Elden Ring DLC: release date, features, bosses, location, leaks and rumors


Elden Ring DLC release date will probably get announced in the near future, but we already have leaks on its upcoming content.

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As unlikely as it may seem, it is easier to predict the update patterns of hugely successful video games than for those enjoying little success. That’s why we have picked up a massively popular game to try and predict what its future holds because nobody likes a challenging job. That game happens to be Elden Ring.

Well, we have claimed that foretelling the update patterns of successful games is easy. The current leaks about Elden Ring suggest that its huge commercial triumph is leading to its DLC – Elden Ring DLC. But that’s impressive enough.

There are questions to be answered. Is the DLC going to be set after you become, or not become, Elden Lord? Is it that there will be just new endings altogether? Will the Elden Ring DLC be dependent on the storyline of the main game?

We need to know what exactly this Elden Ring DLC will hold. And the leakers have not disappointed us. So, enough questions. Let’s have some answers, what say?

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Elden Ring DLC Release date

It is confirmed that the Elden Ring franchise is to continue. But what is not confirmed at all is when will this DLC be released. We know the developers are working on the Elden Ring DLC, but we have no clue when they will finish it. We are going to go on a limb here and take hints from FromSoftware/Bandai Namco’s past collaborations.

Dark Souls 3 was released in April 2016 and the first DLC, the Ashes of Ariandel in October 2016. Then the second and final DLC was released in March 2017. So maybe Elden Ring has two DLC packs with an interval of 6-7 months after the main game. By that logic, Elden Rind’s DLC is arriving in Fall 2022.

Elden Ring DLC Leaks and rumors

The guesses in the community point towards the first Elden Ring DLC being a PvP-focused expansion, maybe in Caelid. This is protected by a Giant Pot Warrior in the main game. If you can beat 3 NPC dualists in front of him, then you get a talisman from this Warrior. And the structure behind him is inaccessible in the main game.

PvP boss fights are the best in Souls games. A player takes on a boss who is another player. Many famous Souls games had such a feature. Expect Elden Ring, mysteriously enough. But Dark Souls 3 did add a PvP boss battle in its second DLC, so Elden Ring may be getting this feature with its upcoming DLC.

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Elden Ring DLC feature – Elden Dreams leak

Lance McDonald, a data miner, discovered that there was to be a feature that involved delving into the dreams of some NPCs, as reported first by Eurogamer. This never made it to the game, but who knows if the upcoming Elden Ring DLC will include this.

In this type of gameplay, an NPC named Monk Jiko requests the Tarnished to bring him something called the Dream Mist. And that calls for the invasion of an NPC’s mind. This concept is an interesting one.

Elden Ring DLC – Extended endings

The DLCs of Dark Souls 2 and 3 both extended the ending of the main game but without contradicting any of the gameplay that the player had gone through. When all the DLC of Dark Souls 2 were collected, the player got an alternate ending, beyond either linking or rejecting the fire.

The same was the case with Dark Souls 3. Entrance to an alternate world was granted to the player to get away from the dying world.

Now, fans wouldn’t be wrong if they expect an extended ending with Elden Ring DLC as well.

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Elden Ring DLC bosses

The players fight a lot of bosses in Elden Ring. But one that they leave untouched is Miquella the Unalloyed, who is Malenia’s twin brother and heralded as the most demigod in Elden Ring. But this is a point that forwards the case of the fans.

If this is the strongest Elden Ring demigod, then that’s all the more reason they should get to him. Of course, it’s true we get his shard from eliminating his captor Mohg the Lord of Blood, who is also his half-brother. The question is, why are we supposed to not meddle in his affairs.

Now, it would be absurd to think this is simple laziness on the part of the developers. This character is no less than a boss and that demands special attention. So the only option is that this is by design. Plus, Miquella’s only sleeping off in his egg to gather enough strength to cure his family.

Let’s remember that you, as a player, have murdered Malenia. Given that Miquella’s more powerful than ever, he is in the best position to want to exact his vengeance on you, and there are all the possibilities that the developers bring him as the boss in Elden Ring DLC.

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Elden Ring DLC location – Barbarians of the Badlands

There are many who are already convinced that an Elden Ring DLC is coming. One among them is a leaker and they have leaked a new location, called the Badlands, that will apparently be the Elden Ring DLC location, one that takes us ‘beyond the fog.’

@hy_plus is the good name of this leaker. They leaked an image that contained the upcoming game content of Elden Ring. Squashed somewhere in the list was written “Elden Ring: Barbarian of the Badlands.” Another tweet following this one, which was for proving the leak’s validity, said, “That picture actually spread the unreliable news that was circulating in China, so I deleted it first.” This is the translated tweet.

The Badlands lies beyond the Lands Between. The Tarnished were exiled here when Godfrey/Horah Loux ‘lost his grace’ and fell from the office of the Elden Lord. Horah Loux was also the ruler of the Badlands before his union with Queen Marika. After that, he was her general and consort. Plus, he changed his name to Godfrey.

Most of these Tarnished guys met their end in the Badlands. But they were returned to the game in the prologue and came back to Lands Between to take up their rightful mantle of Elden Lord. If this Elden Ring DLC location leak is true, then we will have the opportunity of venturing into new territory and getting to know the history of the Tarnished. There’d also be a new area to explore and loads of bosses.

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And that is it. That’s all we know so far about what and what not the Elden Ring DLC would contain if there is such a thing named Elden Ring DLC in the first place. The usual caveat follows. Take leaks with a grain of salt as the only confirmed data that can totally be trusted comes from the official sources.

We will update you with the new information, so keep following Gamevro.

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