Remnant 2 Engineer Guide: best perks, traits, skills, and all about this archetype


Discover the Ultimate Guide to the Remnant 2 Engineer archetype, including top perks, traits, and skills that you need to know.

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Remnant 2 Engineer Guide: best perks, traits, skills, and all about this archetype

If you want to unlock the Remnant 2 Engineer archetype, you’ll have to keep a sharp lookout. Read on to know all about the Remnant 2 Engineer class, from unlocking it to its loadout, skills, perks, and more.

Unlocking the Remnant 2 Engineer archetype

Unlocking the Remnant 2 Engineer class requires the Alien Device, which you will find in N’erud in one of these second overworld zones – Timeless Horizon or Eon Vault. This won’t change regardless of your main quest. Reach these areas and get a feel of the topography. Look out for enemies and the Death Blight as well.

Now search for a technician’s corpse along the edge of the map. Keep a sharp eye on the Death Blight meter. Once it’s full, there is no escape. We can’t tell you the exact location of this corpse as this varies from game to game.

This search can be made easier if you have access to the Explorer class, whose Fortune Hunter can tell you the location of any special item within a distance. However, this skill is unlocked at level 10. If you don’t have this access, maybe you could ask a player who does to find the corpse for you.

After you’ve found the technician’s corpse, obtain the Technician’s armor set and the Alien Device item in the region.


Starting loadout of the Engineer class

The Pulse Rifle is the Long Gun, the Rupture Cannon is the Handgun, and the Atom Smasher is the Melee weapon. The Engineer class is not a starter class but you can make it so if you create a new character. That’ll provide you with the weapons from the N’erud biome and the Technician armor set.

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Remnant 2 Engineer Class Trait

Fortify: At level 10, the armor’s effectiveness is boosted by up to 50%. This leads to increased damage reduction.

Traits get more effective the higher the level is. At level 10, you can select this trait even while “unequipping” the class and choosing something else. If you do this, however, you will need to reassign trait points. Or if you need those particular effects again, you’ll need to re-equip the Engineer class.

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Remnant 2 Engineer Skills

Press the skill button once to deploy a particular firearm. Hold the button to carry and overclock it. Double-tap the button to retrieve it. Retrieving a firearm returns 75% of the ammo.


Unlocked by default.

A fast-firing cannon fires beams.


Unlocked at level 5

A huge flamethrower turret sets opponents on fire.

Impact Cannon

Unlocked at level 10.

A projectile launcher fires high-speed projectiles. Using this as a current allows a close-range AoE shockwave to pulse.

All these Remnant 2 Engineer skills make one point obvious. The Engineer is here to bring the pain. These weapons have their own ammo (they don’t use the ammo of the Long Gun or the Handgun), so go all out and destroy your opponents.

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Remnant 2 Engineer Perks

High Tech (Prime Perk): Hold the skill button to get infinite ammo, boosted fire rate, and a 15% damage bonus for 15 seconds.

Metalworker (Damage Perk): Gain 5% in skill damage. Heavy weapons get a 5% ammo capacity bonus and 2.5% max health.

Magnetic Field (Team Perk): All allies within a 2.5-meter radius get a 15% bonus in damage reduction for heavy weapons.

Heavy Mobility (Utility Perk): Boost of 35% in movement speed when carrying heavy weapons.

Surplus (Relic Perk): A Relic will refill 15% of a heavy weapon’s ammo. Stow the heavy weapon to get double this bonus.

Many of these perks will get upgraded as you level up the Remnant 2 Engineer class.

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And there you go! That’s all that we have for the Remnant 2 Engineer class.

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