Remnant 2 Archon Archetype: best trait, perks, and skills of this Hidden Class


Discover the Remnant 2 Archon Archetype, a hidden class that has amazing traits, perks, and skills that will leave you in awe. Also, check the ways to unlock this class.

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Remnant 2 Archon Archetype: best trait, perks, and skills of this Hidden Class

Remnant 2 has already captured the hearts of gamers with its diverse roster of nine known playable Archetypes, each offering unique playstyles and abilities. However, rumors of hidden classes lurking within the game continue to intrigue players. Among these enigmatic classes is the elusive Remnant 2 Archon Archetype, shrouded in mystery and eagerly anticipated by the community.

In this post, we will look into the leaked perks, skills, and abilities of the Remnant 2 Archon Archetype, as well as the ways to unlock this enigmatic hidden class.

Remnant 2 Archon Archetype

The Remnant 2 Archon Archetype has been a hot topic of discussion among enthusiasts, fueling speculation about its existence and the means to access it since the game’s release on July 21. While some players were skeptical, it has been confirmed that the Archon Archetype indeed exists within the world of Remnant 2.

However, the path to unlocking this mysterious class remains veiled in secrecy. But thanks to a few leaks, we do know the ways of unlocking the Remnant 2 Archon Archetype.


Unlocking the Remnant 2 Archon Archetype

To unlock the Archon Archetype in Remnant 2, players must obtain a special material known as the Hexahedron. This elusive item is acquired by unlocking the Red Door within The Labyrinth. To open the Red Door, players need to fulfill specific requirements, which include:

  • Engram Explorer with skill Fortune Hunter (LV10)
  • Engram Invader with skill Worm Hole (LV5)
  • Armor set Realmwalker
  • Relic Consumable Void Heart
  • Leto’s Amulet
  • Amber Moonstone
  • Black Cat Band
  • Zanias Malice
  • Anastasijas Inspiration
  • Cube Gun
  • Ford’s Scattergun
  • Labyrinth Staff

Once all the prerequisites are met, the Red Door will reveal its secrets, leading players one step closer to unlocking the Remnant 2 Archon Archetype.

Having obtained the Hexahedron, players are one step away from unlocking the Archon Archetype. However, the exact method to trigger the transformation remains a mystery. Many players believe that the Archon Engram lies hidden behind a corrupted biome gate, concealed beyond an ever-shifting portal near the Fractured Ingress World Stone in The Labyrinth. Despite discovering the gate, no one has succeeded in passing through it.

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Remnant 2 Archon Archetype Skills and Perks

While the secrets of transforming into an Archon remain elusive, leaked information about the class’s skills and perks has surfaced, providing an enticing glimpse into the Archetype’s potential powers.

Remnant 2 Archon Skills:

  1. Reality Rune (first skill): Conjures a 7-meter protective dome that can slow down opponents and projectiles with the skill. Also, Within the dome, allies receive damage reduction.
  2. Chaos Gate (second skill): Chaos Gate creates a 7-meter zone where everyone’s damage output and mod generation are increased. But additional damage will also be sustained.
  3. Havoc Form (third skill): Upon casting, grants extra abilities for 30 seconds. Holding down the fire button conjures a shield while the fire button deals SHOCK damage. In this form, dodging causes adjacent foes to sustain SHOCK damage.

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Remnant 2 Archon Perks:

  1. Tempest (Prime perk): Increases mod generation after a mod is activated and grants passive mod generation.
  2. Amplify (damage perk): Mod damage is increased.
  3. Power Creep (team perk): When a mod is cast, teammates’ ability to generate mods is increased.
  4. Spirit Within (utility perk) lowers the amount of power that all mods need to operate.
  5. Power Leak (relic perk): When a relic is used, mod power is increased by 200.

Remnant 2 Archon Archetype Trait

Skill caster: Increases 50% casting speed at level 10.

Regarding the armor set, it looks that the Archon Archetype will sport the Labyrinth set, keeping Remnant: From the Ashes’ aesthetics and appearance. However, details about the starting loadout and additional abilities remain a mystery, leaving players eagerly awaiting further updates.

The Remnant 2 Archon Archetype stands as an enigmatic hidden class, captivating players with its elusive nature and potential for unique abilities. While players have managed to obtain the Hexahedron and unlock the Red Door, the secrets to accessing the Archon Engram and harnessing the full power of this hidden class remain undiscovered.

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Until we get an official introduction, players must prepare themselves for an exciting journey filled with challenges and rewards as they venture through the world of Remnant 2 in search of the elusive Archon Archetype.

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