How to get Last Rite Scout Rifle in Destiny 2: PvP and PvE God Roll


Welcome to our comprehensive guide on how to get the Last Rite Scout Rifle in Destiny 2!

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The Last Rite Scout Rifle with the right perks and mods can be one of the best weapons in Destiny 2

As Guardians, we understand the importance of having the perfect weapon in our arsenal, and the Last Rite is no exception.

In this article, we will explore the depths of this exceptional weapon, uncovering its PvP and PvE God Roll. From analyzing the ideal perks and mods to devising effective strategies, we aim to equip you with the knowledge to dominate the battlefield. Prepare to unlock the true potential of the Last Rite Scout Rifle and become a force to be reckoned with in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 Last Rite Scout Rifle Specifications

The Last Rite Scout Rifle in Destiny 2 is a renowned legendary weapon known for its precision and versatility.

With a magazine capacity of 14 rounds and a rate of fire of 120 rounds per minute, it excels in medium to long-range engagements. Its 35 impact damage delivers devastating blows to enemies, and critical hits can increase the damage output to 47 per shot. 

The Last Rite’s perks further enhance its performance, with options like Freehand Grip for improved hip-fire accuracy, Ricochet Rounds for increased stability, and Full Bore for extended range. These perks can be customized with mods such as the handling Masterwork to optimize the weapon’s handling capabilities. 

Whether in PvP or PvE encounters, the Last Rite Scout Rifle offers precise and reliable firepower, making it a versatile choice for players who prefer precision shots or sustained fire.

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How to Obtain the Last Rite Scout Rifle in Destiny 2?

To obtain the Last Rite Scout Rifle in Destiny 2, you must reach Rank 16 in Gambit, Vanguard, or Crucible. Once you have reached Rank 16, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Engage in activities within these game modes to earn experience and reputation, progressing towards Rank 16.
  2. Whether you enjoy Gambit’s fast-paced action, Vanguard’s challenging missions, or Crucible’s intense PvP battles, your progress in these modes will contribute to your overall rank.
  3. Earn rank points by playing matches, completing objectives, and participating in weekly bounties. It will help you accumulate rank points more quickly.
  4. Monitor your progress as you approach Rank 16, when the Last Rite Scout Rifle becomes accessible.
  5. Visit the corresponding vendor for the game mode you focused on: Gambit, Vanguard, or Crucible.
  6. Interact with the vendor to check their inventory, and the rifle will be available for you to obtain.
  7. Once you have the Last Rite Scout Rifle, equip it in your kinetic weapon slot and unleash its power.
  8. Experiment with its perks, such as the potent Freehand Grip, to optimize its performance according to your play style. Furthermore, consider applying mods to enhance its attributes even further.

With the Last Rite Scout Rifle in your possession, you’ll be well-equipped to tackle challenges in Destiny 2 and make the most of its unique capabilities.

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PvP God Rolls for Destiny 2 Last Rite Scout Rifle

In PvP engagements in Destiny 2, having the right perks on your Last Rite Scout Rifle can give you a big advantage. Here are some suggested perks to look for in PvP scenarios:

  • Opening Shot: This perk makes your first shot more accurate and improves the weapon’s range. It helps you land precise shots and secure early kills.
  • Snapshot Sights: This perk makes aiming faster and helps you acquire targets quickly. It gives you an advantage in fast-paced PvP encounters.
  • Kill Clip: This perk temporarily increases your damage after reloading. It rewards accurate shooting and quick decision-making, allowing you to chain kills and dominate in engagements.
  • Moving Target: This boosts mobility and target acquisition when moving. It makes it harder for opponents to hit you and gives you an advantage in duels.
  • Rangefinder: This perk extends the effective range of your weapon and improves zoom magnification. It gives you better accuracy and consistent damage output at longer distances.
  • High-Caliber Rounds: These rounds cause opponents to flinch more when they’re hit. This can throw off their aim and give you an advantage in gunfights.

These perks combined can significantly improve your performance in PvP battles by enhancing accuracy, range, mobility, damage, and target acquisition.

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PvE God Rolls for Destiny 2 Last Rite Scout Rifle

To improve your performance in PvE activities in Destiny 2, finding the best perks for the Last Rite Scout Rifle is crucial. Here are some suggested perks:

  • Extended Mag or Appended Mag: These perks increase the rifle’s ammo capacity, allowing you to shoot longer without reloading.
  • Fourth Time’s the Charm: This perk may reload your magazine after consecutive precise strikes. It helps you maintain your damage output by extending your ammo reserves.
  • Explosive Payload: This perk explodes bullets on impact, damaging adjacent foes. It’s excellent for taking down groups of enemies or enemies with shielded areas.
  • Rapid Hit: This perk temporarily enhances stability, reload speed, and precision hit damage following fast precision hits. It rewards accurate shooting and makes the Last Rite more potent in skilled hands.
  • Rampage: This perk stacks up to three times and boosts damage with each kill. It’s beneficial when facing waves of enemies or bosses, providing a significant damage boost.
  • Dragonfly: This perk causes precision kills to create an explosion that damages nearby enemies. It’s great for clearing lesser foes and destructive in crowded PvE situations.

These perks can significantly enhance your effectiveness with the Last Rite Scout Rifle, allowing you to efficiently deal more damage, sustain fire, and clear enemies in PvE encounters.

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Last Rite Vanguard ornament, Credit: Bungie

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In conclusion, the Last Rite Scout Rifle in Destiny 2 is a versatile and powerful weapon that can excel in both PvP and PvE scenarios.

By obtaining the right perks and mods, you can unlock its true potential and dominate the battlefield. In PvE, perks like Fourth Time’s Charm, Explosive Payload, and Dragonfly can help you clear enemies efficiently and deal significant damage. In PvP, perks such as Opening Shot, Snapshot Sights, and Kill Clip give you an advantage in accuracy, target acquisition, and damage output.

With the Last Rite Scout Rifle in hand, you’ll be well-prepared to tackle any challenge and emerge victorious in Destiny 2.

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