Remnant 2 Weapons: Easy Guide to Upgrade Weapons in Remnant 2


With our comprehensive guide, learn how to upgrade your weapons in Remnant 2 to improve your arsenal for the intense battles ahead.

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Remnant 2 Weapons Upgrade: Guide on how to upgrade weapons in Remnant 2

The developers of Remnant 2 do not go easy on their fans – some parts of the title are challenging to make it through. One of the easiest ways to ensure you have enough juice in your character to take on each enemy tougher than the last is to upgrade weapons.

Every type of weapon (Long Gun, Handgun, Melee weapon) can be upgraded in Remnant 2. However, one simple thing that keeps players from doing this and reaping its many benefits is ignorance – most of them don’t know how to do it. If you are one such person, you’ve clicked on the right link because here, you’ll learn how to upgrade weapons in Remnant 2 in detail.

Remnant 2: Upgrade weapons

No action in Remnant 2 is simple, even upgrading weapons. To do this, you must have completed certain objectives first. The tutorial section must be finished. After this is done, you can upgrade weapons by following the following steps:

  1. Get to the main hub. This is the famous Ward 13.
  2. Next to World Stone, you find a character named Dion Rigler.
  3. Rigler is a merchant and a strange one at that: he’s got nothing to sell. The role of Rigler is to upgrade the weapons you give him.
  4. Of course, you’d need to provide the materials for the upgrade. These include Scrap and Iron.

As you go upgrading a weapon, you’d start needing higher quality materials that cost more than standard materials. Here are some items that you’d be needing for the weapon upgrades.

  1. Iron: +5 Weapon Rank
  2. Forged Iron: +10 Weapon Rank
  3. Galvanized Iron: +15 Weapon Rank
  4. Hardened Iron: +19 Weapon Rank
  5. Simulacrum: +20 Weapon Rank
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Remnant 2 offers a wide range of weapons.

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There are two ways to obtain Iron: either purchase it from Cass or loot chests and collect it. For Scrap, you can approach merchants. They have it at a reasonable price.

Remnant 2: Upgrade Boss Weapons

The procedure for upgrading Boss Weapons remains the same as that of normal weapons. However, the maximum level Boss Weapons can attain is +10 Weapon Rank.

You have to obtain Lumenite Crystals in addition to the Iron and Scrap for upgrading such weapons. That means the amount of time, energy, and materials you invest in upgrading Boss Weapons is significantly greater than that needed for normal weapons. However, you will find that this investment is worth it: these weapons can wreak much more havoc than normal ones can.

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Now that you know how to upgrade weapons in Remnant 2, you can stop purchasing new weapons when you need a better one; you can just upgrade the ones you have.

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