Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Grafaiai: evolution, type, new teasers, and Gen 9 leaks


Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Grafaiai is the new addition to the Gen 9 pokemon roster, and the devs have already shared a few details about this new ‘mon.

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Let us ask you a question. Do you think lemurs are interesting animals? Probably not. Well, the latest leaks about a new Pokèmon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will definitely change that opinion.

If you head over to Twitter and scroll down through Pokèmon’s official account, you would see a series of documentary-style teaser tweets that feature Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Grafaiai, a new Poison/Normal-type Pokèmon that is much like a lemur in appearance.

Don’t be tricked by its small size though. This guy is not a cute fuzzball. The patterns that it paints over trees using its saliva might look like graffiti, hence the name, but they are actually poison and their function is to draw in Bug-type Pokèmon who will be paralyzed upon contact with the “paint”. As dawn spreads its light over the horizon, Grafaiai comes back to take its next meal.

The hues of that toxic secretion of Grafaiai will change depending on its last meal. In battle, this is a formidable weapon, and it can do more damage when danger is nigh. In this post, we will be discussing all that the Internet has to say about this little, albeit dangerous, Pokèmon.

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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Grafaiai’s Pokèmon type

Grafaiai has dual ancestry, so to speak. He’s a Normal/Poison-type Pokèmon. Note that such a combination has never been seen before in a Pokèmon title. That means we don’t have much information about how this creature performs in battle.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Grafaiai evolution

As of yet, we have no information about whether Grafaiai is capable of evolving into another Pokèmon.

However, some leaks point to the fact that Grafaiai itself is an evolved form, meaning that before it was a baby from whence it came. You can check these leaks out on Makio.it, which has an entire webpage dedicated to the Pokèdex of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, showcasing Grafaiai’s evolution.

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How to get Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Grafaiai

Until the title itself releases, we have little clue as to how you would go about acquiring Grafaiai. However, a general assumption could be made.

The teasers featuring this Pokèmon all feature a forest background. So we can say that this little lemur will be found in the forest areas in the Paldea region. One more assumption we would venture is that Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Grafaiai will be available only during the night, so you will have to reset your biological clock to go looking for this one.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Grafaiai teasers

As we mentioned, the teasers for Grafaiai came from the official Pokèmon Twitter account. The very first one that the developers posted was some images of blotches of paint thrown on rocks.

The tweet says that a Paldean photographer took these pictures. However, they left us hanging about the question of their origin and meaning.

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Moving on to the second Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Grafaiai teaser, we get to see more markings, this time on trees, and also a silhouette of a fleeing animal, which, as the tweet reveals, is none other than a Pokèmon called Grafaiai, who is also the culprit of these splotches.

Then comes the third teaser. The developers have a different approach with this one, like a documentary-style video. A narrator is heard talking about this Pokèmon and explaining that the color of the paint that Grafaiai chooses to mark with depends on what it has eaten.

And that is where we are at the moment in the revelation of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Grafaiai. Make sure you keep tabs on the official Twitter account of Pokèmon for further news on this guy. He is definitely going to be a tricky one to tame.

We will update you with the new information as soon as it comes out, so keep following Gamevro.


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