Pikmin 4 Blossoming Arcadia Guide: Every puzzle with new treasures and more


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Pikmin 4 Blossoming Arcadia Guide: Every puzzle with new treasures and more

In Pikmin 4, getting 100% completion is super fun but tricky. You need to find all Treasures, Onions, and save all the creatures in each level. It can be tough to do it all alone but don’t worry. This Pikmin 4 Blossoming Arcadia guide has got you covered.

It’s a complete guide that will help you succeed in the game and complete every challenge. So, you will have all the tips you need to win.

Pikmin 4 Blossoming Arcadia: All Treasures, Onions, & Rescues

To get a perfect score on the Pikmin 4 Blossoming Arcadia level, players need to find 3 Onions, rescue 9 creatures, and collect 60 Treasures. You’ll have Red, Ice, Yellow, Blue, and Rock Pikmin to help you.

The guide is split into two parts: one for the main area and another for the seven caves.


Pikmin 4 Blossoming Arcadia: Surface World

Top-left quadrant:

  • Treasure – Wayward Moon: In Pikmin 4 Blossoming Arcadia, the Wayward Moon is a special fruit found high on the left side. It’s heavy, needing 50 Pikmin to carry. Use a strong Oatchi with Buff/Super Buff to make it easier.
  • Treasure – Velvety Dreamdrop: To find the Velvety Dreamdrop in the Distant Tundra, go to the northwest part near Brittany’s fragments. Use Yellow Pikmin to dig it up from the ground.
  • Treasure – Harmonic Synthesizer: The Treasure is near the water, and easy to spot. Go north after crossing the water, by the center. Watch out for Mitite swarms.
  • Treasure – Mooching Vase: It’s a hidden treasure in Pikmin 4 Blossoming Arcadia. Toss Yellow Pikmin on a stump at Northern Beach. If not, take White Pikmin.
  • Treasure – Octoplus: It is found in the Seafloor Resort level. To get it, beat the enemy in the north alcove to reach it. Beware of its vacuum snout to protect your Pikmin.
  • Treasure – Wind Detector: In the North, after Octoplus and Waddlequaff, You need to dig it up to find it.

Top-right quadrant:

  • Treasure – Unfloatable Boat: In the water north of where you begin, you’ll need Blue Pikmin to reach it. Be cautious of a Yellow Wollyhop creature that’s close by.
  • Treasure – Mechanical Harp (Memory Song): To the Northeast, in a place you can only reach through the dark caves, you’ll find this treasure. To get there, you’ll need Yellow Pikmin.
  • Treasure – Shake-a-Smile: You need to go through dark caves to reach an area. Move south and defeat a creature wandering there to discover a treasure.
  • Treasure – Orbital Communication Sphere: In the East part of the map, by the Creeping Chrysanthemum, there’s a hole. Press the paper bag close by to make a shortcut. This shortcut goes straight down to the Treasure below.
  • Onion: In the box’s southern part, you’ll find the Flarlic slightly buried. Use Blue Pikmin to help in the water and make things simpler.

Bottom-left quadrant:

  • Treasure – Sweat-Soaked Blue Bird: To the south of where you begin, there’s a treasure near some Pellet Posies. Look around that area to find it.
  • Treasure – Cupid’s Grenade x 3: To reach the western landing zone, go around from the north and make a bridge. Beware of a Waddlequaff’s suction.
  • Treasure – Brush of Wisdom: Go towards the higher level in the West. Prepare to battle the Burrowing Snagret. Beat it to reach the Treasure.
  • Treasure – Sphere of Fuzzy Feelings: Go north and use Oatchi or Yellow Pikmin to dig out the Treasure. Watch out for the Burrowing Snagret.

Bottom-right quadrant:

  • Treasure – Sticky Jewel: To find this Pikmin 4 Blossoming Arcadia treasure east of the first landing site, go near the blooming mushrooms. There, you’ll see the treasure just lying on the ground.
  • Treasure – Floral Instigator: Find a hidden Treasure near a Bearded Amprat past a breakable wall to the East of the starting point. Go southwest through the gap to discover the Treasure among the flowers.
  • Onion: To get the Yellow Onion, break the dirt wall to reach the upper area.
  • Treasure – Daughter Doll Head: Go east from the starting spot until you find an electrical fence. You’ll need Yellow Pikmin to get past it and continue.
  • Treasure-Searing Acidshock: To find thIS Pikmin 4 Blossoming Arcadia treasure, go near the mushrooms. Build a wall and climb it to reach the top and collect the treasure.

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Pikmin 4 Blossoming Arcadia: Secluded Courtyard

Sublevel 1

  • Treasure – Decorative Goo: On the north side of the western area, there’s a ledge. Go west from the starting point, then north to the alcove. Toss Pikmin to get the treasure.
  • Treasure – Citrus Lamp: Walk around the raised platform and use Yellow Pikmin to make the Treasure fall down.
  • Treasure – Universal Rubber Cutie: After you’ve beaten the enemies close by, make sure to take a little break. Then, go ahead and pick up the treasure.

Sublevel 2

  • Treasure – Talisman of Life (Cherry Blossom): In the Western room, make a pile of sticks tall. Get Yellow Pikmin to dig and find the Treasure. This helps you reach it.
  • Treasure – Time Marker: On the North side, find hiding Anode Dweevil. Go around to open spots, and prepare for spider fights. Beat spiders, and take Treasure to base.
  • Rescue: Go to the back, towards the north. Find the spider with the Castaway and get rid of it.
  • Treasure – Disguised Delicacy: Head south, break the dirt wall and face the electric spider to get the Treasure.

Sublevel 3

  • Treasure – Blonde Imposter: On the Western side of Pikmin 4 Blossoming Arcadia, there’s this Treasure caught in cobwebs. To get to it, use Yellow Pikmin.
  • Onion – Take the long route around to find this Onion in a flower pot. Use Yellow Pikmin to get the job done.
  • Treasure – Astringent Clump: Go east to the high platform. Use Pikmin to make the item heavy. It can be easily reached from the above level.

Sublevel 4

  • Rescue: Defeat the Foolix in the big arena to keep the Castaway safe.
  • Treasure – Expression Hider: You can find the treasure at the back of the room after defeating the boss. Once the boss is defeated, the gate will open, and you can find this treasure as you head toward the exit. Look for it in a corner along the path.

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Pikmin 4 Blossoming Arcadia: Kingdom of Beasts

Sublevel 1

  • Treasure – Flaky Temptation: In the Northwest, beat the Bulborbs using Red Pikmin. Then, make them push away the lava to get the treasure.
  • Treasure – Memory Fragment (Bottom Right): To get this treasure, use two Pikmin, any color, to move the thing inside the broken pot.

Sublevel 2

  • Treasure – Ambiguous Goo: Use Rock Pikmin to break the crystal blocking the path to the Treasure.
  • Treasure – Director of Destiny: After you’ve beaten the nearby enemy, check the corner. Dig out the treasure from the dirt there.

Sublevel 3

  • Rescue: Once you defeat the big Empress Bulbax, the Castaway will show up. So, beat the Empress and you’ll meet the Castaway.
  • Treasure – Disk of Joyous Wisdom x 3: The reward for beating Empress Bulbax will be behind the exit, like a treasure. Look out for it there.

Sublevel 4

  • Treasure – Planetary Rubber Cutie: Guide Oatchi to the northeast. Make Oatchi go through a tube and push a button to open the gates.
  • Treasure – Sweet Stumble-Not: Beat the big Bulborb to make it spit out the Treasures.

Sublevel 5

  • Treasure – Cookie of Prosperity: Go to the tunnel towards the West. Inside, you’ll discover the treasure.
  • Treasure – Crew-Cut Gourd: Head north and dig to uncover the treasure buried underground.
  • Treasure – Chance Totem: At the junction, head south. You’ll see a big Bulborb there. Beat it to find this special Treasure that will appear.

Sublevel 6

  • Rescue: Defeat both Emperor Bulbax creatures here to make the Castaway show up.
  • Treasure – Ancient Statue Head: Go north, over the pond. Oatchi helps Red Pikmin cross. Fight Emperor Bulbax, and get rewarded.

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Pikmin 4 Blossoming Arcadia: Sightless Passage

Sublevel 1

  • Treasure – Micromanagement Station: Find this Pikmin 4 Blossoming Arcadia treasure in the Southeastern room on a ledge. Start at the beginning, go southeast, and you’ll spot it along the wall.
  • Treasure – Masterpiece Plank: To get to the southmost wall, go up a ledge. You’ll need Yellow Pikmin to reach it.
  • Treasure – Hoop of Healing: Place Oatchi by the wall’s northeast side. Guide Oatchi through a tube to get there.
  • Rescue: Go west. In the middle room, make Oatchi use Rush. This will push the Castaway down so they’re safe.
  • Treasure – Heat Sensor: In the Northwestern room, Pyroclasmic Slooches are hidden. Dig to find them.

Pikmin 4 Blossoming Arcadia: Hotshock Canyon, Battle in a Box & Rockaway Cellars

  • Rescue x 3: By finishing the three Dandori Challenges and Battles, you can save two Leaflings and one Castaway. Just complete these tasks to rescue them.
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Sublevel 1

  • Treasure – Memory Fragment (Top… Probably): In the highest part up north, go right from the starting point. There, on a tall platform, you’ll discover a Treasure. To make it simple, use Yellow Pikmin to reach and grab it without any trouble.
  • Treasure – Hoop of Fortune: It’s close to the middle, opposite where you begin.
  • Treasure – Spouse Alert: To get to the West, throw Pikmin from the nearby ledge. This will help you reach your destination.

Sublevel 2

  • Treasure – Sphere of Support: Head west towards the exit. Beat the Firey Blowhog. Toss Pikmin at it to bring treasure down.
  • Treasure – Back-at-the-Beginning Track: Use the winds in the top left to reach the path where the Treasure is.
  • Treasure – Tandem Trainer: Head west from the starting point. Not too far. Look below the last treasure. Pick any Pikmin to get the treasure.

Sublevel 3

  • Treasure – Middle-Management Tank Car: Clear the blocked passage to reach the upper section. Go north, and take 20 Pikmin to lower the platform. It will allow access to this Pikmin 4 Blossoming Arcadia treasure.
  • Treasure – Internal-Clock Measurer: Head toward the middle of the map. Go along the path to the east, passing a bag. Stand near the edge of a ledge and throw Pikmin from there.

Sublevel 4

  • Rescue: Battle the Puffy Blowhog and beat it to save the Castaway.
  • Treasure – Sphere of Family: Head towards the exit for a boss fight. You’ll get a reward. Find the treasure and a castaway there. Bring them both home safely. Keep them safe.

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And that brings us to the end of our Pikmin 4 Blossoming Arcadia guide, including details on every puzzle with its treasures and more.

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