Purple and Rock Pikmin in Pikmin 4: How to get and best abilities


Discover the mysteries of the Purple and Rock Pikmin as we explore the vibrant world of Pikmin 4. Learn how to obtain these special Pikmin types and use their potent abilities, which can make or break your adventures.

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Purple and Rock Pikmin in Pikmin 4: How to get and best abilities

In Pikmin 4, you can go on an exciting journey by going to an uncharted planet to help stranded travelers. Along the way, you will be accompanied by a diverse group of Pikmin, each with their unique abilities to aid you in overcoming obstacles.

Among these helpful critters are the elusive Purple and Rock Pikmin, two species known for their distinct strengths. While finding them might take some time, the journey promises to be filled with discovery and excitement. Get ready to lead your Pikmin crew and delve into the unexplored wonders of Pikmin 4.

How to get Rock Pikmin in Pikmin 4

In Pikmin 4, Rock Pikmin prove to be valuable allies, resembling robust clumps of charcoal with incredible strength. These tough little Pikmin can effortlessly smash through Crystal walls, granting you access to unexplored areas, hidden treasures, and exciting discoveries.

However, to obtain these sturdy companions, you must progress near the end of the game’s storyline and unlock the Heroes Hideaway area. This may take around 20+ hours of gameplay, so don’t fret if you haven’t stumbled upon it in the initial stages.

Keep your eyes peeled for Plunder Palace within Heroes Hideaway, as it’s where you’ll have your first encounter with these helpful Rock Pikmin.

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How to get Purple Pikmin in Pikmin 4

Purple Pikmin, the strong Pikmin species in Pikmin 4, are vital assets due to their great power. Despite their slower pace, they excel at lifting and moving heavier objects that other Pikmin cannot budge, effectively clearing obstructed paths. Their potent punches are also highly effective against adversaries.

To acquire these powerful allies, players must progress to the later stages of the storyline, unlocking an area called Heroes Hideaway. The Purple Pikmin can be found within this newfound location, specifically in Plunder Palace.

While more might be encountered in subsequent areas, Heroes Hideaway marks the initial encounter with these formidable Purple Pikmin.

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Well, Pikmin 4 takes you to an unexplored planet with varied Pikmin with special skills. To obtain the robust Rock Pikmin, progress near the end of the storyline and unlock Heroes Hideaway. For the powerful Purple Pikmin, also explore Heroes Hideaway, specifically Plunder Palace. Get ready for exciting discoveries!

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