Remnant 2 Hunter Guide: best perks, traits, skills, and all about this archetype


Looking for guidance on the Remnant 2 Hunter archetype? Here’s everything you need to know about the best perks, traits, and skills to succeed.

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Remnant 2 Hunter Guide: best perks, traits, skills, and all about this archetype

Remnant 2’s latest archetype is the Hunter. The name says it all. This class is used to take out opponents from a distance, allowing the players to focus more on the in-game objective.

In this article, we discuss this Remnant 2 Hunter class in depth, including its perks, traits, skills, and more.

How to unlock Remnant 2 Hunter Class?

In Remnant 2, players must speak with Brabus in Ward 13 to obtain the Rusty Medal for 1,500 scrap, which unlocks the Hunter archetype.

The Rusty Medal must then be given to Wallace, who will convert it for a fee of an additional 1,000 scrap into a Hunter archetype.

If it is your first archetype, you can equip it in the upper-left corner of the character menu. If it’s your second archetype, perform the same actions as before but equip the archetype in the character menu’s upper-right corner.

Remnant 2 Hunter Trait

Longshot: Hunter’s unique trait increases the firearm’s range. This allows for perks to be performed at a greater distance than before. This boost in the range is proportional to the Archetype’s level. At level one, 60 cm is added to the range of any weapon. At level 10, this is increased to 600 cm.


Remnant 2 Hunter Perks

A sniper at heart, Remnant 2 Hunter’s long suit is inflicting massive damage while keeping its distance. It’ll first seek out the target’s weakest point and then attack. Let’s take a look at its perks.

Dead to Rights (Prime Perk): This perk lets Hunter’s skills last 3.5 seconds longer, given that they precisely hit the opponents’ weak points continuously. It also offers a base ranged spot damage of 55.

Intuition (Relic Perk): When using a Relic, Hunter’s active skills are extended by 10 seconds. The next Relic use also speeds up if opponents are taken out through an attack on their weak points. This speed-up last for 15 seconds by 5%. You can stack this up to 10 times.

Deadeye (Damage Perk): The ranged, ranged critical chance, and weak spot are boosted by 40%, 5%, and 15% respectively. Also, these percentages rise as your level increases.

Urgency (Utility Perk): For five seconds, a boost of 15% is granted to both movement and reload speeds when an opponent is taken out.

Return to Slender (Team Perk): Killing an opponent through critical hits and weak spot hits grants a 50% boost to ammo drops. Sometimes, the ammo drop is doubled.

It is to be noted that Dead to Rights is the prime perk of Remnant 2 Hunter.

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Remnant 2 Hunter Skills

The Remnant 2 Hunter class has four skills. Let’s take a look at them.

Hunter’s Focus: This skill will intensify Hunter’s senses. This leads opponents to apply Mark for 0.01 seconds. The Hunter gets into a Focused state, subject to the condition that it is aiming down sight continuously without shooting.

This Focused state leads to a decrease in sway, recoil, and weapon spread by 75%. There is also a 10% boost to ranged critical chance and a 25% boost to both ranged and ranged weak spot damage.

Hunter’s Mark: This skill is similar to Hunter’s Focus. The Archetype’s spatial awareness gets intensified. This creates an aura about him that instantly marks all enemies within 35 meters. Also, for 25 seconds, there is a boost of 15% to both melee and ranged damage.

Mark: Hunter can sense opponents through walls when using this skill. The entire team receives a boost of 15% in being able to deliver a critical hit on marked enemies.

Hunter’s Shroud: As the name implies, Hunter gets shrouded when this skill is activated. The result is the opponents cannot spot it as well now. If Hunter is on the move, an accurate shot at him is doubly difficult. This shroud is deactivated when a skill or mod is turned on or when Hunter takes the offensive and attacks.

After Hunter leaves the shroud, all opponents within 10 meters are applied with Mark as well as Ambush for two seconds. Ambush boosts both melee and ranged damage by 50%. When opponents are attacked, Hunter applies Mark as well, though this will lessen over time.

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And that is all that you need to know about Remnant 2 Hunter class. It’s a pretty good Archetype for any interested in tact and precision.

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