POP Lost Crown Time Powers: How To Get All Time Powers


POP Lost Crown Time Powers, How To Get All Time Powers in Prince of Persia the Lost Crown, Where to Find All POP Lost Crown Time Powers, All POP Lost Crown Time Powers
POP Lost Crown Time Powers: How To Get All Time Powers

Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown might seem different at first, but it’s actually quite similar to the earlier games in the series, especially the Sands of Time trilogy. One key similarity is the use of time-related powers. Even though it’s a platformer, The Lost Crown cleverly integrates time powers into the gameplay. When players enter Mount Qaf, they discover that time behaves differently there. As they progress, they can unlock six Time Powers that help them explore new areas and defeat powerful enemies.

However, getting each power is quite challenging and requires thorough exploration to find the Feather granting these abilities. To help you with that, we have brought you this guide on how to get all time powers in Prince of Persia the Lost Crown.

Where to Find and How to Get All POP Lost Crown Time Powers?

In The Lost Crown game, players can acquire six time powers, but they can’t obtain all of them at once. Here are some of the POP Lost Crown Time Powers and how to find them:

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1. Rush of the Simurgh

Rush of the Simurgh is a time power that allows Sargon to dash forward or backward in the air. It can also help players recover after being pushed back by an attack.

To get the Rush of the Simurgh ability in the game, follow these steps:

  • Start the second main quest called “The Abducted Prince.”
  • Beat Jahandar the Manticore in the Lower City.
  • Exit the arena by moving to the right.
  • Pick up the first Simurgh feather.

Rush of the Simurgh is a special move that lets you dash through the air, cross gaps, and change direction while mid-air. It also helps you recover if you get hit during combat and are about to fall.

2. Shadow of the Simurgh

You can get Shadow of Simurgh as you progress in the main story. This power allows the character Sargon to make a copy of himself in a certain spot by using the ability. 

Then, by pressing the button again, Sargon can instantly move to that copied location. This power comes in handy for changing positions in fights, solving puzzles, and going back to a safe spot while navigating platforms. 

To get the Shadow of Simurgh, you need to defeat a different version of Sargon in a boss battle. Once the boss is beaten, you receive the second Simurgh Feather, unlocking this ability.

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3. Clairvoyance

To progress past the fourth main quest in The Lost Crown, you must unlock the third Time Power called Clairvoyance. Head to the Sacred Archives and follow the objective marker. There, you’ll face four challenging time-based puzzles to obtain a feather and unlock Clairvoyance.

Clairvoyance lets you create or remove shiny purple platforms by pressing the right stick. This helps Sargon move through or stand on them. While it’s not the most useful Time Power and is situational, it’s essential to complete the game.

4. Dimensional Claw

The Dimensional Claw is a special ability that helps in both fighting enemies and solving puzzles. To acquire this power, you need to defeat Kiana in the Hyrcanian Forest during the main quest known as “The Path to the Sands Prison.” Once you defeat Kiana, you’ll receive the Simurgh Feather, which unlocks the Dimensional Claw for you.

Once you have the Dimensional Claw, you can activate it by pressing the designated key or button. 

5. Gravity Wings

The fifth Time Power is incredibly useful. After defeating the boss Azhdaha in The Darkest Of Souls quest, your next task is to summon four Celestial Guardians. Once you’ve summoned the first one, return to Azhdaha to receive the Gravity Wings.

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The Gravity Wings grant Sargon the ability to double-jump, a significant advantage for navigating the game’s environment. With this new ability, you can reach areas that were previously inaccessible. The Gravity Wings make traversal much easier and enhance your exploration in the game.

6. Fabric of Time

To unlock the fabric in time, you need to complete the seventh main quest, “Return To The Past.” After a thrilling boss battle, there’s a cutscene where Sargon obtains this power in a unique way, unrelated to the Simurgh feather.

The Fabric of Time ability is essentially a grappling hook that allows Sargon to pull down items and slingshot himself from specific points in the game. 

Look for glowing purple objects with a triangular shape – these indicate places where the grappling hook can be used. You’ll get this power after defeating the boss and progressing to the eighth main quest.

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