POP Lost Crown Prison: How To Escape Prison and Defeat Jailer


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POP Lost Crown Prison: How To Escape Prison and Defeat Jailer

Sargon’s journey to save Prince Ghassan in the cursed city of Mount Qaf will take him through tough figures and bosses, such as the powerful blind Jailer in the Sacred Archives. Be cautious, as facing this opponent early in the game may prove challenging. Your initial strategy should be to avoid confrontation, but if you do get caught, the Jailer will send you to prison. Upon reaching the POP Lost Crown Prison area, you’ll notice no open doors to escape serving your sentence. Fortunately, there’s a secret method to break free from this prison in Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown. 

If you’re wondering how to escape POP Lost Crown Prison instead of enduring your time, here’s what you need to know.

Prince of Persia The Lost Crown Prison: How to Escape Prison and Defeat Jailer?

When Sargon goes to Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown Prison, he finds himself in a room with no visible way out. Look to the right and notice some writing on the wall from a past prisoner. A bit further, there’s a gate that’s locked. On the far left, grab the broken chains.

POP Lost Crown Upper Citadel, Prince of Persia The Lost Crown Upper Citadel Puzzle, How to Solve Upper Citadel Puzzle in Prince of Persia The Lost Crown

Now, jump up and attack the ceiling until a part of it breaks. Go through the opening and run to the right until you encounter some things blocking your path. Use Sargon’s weapons to destroy them, then break down the barricade. Slide out, and you’ll find a lever. Pull it to unlock the gate to the prison cell.

Next, go up where two enemies with spears are. Jump carefully to avoid getting hit by their spears. As you go higher, you’ll encounter two more spear-wielding enemies, but they’re not too tough to defeat. After dealing with them, head to the right. You’ll find a closed door, and to open it, step on a switch nearby. Stay on the switch until the door fully opens.

Follow these steps, and you’ll find yourself back in the Sacred Archives, successfully escaping from the POP Lost Crown Prison.

POP Lost Crown Sacred Archives, POP Lost Crown Sacred Archives puzzle, How To Solve Sacred Archives Puzzle in prince of persia lost crown, Sacred Archives puzzle in POP Lost Crown

If players in the game choose to attack the Jailer, they can only temporarily stop him. To defeat him, players must first acquire the time power located inside the Sacred Archives.

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