4 players are protected in one spot.

Well, that’s all about how to defeat the Lost Ark Argos. Now you go out there and have fun. Keep at it until you get through. We hope our Lost Ark Argos Abyss Raid walkthrough would be helpful for you during the battle.

We will update you with the new information, so keep following Gamevro.

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