Remnant 2 Explorer Guide: best perks, traits, skills, and all about this archetype


Learn all about the Remnant 2 Explorer class with our comprehensive guide. Enjoy increased speed, support buffs, and improved looting for the entire team.

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Remnant 2 Explorer Guide: best perks, traits, skills, and all about this archetype

The Remnant 2 Explorer archetype has some great utility benefits for the team. These will boost movement speed, support buffs, and looting. This article provides you with the alpha and omega of the Remnant 2 Explorer class.

Unlocking the Remnant 2 Explorer Class

Defeat the final boss in Remnant 2 to unlock the Explorer class. You get the Broken Compass on doing so. Take this to Wallace in Ward 13 and exchange it for the class engram.

Starting loadout

The Explorer has Ford’s Scattergun as the Long Gun, the Repeater Pistol as the Handgun, and the Hero’s Sword as the Melee weapon. All in all, these are pretty good weapons to have.


Remnant 2 Explorer Trait


At level 10, the movement speed is boosted by up to 15%. The greater the level, the more powerful a trait is. When you reach level 10, you can choose this characteristic while “unequipping” the class and selecting a different option.

But if you do that, you’ll have to redistribute trait points. Or you’ll need to re-equip the Remnant 2 Explorer class if you ever require those specific effects again.

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Remnant 2 Explorer Skills


Unlocked by default

For 30 seconds, this skill grants a 20% bonus in movement speed and reduces stamina cost by 80% for you and your team.

Gold Digger:

Unlocked at level 5

The player will dig a fountain lasting for 45 seconds that grants random buffs that last for 15 seconds. You can receive any of these three bonuses: a 10% increase in all damage, a 15% decrease in damage received, and 1.5% HP regen per second.

Fortune Hunter:

Unlocked at level 10.

For 60 seconds, within a 40-meter radius, all special items are revealed to you and your team.

It’s easy to see that the Remnant 2 Explorer class mainly supports the gameplay of the team by boosting certain abilities. The Fortune Hunter may be used to help unlock the Engineer class. However, even that is not indispensable. That means the Remnant 2 Explorer class isn’t the best when it comes to plain old shooting.

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Remnant 2 Explorer Perks

Lucky (Prime Perk): A chance of items and drops spawning at the defeat of tougher opponents, like elites.

Such items as Lumenite Crystals that are used for crafting can be obtained using this perk. Also, prime perks are active only when that particular archetype is your main class.

Scavenger (Damage Perk): For 15 seconds, all item pickups boost damage delivered by 2.5% per stack. Additional stacks will boost the duration to a maximum of 60. A maximum of 5 of such stacks can be used.

Metal Detector (Team Perk): The drop rate chance of currency, ammo, and metals is boosted by 10% for you and your allies.

Prospector (Utility Perk): All Relic Fragments are dropped at a higher quality for you to obtain.

Self Discovery (Relic Perk): Using a Relic fills Scavenger perk stacks immediately. It also prevents stack decay for 15 seconds.

Keep in mind that all of these perks will level up as you continue to level up the Explorer class.

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And there you go, that’s all there is to the Remnant 2 Explorer archetype.

Now, having read all of this, you probably agree that this class isn’t the best for the main spot on your team as it doesn’t have many survival or damage-delivering qualities. However, as a support role, it definitely has a chance for a spot on your team. You can choose to pair it up with classes such as the Alchemist, Medic, or Handler.

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