Remnant 2 Invader Archetype: best trait, perks, and skills of this Hidden Class


Get ready for sneak attacks and covert victories with the Remnant 2 Invader Archetype. Find out the best traits, perks, and skills of this hidden class that specialize in covert missions and attacks enemies with deadly precision.

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Remnant 2 Invader Archetype: best trait, perks, and skills of this Hidden Class

In the world of Remnant 2, hidden Archetypes await the keen and courageous. Among these enigmatic classes lies the Remnant 2 Invader Archetype, a covert tactician with a mysterious set of skills and abilities.

If you are drawn to the art of evasion and confusion, the Invader may be the perfect choice for you. In this article, we will explore all the details of the Remnant 2 Invader Archetype, including the process of unlocking it, its starting equipment, unique perks, skills, and traits.

Unlocking Remnant 2 Invader Archetype

The road to becoming a Remnant 2 Invader requires a series of specific tasks and the acquisition of a unique weapon known as the Dreamcatcher. The Asylum in Losomn is the only place where the Dreamcatcher can be acquired.

Here are the steps to unlock the Remnant 2 Invader Archetype:

  1. Collect three Stone-Carved Dolls by exploring the Asylum.
  2. Exchange the three dolls with the Head Doctor for the Nightweaver Stone Doll.
  3. Present the Nightweaver Stone Doll to the Nightweaver’s Web in exchange for the Dreamcatcher.

Once you possess the Dreamcatcher, venture to Root Earth and locate the ship near the Corrupted Harbor checkpoint. Activate the Escalation Protocol amulet on the ship to trigger a blue particle effect. To collect Walker’s Dream, a consumable that teleports you to the Twilight Valley, swing the Dreamcatcher at the effect.

There, you will face off against the boss named Bane. Defeat Bane and he will drop the Wooden Shiv, a crucial material needed to craft the Serrated Root Blade, unlocking the Invader Archetype.


Starting Loadout for the Invader

As an Invader, you will begin your journey with a distinctive set of starting equipment. The armor set of Remnant 2 Invader includes Dendroid Mask, Dendroid Chest, Dendroid Leggings, and Dendroid Grips. For weapons, players should have Coach Gun, Steel Katana, and Service Pistol.

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Remnant 2 Invader Archetype Skills

The Remnant 2 Invader Archetype is characterized by its elusive and tactical nature. As a master of deception, the Invader excels at creating decoys to confuse and mislead enemies.

The 3 powerful skills that define the Invader’s arsenal include the following:

Worm Hole

Gets unlocked at level 5.

With the use of this ability, the Invader can rip through space-time and increase the next melee or ranged attack move’s damage by 300%.

Void Cloak

Gets unlocked automatically.

The Invader activates an automatic perfect dodge, evading incoming direct damage for 60 seconds. Each successful auto-evade reduces the timer by 33% – 100% based on damage absorbed, spawning a Decoy for 3 seconds.


Gets unlocked at level 10.

Initiating a Data Backup of the caster’s current health, stamina, relic charges, ammo, and negative status effects, which are stored for 30 seconds. While the Backup is active, the Invader gains a 15% movement speed boost and a 10% damage reduction. All backup values are restored when the skill is reactivated, and a 3-second-long Decoy is spawned.

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Remnant 2 Invader Archetype Perks

Prime Perk: Shadow

The one that gets automatically unlocked leaves a Decoy for 3 seconds, drawing enemy fire. It deals an additional +5% damage to foes who are not aiming at the Invader.

At Level 5, it deals +10% additional damage, and at Level 10, it deals +15% additional damage to enemies.

Damage Perk: S.H.A.R.K. (Unlocked at Level 1)

The skill increases ranged and melee damage by 0.7% for 15 seconds while allowing sprinting for one second or adding one stack of momentum while dodging. Maximum 5 stacks.

When upgraded at Level 6, the ranged and melee damage is increased by 7% and ranged and melee critical chance by 1% for 15 seconds.

Team Perk: Loophole (Unlocked at Level 2)

Invader’s Decoy causes enemies to get distracted, dealing ranged and melee damage to them that deals 5% lifesteal.

When upgraded at Level 7, the Invader’s Decoy is increased and grants 7.5% as lifesteal.

Utility Perk: Circumvent (Unlocked at Level 3)

This skill lowers the cost of the battle slide and evade by 10%.

When upgraded at Level 8, reduce the cost of evade and combat slide by 15%. A further 15% reduction is added for perfect dodges.

Relic Perk: Override (Unlocked at Level 4)

Using a relic reduces threat generation by 25% for 10 seconds. While Override is active, the next evade leaves an empowered Decoy, lasting 4 seconds.

When upgraded at Level 9, the empowered Decoy lasts for 5.5 seconds.

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Remnant 2 Invader Archetype Trait

For the Remnant 2 Invader, the unique trait is “Untouchable,” which enhances the invulnerability window at each level, providing additional protection and tactical advantage.

When this trait hits level 10, it can enhance your evasion window by up to 30%.

Unlocking the Remnant 2 Invader Archetype requires dedication, cunning, and a strategic approach. Once you have donned the mantle of the Invader, you will wield an arsenal of decoys and evasive maneuvers, making you a formidable and enigmatic force on the battlefield.

Embrace the secrets and skills of the Invader Archetype and may your adventures in Remnant 2 be filled with stealth, deception, and triumph.

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