Pikmin 4 Giant’s Hearth: every puzzle and treasure locations


Pikmin 4 Giant’s Hearth is the 5th area in the game offering lots of exciting treasures. Use our guide to find solutions to every puzzle and treasure location.

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Pikmin 4 Giant’s Hearth guide: every puzzle and treasure locations

Did you think Pikmin 4 was finished once Olimar was rescued? Think again! The adventure continues as Oatchi faces new challenges and seeks the help of a Koppaite veterinarian. The search leads to the Giant’s Hearth, where crucial assistance awaits. Rallying for your loyal teammate, it’s time to embark on a treasure hunt.

Though the Pikmin 4 Giant’s Hearth has fewer treasures than other zones, they’re trickier to spot. Don’t worry, this guide has you covered. From Giant’s Hearth Surface Treasure Locations to Ultimate Testing Range Treasure Locations, here’s your simple roadmap to locating all the treasures you need. Get ready to dive back into the game and master this Pikmin 4 Giant’s Hearth treasure guide.

Pikmin 4 Giant’s Hearth: Surface World

In Pikmin 4 Giant’s Hearth Surface World, there are 17 treasures to discover. It’s all about water and fire together. You’ll see water pools and sprinklers as well as fire pits and burnable hay. Take Red and Blue Pikmin with you. They can handle many challenges.

On the southern side, there’s a Rock Pikmin onion. Watch out for the strong Sovereign Bulblax protecting it.

  • Birdy Bed – The Birdy Bed is a bird-shaped cleaning sponge found by the water on Pikmin 4 Giant’s Hearth’s left edge. Guarded by five Wolpoles, you need 7 Blue Pikmin thrown at it or drain the water, use Oatchi’s Rush, and throw 7 Pikmin to collect it.
  • Fish-Bed Snack – Find this treasure in the southern region, dropped by the Hermit Crawmad in a small pond. Beat the Bug-Eyed Crawmad and toss 5 Pikmin at it to retrieve the treasure.
  • Crew-Cut Gourd – This treasure can be found at the map’s southern edge, near Crawmad Pond; find a hidden area by pushing a box. To get a treasure, shift the cardboard box despite a Bug-Eyed Crawmad’s nest. Toss 10 Blue Pikmin to secure the treasure.
  • Seed Hive – Find this treasure on the map’s north side. It’s dropped by a Hermit Crawmad close to a sprinkler.
  • Slapstick Crescent – Find this treasure in the northeast, hanging from a huge chair.
  • Universal Rubber Cutie – The treasure is at the eastern map edge, hidden behind an Arachnode’s web.
  • Persistence Machine – Find the Persistence Machine on the far right of Pikmin 4 Giant’s Hearth. It’s near straw bundles, so use a fire starter to get it. Toss 12 Pikmin at it to collect this treasure.
  • Slipper-Bug Fossil – Find the Slipper-Bug Fossil on a stone platform in Pikmin 4 Giant’s Hearth’s bottom right. Defeat the guarding Spotty Bulbear and three Dwarf Bulbears first. Toss 15 Pikmin at the treasure to collect it. But watch out, when you try, Mitites will pop up, scaring your Pikmin and Oatchi. You’ll need to gather them up again.
  • Anxious Sprout – Look in the Central zone, close to the second landing spot, for this treasure. It’s hidden in a fireplace under ashes and dirt.
  • Stately Rubber Cutie – You can find this treasure in the central zone, heading west. It’s caught in a web spun by an Arachnoid.
  • Face Wrinkler – Discover the Face Wrinkler, a lemon-like fruit treasure, in the Enclosed West Zone. Search on a log to find it.
  • Love Nugget – You’ll spot the Love Nugget treasure at the center of the landscape, surrounded by straw bundles. Toss a fire starter to get it, as it’s among the straw. To gather it, you’ll need to throw 10 Pikmin onto it.
  • Snack Bean – Discover this treasure by going southwest beyond the sprinklers. It’s buried there.
  • Ice Sword – To get the Ice Sword treasure, go to the center of the overworld where there’s a grill. Look for the exposed brick at the bottom left corner. Climb the nearby platformed wall and toss 1 Pikmin to grab it.
  • The Four Grill Brothers – You’ll find the Four Grill Brothers near the center of the Pikmin 4 Giant’s Hearth on a grill, close to a flarlic. To get it, toss 15 Pikmin at the treasure.
  • Ice Sword – At the Hearth, go up to the nearby container to reach the treasure.
  • Disk of Amusing Wisdom – To get the Disk of Amusing Wisdom in the central overworld, find the big grill. There’s an Iridescent Glint Beetle there. Hit it three times, then toss 2 Pikmin at it. This way, you can retrieve the treasure from the beetle and add it to your collection.

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Pikmin 4 Giant’s Hearth: Cradle Of The Beast

This place has many monsters. Even though there are 12 treasures, five come from the final boss. Prepare to battle and expect to lose some Pikmin in the fight.

Sublevel 1

  • Memory Fragment (Bottom-ish): The Memory Fragment is in a creature called Waddlequaff at the bottom left of Sublevel 1 in the Cradle of the Beast at Giant’s Hearth. To get it, beat the Waddlequaff, and then toss 2 Pikmin at it.
  • Gold Nuggets: This hidden treasure is located in the corner of the room on the eastern side.
  • Citrus Lump: The hidden treasure is in the room to the east. Look for a bag that can be easily crushed to find it.
  • Delectable Bouquet: Find this treasure inside a Fiery Bulblax on Sublevel 1 of Cradle of the Beast. Beat the Bulblax, then toss 10 Pikmin at it to get the treasure.

Sublevel 2

  • Mouth of Lies: The hidden Mouth of Lies treasure is stuck on a cobweb in the lower left corner. Defeat three Skutterchucks before getting it. To grab the treasure, toss 15 Pikmin at it and lower the nearby paper bag.
  • Gold Nuggets: This Pikmin 4 Giant’s Hearth treasure is in the corner of the room to the north.
  • King of Meats: The King of Meats treasure is in the top right corner of a place called Porquillion. To get it, beat the Porquillion and use 12 Purple Pikmin with strength 300 to carry it, as it’s heavy. The treasure is in a game called Pikmin and this is how you find it.

Sublevel 3

  • Stately Rubber Cutie (x5): The treasure is in the East room, and it’s something the Empress Bulblax drops. Look for it there.

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Pikmin 4 Giant’s Hearth: Dream Home

The Dream Home is a cave found in the Pikmin 4 Giant’s Hearth. It’s different because it has only one level, but it’s quite big and has a safe with valuable treasure inside. To open the safe, you need three cards that make a code. One card is protected by a big Mammoth Snootwhacker.

In this Pikmin 4 Giant’s Hearth cave, there’s a total of 15 treasures to find, worth 1,020 points.

  • Devil’s Portrait: In this sublevel of the Dream Home in the Pikmin 4 Giant’s Hearth, you’ll find this treasure on a platform in the bottom left. It’s guarded by a Miniature Snootwhacker, which you should defeat before trying to get the treasure, but you don’t have to. To collect it, just throw 1 Pikmin at the portrait.
  • Gold Nuggets: This hidden treasure is in the Northeast area. You can get to it through a tunnel located behind the safe.
  • Leisure Car: The Leisure Car treasure is on the ground in the upper right corner of a sublevel. To get it, dig a tunnel from the upper left corner and then throw 7 Pikmin at the treasure.
  • Love Emblem: You can find the treasure in the upper Northeast area. Use a hover platform from the south to reach it. Knock it down with Oatchi’s Rush move, then throw 1 Pikmin at it to collect the treasure.
  • Captivation Goo: The Captivation Goo treasure is found on a platform in the upper right corner of this area. To get it, you need to throw 5 Pikmin at it.
  • Deity’s Portrait: The Deity’s Portrait is a special item on the top left of Pikmin 4 Giant’s Hearth Sublevel. A Sunsquish guards it, but you don’t have to beat the Sunsquish to get it. You just need to throw 1 Pikmin at the treasure to collect it. It’s up to you if you want to defeat the Sunsquish before picking up the treasure.
  • Fastening Item: The treasure is hidden in pots towards the east-southeast.
  • Condensed Sunshine: The Condensed Sunshine treasure is hidden in a big creature called the Jumbo Bulborb on this level. To get the treasure, beat the Jumbo Bulborb first, then throw 12 Pikmin at it. This will help you collect the treasure.
  • Divine Balloon: This hidden treasure is located at the southeastern edge. Ask Oatchi to go into the tunnel in the southern area to find it.
  • Space Spinner: The Pikmin 4 Giant’s Hearth treasure is in the Central area, reached from the southern bridge. To get it, throw 7 Pikmin at it.
  • Gold Nuggets: The hidden treasure is located in the Central area, past the Bulborbs.
  • Money Emblem: The hidden treasure is in the Western area, reachable after solving a puzzle with mushrooms.
  • Work Emblem: There’s a treasure stuck on the wall in the northwest. Use Oatchi to bump into the wall and make the treasure fall down.
  • Blast Shield: The hidden treasure is in the Northwest. It’s attached to the wall. You need a ram and Oatchi to help it fall down.
  • Jiggle-Jiggle: The treasure is in a safe. To open the safe, look at the treasure card for a random code. Use this code to unlock the safe and find the treasure inside.

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Pikmin 4 Giant’s Hearth: Ultimate Testing Range

In a game with a scary name, the real danger comes at the end. You reach a tough level with a real machine gun. Before that, there are some regular levels where you use Winged Pikmin. Don’t fret, they give you Pink Candypop Bulbs to get more Winged Pikmin.

Sublevel 1

  • Long-Shot Totem: To get this Pikmin 4 Giant’s Hearth treasure, you’ll face two Venom Dweevils, one guarding it and another dropping down. Beat them first. Then, throw 2 Pikmin at the treasure to collect it. Don’t forget to build the clay bridge to reach the treasure safely.
  • Sphere of Trust: The Sphere of Trust treasure is in the upper left. A Venom Dweevil guards it, along with another below. Beat both Dweevils before taking it. To get the treasure, throw 7 Pikmin at it.
  • Relentless Spear: The treasure is in the southwest near the exit. Use the platform nearby to go up and reach it.

Sublevel 2

  • Straight-and-Narrow Track: The Straight-and-Narrow Track treasure is on a left platform. To reach it, defeat 3 Miniature Snootwhackers and a Withering Blowhog. Throw 7 Pikmin at the treasure to collect it. The way back to the S.S. Beagle is blocked by a fence. To exit, use Winged Pikmin or press the center button.
  • Telekinesis Detector: This Pikmin 4 Giant’s Hearth treasure is on the East side, on a platform. Use Winged Pikmin to carry it over the bars.
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Sublevel 3

  • Heart Sword (x2): This hidden treasure can be found in the Northwest region. Look for it up high on a raised area.
  • Sphere of Heart: The treasure is in the South area. It’s behind bars in a raised hallway.

Sublevel 4

  • The Disk of Surprising Wisdom: The treasure is in the Northwest of Pikmin 4 Giant’s Hearth. It’s protected by two Fiery Dweevils that need to be defeated first. Use 2 Pikmin to grab it. Change the conveyor belt’s directions to get the treasure.
  • Gold Nuggets: This hidden treasure is in the Northeast area. To find it, go past a moving belt.
  • Memory Fragment (Right Edge): The Memory Fragment treasure is on the ground in the upper right of a Sublevel. It’s near Gold Nuggets. To get it, throw 2 Pikmin at it. You’ll need to change the conveyor belts or use Winged Pikmin. Also, build the clay bridge nearby.

Sublevel 5

  • Winged Freedom Sculpture: The treasure is in the bottom-left part of the boss arena in Pikmin 4 Giant’s Hearth. A hidden wall there disappears after defeating the boss.

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And that brings us to the end of our Pikmin 4 Giant’s Hearth guide, including details on every puzzle with its treasures and more.

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