League of Legends Immortal Journey Soraka: legendary skin, splash art, price, release in 13.16 patch


The League of Legends Immortal Journey Soraka skin is a legendary skin. With its stunning splash art, the new skin will be available in Patch 13.16 in the game’s shop.

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League of Legends Immortal Journey Soraka will be a legendary skin coming in the 13.16 patch

Riot Games, the masterminds behind League of Legends, are about to dazzle players once again with their highly anticipated Immortal Journey skin line. This collection of seven visually stunning skins will bring a touch of mythology to the champions, showcasing characters with mythical weapons like Divine Sword Irelia and Sacred Sword Janna.

Immortal Journey Soraka is one of the highlights of this exquisite lineup, offering players a mythological take on the beloved champion. Let’s delve into the details of this legendary skin and the community’s reactions.

League of Legends Immortal Journey Skin Line

The Immortal Journey skin line takes players on a mythical journey, where champions wield supernatural weapons, particularly swords. With seven skins to choose from, Riot Games aims to diversify the skin release system and cater to champions who have not received many skins in the past.

The champions receiving the new LoL Immortal Journey 2023 skins include Soraka, Shyvana, Zed, Zeri, Kayle, and Sona (Prestige Edition). Each skin promises to be visually captivating, featuring unique effects that seamlessly blend into the overall mythological theme.

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League of Legends Immortal Journey Soraka Legendary skin

Among the roster of champions receiving Immortal Journey skins is Soraka, the Starchild. Known for her healing abilities and support role, Soraka has amassed a huge list of skins throughout her time in League of Legends. The Immortal Journey Soraka skin presents a fresh perspective on the beloved champion, infusing her visual animations with a mythological touch.

The Immortal Journey Soraka splash art is not available right now. However, the skin boasts a yellow and blue color scheme, with animations that elegantly blend these colors, bringing the mythical concept to life. The development team at Riot Games has gone above and beyond to ensure that this skin lives up to the excitement surrounding the Immortal Journey collection.

As the third legendary skin for Soraka, players can expect a level of craftsmanship and attention to detail that truly embodies the spirit of the Immortal Journey theme.

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LoL Immortal Journey Soraka Skin Release Date and Price

As players eagerly anticipate the arrival of LoL Immortal Journey Soraka, the release date has been set for August 17, 2023. Patch 13.16 will mark the moment when players can adorn Soraka with this legendary skin, immersing themselves in the mystical world of Immortal Journey.

The Immortal Journey legendary skin for Soraka should cost 1820 RP, while the other skins will be Epic skins costing the customary 1350 RP. The Mythic Shop should have Sona’s prestige skin accessible for Mythic Essence buyers.

Fans’ Reactions on LoL Immortal Journey Soraka

With the announcement of Immortal Journey Soraka, the League of Legends community has had mixed reactions. Some players have expressed their excitement at the mythological take on their favorite healer, embracing the vibrant color scheme and animations that bring Soraka to life in a whole new way.

However, as with any major skin release, there are always players who have different preferences and opinions. Some players have voiced their disappointment, suggesting that champions like Shyvana or Zeri should have received their first legendary skins instead.

Zeri, a champion known for her use of guns, may not have fit as naturally into the magical world of Immortal Journey, sparking discussions on the choices made by Riot Games.

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In the previous patch, players got League of Legends Soul Fighter Samira’s ultimate skin.

While opinions may vary, one thing remains constant: Riot Games’ commitment to delivering visually striking skins that cater to a wide range of players.

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In conclusion, LoL Immortal Journey Soraka skin promises an epic journey for the players. With its mythical take, vibrant color palette, and legendary rarity, this skin is a testament to Riot Games’ commitment to delivering high-quality content.

While the community may have varying opinions on the choices made, the allure of the Immortal Journey skin line is undeniable. As players prepare to embrace the magical world of Immortal Journey, August 17, 2023, will mark the day when Soraka shines like never before.

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