Pikmin 4 Completion Rewards: Easy guide to get the rewards in Pikmin 4


Unlocking Pikmin 4 completion rewards, including Oatchi’s legendary skill “Infinite Rush,” Lineup Trumpet, and Plucking Whistle, involves mastering the game’s mechanics and completing a few missions.

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Pikmin 4 Completion Rewards: Easy guide to get the rewards in Pikmin 4

In Pikmin 4, the main goal is to guide colorful creatures to achieve big tasks. You’ll find Treasures, rescue Castaways, and uncover Onions. And after finishing the main story in Trial of the Sage Leaf and completing side missions, you earn completion rewards.

These Pikmin 4 Completion rewards are like prizes for your efforts. They come as a bonus for your hard work and can include special items or extra features. So, when you’ve finished the main story and tackled side missions, you’ll get these cool rewards to make your Pikmin adventure even more exciting. Hence, to make things easier for you, here is our guide on all Pikmin 4 completion rewards and how to get them.

All Pikmin 4 Completion Rewards

When players rescue more Castaways, Rescue Command becomes more useful. The Lab gets unlocked, giving access to new Gear and Items. Captain Shepherd trains Oatchi too. Completing certain quest lines also brings rewards, but only if the quest giver is saved.

Below we have detailed all the Pikmin 4 Completion rewards and the ways to unlock or get these rewards.


Pikmin 4 Completion Reward: Oatchi Legendary Skill, Infinite Rush

Let’s begin with the first and most important Pikmin 4 completion reward, Oatchi Legendary Skill.

To unlock the Oatchi Legendary skill, start off with Pup drives, the special coins used as currency to upgrade Oatchi’s abilities. 

Players earn pup drives by rescuing Castaways, found through different game characters. Each rescued Castaway grants a Pup Drive. This includes people above and below ground, captives of boss enemies, and Leaflings. Rescuing these transformed folks through Dandori Battles and Challenges frees them and grants drive. 

After rescuing the scientist Russ, Captain Shepherd helps Oatchi learn skills for various tasks at the Rescue Command. Oatchi can learn 13 skills, plus an extra Legendary Skill after mastering others. These skills make Oatchi an amazing ally. Once all skills are learned, Oatchi gains the legendary Infinite Rush. This skill provides unlimited stamina for non-stop sprinting in all directions, making exploration smoother.

So, basically, you can unlock Infinite Rush in Pikmin 4 by mastering Oatchi’s 13 skills through Shepherd’s training and collecting 8 pup drives.

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Pikmin 4 Completion Reward: Lineup Trumpet

The Lineup Trumpet is your Pikmin 4 completion reward for finishing the Music of a Past Culture 3 task.

Gathering all the Soulful Musician treasures gets you this gear. With it, your Pikmin can be directed in a handy line. The trumpet’s sound is captivating, making you want to line up in formation.

Here are some musical treasures you can find in the trumpet lineup with their sparkluim values and location.

TreasureSparklium ValueLocation
Ambiguous Hostel150Serene Shores (Surface)
Amplified Amplifier180Below-Grade Discotheque (Underground)
Emperor Whistle80Serene Shores (Surface)
Harmonic Synthesizer110Seafloor Resort (Underground)
Harmonic Synthesizer (Surface)110Blossoming Arcadia (Surface)
Mechanical Harp (Lullabies)150Cavern for a King (Underground)
Mechanical Harp (Memory Song)150Blossoming Arcadia (Surface)
Mechanical Harp (Windmills)150Hero’s Hideaway (Surface)
Mega Horn250Subterranean Swarm (Underground)
Path Creator100Rescue Command Post (Surface)
Shake-a-Smile180Blossoming Arcadia (Surface)
Spouse Alert70Drafty Gallery (Underground)
Time Marker180Secluded Courtyard (Underground)
Wind Detector110Blossoming Arcadia (Surface)

To use the Lineup Trumpet, select it from the Gear and Skills menu. Its effects work automatically once obtained. To remove it, press + for the Tablet Menu, and go to the Gear and Skills section.

Players may simply direct the Pikmin by holding ZL and controlling the right stick while using the Lineup Trumpet to tell them to form a line and swarm.

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Pikmin 4 Completion Reward: Plucking Whistle

Plucking, also called picking, means lifting Pikmin sprouts from the ground. When Pikmin seeds drop from an Onion, they land and get buried. This grows into a Pikmin sprout that leaders can then pluck.

To pick a Pikmin, bring your leader close to a Pikmin sprout and press the right button. The leader will crouch and grab the sprout. Pull a bit, and the Pikmin will come out. The Plucking Whistle tool, another Pikmin 4 completion reward helps too. It makes all Pikmin sprouts pop up, helpful for challenges and battles. 

After the mission “An Ode to Science,” players can buy the Plucking Whistle from Russ at the Lab for 240 Raw Materials. You need to buy all 33 gear from him for this mission.

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And that is all that is there to our guide on Pikmin 4 Completion Rewards.

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