Pikmin 4 Serene Shores: every puzzle and treasure locations


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Pikmin 4 Serene Shores: every puzzle and treasure locations

Pikmin 4 Serene Shores is a big and time-consuming area. It gets trickier because the tides change around noon. Some treasures only appear when the water is low. Here’s a tip: White Pikmin become useful here and it’s smart to get them early. They can find buried treasures.

If you were stuck at 99% on other maps, you probably need a White Pikmin to help you. So, keep them by your side for success. Here is a guide for all Pikmin 4 Serene Shores treasure locations.

Pikmin 4 Serene Shores: All Treasures, Onions, & Rescues

Pikmin 4 Serene Shores holds 86 Treasures to discover. These treasures are located both on the surface and within four sublevel caves in the area.

What’s special about Pikmin 4 Serene Shores is its low tide on the surface. Around mid-day, the water goes down, revealing more land and places to explore. This means more opportunities to find treasures and uncover secrets in this area.


Here is the list of treasure locations and their details.

Pikmin 4 Serene Shores: Surface World

  • Chance Totem (x2): Discover this white six-sided die with a red dot as its one pip. Head south from the junction and spot a big Bulborb to find this item.
  • Emperor Whistle: Discover a metal pea whistle at Pikmin 4 Serene Shores, hidden on the upper ledge of the sandcastle’s southwest edge. Use Yellow Pikmin to dig it out from the sand. 
  • Stellar Extrusion: Found at the center of the Sandcastle zone, this treasure is a starfruit. To get it, clear the area of hazards and enemies, then use Yellow Pikmin to reach the high ground and grab the treasure.
  • Crimson Banquet: This treasure is a watermelon. You’ll find it under the sandcastle’s west side. Use Ice Pikmin to break the jelly cover, then wait for low tide to take it away.
  • Fish-Bed Snack: This Gourmet Series treasure sits atop Sandcastle Landing. Defeat an enemy to claim it.
  • Gold Nuggets: Find this treasure just northeast of the sandcastle landing site, slightly off the edge. To make retrieval quicker, construct a stick nearby.
  • Stately Rubber Cutie (x2): This treasure is a small rubber duck and is located in the Industrial Maze. To find it, use Oatchi’s rush ability to break the pots and reveal the treasure hidden within.
  • Zest Bomb: It is a lime treasure. Find it in the southwest part of the map. To carry it, use Blue Pikmin.
  • Dawn Pustules: It is a fruit treasure in Pikmin. It’s a cluster of white muscat grapes, worth one juice bottle (half in Ultra-Spicy mode). You’ll discover it east of the sandcastle, in the water pool in front of it.
  • Foolish Fruit: Buried on a central ledge of the sandcastle, this treasure is completely hidden. You can dig it up using Pikmin or Oatchi.
  • Mock Bottom: This is a peach treasure. Discover it in the big bucket near the base of the sandcastle area. To drop the treasure, utilize Oatchi’s rush ability on the ground.
  • Fishy Bed: Find Fishy Bed behind a breakable wall, a little west of the “mock bottom” bucket area.
  • Ring-of-Return Shield: Located within a clam in the middle map area, be cautious of it clamping onto your Pikmin.
  • Gold Nuggets: Head to the central zone of Pikmin 4 Serene Shores. If you don’t see it, come back when it’s low tide.
  • Gold Nuggets: Located southwest of the central area, in the same vicinity as the peach and fish sponge treasures.
  • Bright Sword: It’s a yellow sword-shaped toothpick. You can find it in a huge sand pile that covers the central landing site. Just dig through the sand to uncover and claim this unique treasure.
  • Lamp of Inspiration: This treasure is a small model of the Statue of Liberty. It’s on the map’s west side, up a small mountain. You’ll need Yellow Pikmin to reach it.
  • Orbital Communication Sphere: Found concealed in seaweed south of the Statue of Liberty’s spot.
  • Face Wrinkler: It is a lemon treasure. You can discover it in the West zone of the map, where it’s held by a giant crab.
  • Newtolite Shell: Located in the Northeast corner, this treasure is buried beneath the water’s sand.
  • Mystery Squish Fish: This is a fish-shaped clear container with a red lid, likely holding soy sauce. To get it, pull the left stick and rope in the small zone to the Northeast. But watch out, the other zone might bring up a big crab instead.
  • Princess Pearl: This treasure looks like a natural clam pearl, found within a Pearly Clamclamp, suggesting it’s its pearl. Head to the northeast zone during low tide and defeat the clam to retrieve it.
  • Giant’s Fossil: It is a small Moai model, resembling Easter Island’s stone heads. Remove jelly from the center, build the east bridge, and carry it at low tide for ease. Or break the south wall of the east pool zone for another route. Make the most of low tide to transport it effortlessly.
  • Slapstick Crescent: This treasure is a banana found to the east of the East pool zone. Swim with Oatchi to the coral on the far side of the zone. If it’s low tide, you can jump onto the coral to reach it.
  • Dapper Rubber Cutie: This treasure in Pikmin 4 Serene Shores is a small black rubber duck with blue eyes, worth 100 Sparklium. Locate it in the northern pond and employ Ice Pikmin to remove the jelly. Streamline the process by unearthing the sand pile in the water to drain it, making the retrieval easier.
  • Stately Rubber Cutie: You’ll find it on a ledge near the exit of the Engulfed Castle caves.
  • Lesser Mock Bottom: It is a Japanese plum treasure. It’s located in the Northwest zone, close to a Whiptongue Bulborb. Utilize Oatchi’s rush ability to bring the treasure to the ground for collection.
  • Ambiguous Hostel: It is an ocarina. You can find it along the northern edge of the northwest zone.
  • Juicy Gaggle: It is a raspberry. You’ll spot it in the Northwest zone, beyond the Whiptongue Bulborb. There’s a bug under it. Simply pick it up from the puddle where it’s located.
  • Heroine’s Tear: The Heroine’s Tear, a red mango, is in the Northwest Zone. Uncover the nearby air vent, jump up, and defeat the lobster. It’s buried deep and might need White Pikmin to unearth it completely.
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Pikmin 4 Serene Shores: Below-Grade Discotheque

In Pikmin 4 Serene Shores, the Below-Grade Discotheque is a metal-themed cave. It’s advised to have a Headlamp upgrade due to constant light flickering. The final sublevel holds the Groovy Long Legs boss. The cave’s icon, representing Sparklium, is derived from Pikmin 4’s icon. It contains treasures worth 1375.

Sublevel 1:

  • Sphere of Truth: It’s hanging close to the landing zone. To get it, go around and toss Pikmin from the upper ledge.
  • Thrill-Ride Track: It’s usually out in the open, so just go ahead and grab it.
  • Sphere of Vitality: To retrieve this treasure, you’ll need to dig it out from a dirt hole.

Sublevel 2:

  • Soul Reverberator: To obtain this treasure, toss a Pikmin at the button from the hover platform. This action will lower the iron fence and allow access to the treasure.
  • Olfactory Sculpture: Grab the hovering platform in the Northwest corner. While passing, toss Pikmin at the treasure to collect it.

Sublevel 3:

  • Gold Nuggets: To get to this Pikmin 4 Serene Shores treasure, clear the dirt tunnel in the northeast corner.
  • Turn-of-Events Track: Shift the big box by tossing Pikmin onto conveyors and altering their direction at the right moment. After moving it, proceed to gather your items.

Sublevel 4:

  • Relentless Spear: Located with the hog thing to the southwest.
  • Gold Nuggets: Found at the center of the map.
  • Sphere of Beginnings: This item is in the northern center of the map. To cool the lava nearby, make the valve to the west. You’ll need to dig it up to access it.

Sublevel 5:

  • Amplified Amplifier: The Amplified Amplifier is a loudspeaker treasure rewarded for defeating the disco boss.

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Pikmin 4 Serene Shores: Seafloor Resort

The Seafloor Resort in Pikmin 4 Serene Shores is a water-filled cave, ideal for Blue Pikmin. It houses both aquatic and land enemies like jelly floats, aristocrats, and Fiery Blowhogs, even featuring a big master shop. With an Icon symbolizing Sparklium, this cave holds treasures worth 1625 and offers diverse challenges in a watery setting.

Sublevel 1:

  • Sunseed Berry: Sunseed Berry is like a regular strawberry. Look for it on the east side of Sun-Speckled Terrace Island. Toss Pikmin at it to collect from the high ledge.
  • Maternal Sculpture: The Maternal Sculpture treasure looks like a baby bottle top. You can find it hanging in the center of the map. Just throw Pikmin from a nearby higher ledge to reach it.
  • Gold Nuggets: This treasure is situated in the Southwest region. Be cautious of jellyfish nearby. 
  • False Lollipop: Grab the stick connected to a rope on the western side and pull.
  • Maestro of Flavor (x2): Discover it on a sponge to the Northwest.

Sublevel 2:

  • Dapper Blob: The Dapper Blob is a mangosteen. It is located in the Central area. to get this Let the Blue Pikmin pick up the treasure.
  • Trap Lid: The trap lid is located again in the same area where the Dapper blob is located. Let the Blue Pikmin pick up the treasure.
  • Universal Rubber Cutie: You’ll find the Universal Rubber Cutie treasure in the first sublevel of the Secluded Courtyard. This sizable yellow rubber duck is worth 90 Sparklium. Collect it after dealing with the Skitter Leaf enemies to add value to your treasure haul.
  • Stately Rubber Cutie (x3): Located on the southeast side, these objects have bugs hiding underneath them.
  • Octoplus: Octoplus is a small purple octopus-like enemy. They have yellow pores on their back and are located near the map’s northern edge, often seen along a ledge. 

Sublevel 3:

  • Monster Teeth: Located in the Southeast area, use Oatchi to jump up the ledge and reach the spot.
  • Gold Nuggets: You’ll find it in the northwest corner of the Pikmin 4 Serene Shores island.
  • Brush of Foolishness: The Brush of Foolishness, a blue toothbrush treasure, is located on the northwest side of the island. Lower the gates by pressing the button and build a bridge near the starting point for quicker retrieval.
  • Mystery Squish Fish (x2): The Mystery Squish Fish is a treasure that looks like a fish-shaped container with a red lid, holding brown liquid, likely soy sauce. You can find it underwater in the central pool area of the game.
  • Mystery Squish Fish: Located within the central pool area, it’s concealed amidst the seaweed.
  • Spirit Sword (x3): Discover it within the central pool area, concealed within the seaweed.

Sublevel 4:

  • Greed-Inducement Device: This treasure is obtained from a big frog boss.

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Pikmin 4 Serene Shores: Subzero Sauna

In Pikmin 4 Serene Shores, the Subzero Sauna is a cave with 3 sublevels. White Pikmin are found here. It’s full of icy obstacles and enemies, making Ice Pikmin useful. The last sublevel has an Arctic Cannon Beetle. The cave holds an icon resembling Sparklium on the wiki, like in Pikmin 4. You can find treasures worth 520 here.

Sublevel 1

  • Gold Nuggets: Obtain this treasure by breaking a small jelly near the starting zone.
  • Distinguished Delicacy: Get in the Northeast room, and use Ice Pikmin to freeze, and break the jelly to obtain this treasure.
  • Gold Nuggets: Discover a treasure and locate a nearby White Candypop Bulb. Transform it into White Pikmin. Use these Pikmin to carry the nuggets even through the poisonous areas, making your treasure hunt more efficient and successful.

Sublevel 2: 

  • Memory Fragment (Left Edge): To obtain this treasure, ensure you destroy all nearby dry ice. This action will cause the pool to melt, allowing you to access the treasure.
  • True Goo: To get this treasure, use White Pikmin. Send them past the bars to break the jelly and have them carry it while avoiding the poison.

Sublevel 3:

  • Contemplation Station: You can find the Contemplation Station treasure in Subzero Sauna’s third floor. It’s a small version of Auguste Rodin’s statue, The Thinker. To get it, you need to defeat the boss on that level.

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Pikmin 4 Serene Shores: Engulfed Castle

In Pikmin 4 Serene Shores, there’s a cave called the Engulfed Castle with five sublevels. Only Blue Pikmin can enter, but all hazards show up. Glow Pikmin from Glow Seeds or an upgraded Oatchi can help with dangers. But, Blue Pikmin alone can handle hazards. This cave holds treasures worth 1145, making it a rewarding challenge.

Sublevel 1:

  • Vanishing Cookie: Found in the North-central zone, this item is dropped by defeating a Fiery Bulblax.
  • Secured Satchel: The Secured Satchel treasure resembles a locked bag with the words “Always & Forever” and a heart drawn in black marker on its back. You can find it on the North wall, but make sure to disable the gates using the button before accessing it.
  • Hoop of Passion: This treasure sits at the map’s center. It’s simpler to collect when the gates are down beforehand.
  • Juicy Gaggle: Find this treasure at the far end of the Westmost curve. Watch out for enemies in the area.
  • Ice Sword: Get this treasure along with the Juicy Gaggle.

Sublevel 2:

  • Crush Nugget (x2): Discover it in the central room and obtain it by defeating Bulborb.
  • Daughter of the Earth: It’s a sweet potato called “Daughter of the Earth.” You’ll find it on the second sublevel of Crackling Cauldron. Look in the middle of the big Sizzling floor, close to the sublevel entrance. To get this Pikmin 4 Serene Shores treasure, use Red Pikmin to stop the sizzling and then dig it up.

Sublevel 3:

  • Scaly Custard: This is an avocado treasure. It rests in the east of the central zone. Toss it from the upper ledge to access.
  • Memory Fragment (Bottom…Probably?): This treasure is located in the Central area, atop a ledge.
  • Child of the Earth: Instruct Oatchi to locate the treasure, a potato, on the northern side. Utilize his scenting skills to pinpoint the exact spot, then direct him to excavate and retrieve the potato treasure.

Sublevel 4:

  • Turn-of-Events Track: This Pikmin 4 Serene Shores treasure lies in the Southwest. Eliminate mushrooms to clear the goo obstructing access.
  • Difficult-Choice Totem: The Difficult-Choice Totem is an orange D4. It is located within a tube in the Northwest room.
  • Velvety Dreamdrop: The Velvety Dreamdrop, a type of loquat, can be dug using Yellow Pikmin.
  • Insect Condo: This apple treasure is situated in the Northeast room. Defeat the fungal frog to obtain it.

Sublevel 5:

  • Glinty Circular Disc: The Glinty Circular Disc treasure is a Japanese Wave Race: Blue Storm disc for Nintendo GameCube, found by defeating the Waterwraith boss.
  • Noble Goo: This treasure can be found in the boss room’s western side. Dig it up; White Pikmin might help locate it.

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And that brings us to the end of our Pikmin 4 Serene Shores guide, including details on every puzzle with its treasures and more.

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