Pikmin 4 Post-Game Content: Interesting things to do after main story completion


There is a lot of interesting stuff included in the Pikmin 4 Post-Game Content to keep players hooked to the game even after the main story completion.

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Pikmin 4 Post-Game Content: Interesting things to do after main story completion

After finishing Pikmin 4’s main story, there is still plenty of enjoyable gameplay. The Pikmin 4 post-game content is substantial, giving players a fresh storyline after the credits. This adds new areas, extra Treasures, and exciting easter eggs. Exploring these new regions and finding hidden items can be just as engaging as the main adventure.

So, if you are looking for more excitement, the Pikmin 4 post-game has you covered with extra hours of fun and discovery. Here are some great things to enjoy once you have finished the main part of the story.

Pikmin 4 Post-Game Ending

After you watch the credits, you’ll see Louie riding away into the sunset. But then, Oatchi gets sick, and the crew has to go back to the planet. They need to find a cure and heal Oatchi

This becomes a new important mission. If you turn off the game after the credits, you’ll miss this one of the important Pikmin 4 post-game content. Your goal is to help Oatchi, but the first cure you made doesn’t work. 

In this new mission, you’ll explore two new areas, find more friends to rescue, collect treasure, and use Pikmin. You can also unlock Onions and Farlics. Once you finish the mission, Oatchi gets better.


Olimar’s Shipwreck Tale

After finishing the main story, you can unlock Olimar’s Shipwreck Tale. To complete this mission item, talk to Olimar at the Rescue Command Post. He’ll tell you about his shipwreck on PNF-404 and how he fixed the SS Dolphin. This new game mode is similar to the main story. You control Olimar and up to 10 Pikmin at a time. Pikmin help with fighting enemies, moving things, and solving puzzles.

Different Pikmin have special abilities. Red ones are strong, breaking tough things. Yellow Pikmin resists electricity. The goal is to find 30 Ship Parts across the game’s four regions. Parts might be in caves or tricky spots. You can get them by fighting foes or doing tasks. You have 15 days to fix the SS Dolphin. If not, you lose.

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The Sage Leaf Trial

The Trial of the Sage Leaf is a special cave in Pikmin 4 called a Dandori Challenge. Inside this cave, there are ten different challenges for players. These challenges are not like the ones in other caves. They might ask you to go to a certain place or find a special item. To access this cave, you need to finish Olimar’s Shipwreck Tale first. 

Once you do that, the cave will show up behind the Onion. Going into the cave will take up one in-game day, and when you come out, the day will end automatically.

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Side Quests

Doing extra tasks called side quests can give you really good Pikmin 4 post-game stuff. They give you a lot of useful things as a prize when you finish them. Even though the main story is important, doing side quests is a great way to get materials and make your Pikmin and tools better. 

Some of the best side quests are the Dandori Battle Training, where you try to do really well in 6 battles. It’s tough, but you get 120 materials for it. Another good one is the Appraisal Frenzy quest, which gives you a huge 250 materials as a reward. So, once you’ve accomplished this, you can truly say that you’ve finished Pikmin 4.

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Collecting Every Rescue, Onion, and Treasure

After you finish playing Pikmin 4, you might want to go back to the places you’ve explored before. By doing certain tasks there, you can get special skills and items. For example, you can get Oatchi’s Infinite Rush skill and the Plucking Whistle Lab item as part of your Pikmin 4 post-game exploration. 

In the main stages and the bonus ones, you can find 45 castaways, 22 Onions and Flarlics, and over 200 treasures. So, there’s a lot to do even after you’ve finished the main game.

It’s really cool to find out that if you want to do all the extra tasks in Pikmin 4, the time you spend playing can almost double, going up to around 15 to 17 hours. Unlike the previous games, there’s no rush in Pikmin 4, so you can take your time without any hurry, and enjoy lots of Pikmin 4 post-game content

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