Remnant 2 Council Chamber: Guide to the dungeon, secrets, and puzzles


Explore the mysterious Remnant 2 Council Chamber as we share a thorough guide to exploring its secrets, finding hidden riddles, and overcoming its difficulties.

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Remnant 2 Council Chamber: Guide to the dungeon, secrets, and puzzles

Hidden away in the dark crevices of Losomn lies the Council Chamber. Among the many dungeons, the Remnant 2 Council Chamber is an interesting one. As you wander the land of Losomn, you meet the Fae Council and there are many options available to you. In this article, we see what courses can be pursued here and the puzzles and secrets lurking in the Remnant 2 Council Chamber.

Remnant 2 Council Chamber dungeon guide

The Fae Council event happens at the center of the Council Chamber dungeon. As the story goes, you accuse one member of the Council of abetting Remnant 2’s Imposter. Two options emerge at this point and both lead to different rewards. Let’s see what they are.

Accusing the correct member with evidence

You can accuse the guilty council member in Remnant 2 Council Chamber, but you’d need to produce some evidence for that. To acquire evidence, first, look for a black mirror in the Council Chamber map. This transports you to the Council Tribunal. Locate a room on the map that is just like the one where the Fae Council met. Within this room is a puzzle waiting to be solved.

To solve the puzzle in Remnant 2 Council Chamber, you walk across the glass and reach the bases of the council member’s chairs. These have keys within them, which you have to collect by interacting with them. Looking through the glass floor to the other side, you will notice similar seats. These are inaccessible but they do have keys embedded within them as well. Just replace the collect keys in the Council Tribunal seats matching with those keys on the other side.


Having done this, the huge door behind the seats is unlocked. Enter through this door and you come upon the petrified One True King. Do a little gymnastics and climb up to the rear of this statue’s head. There you find the Assassin’s Dagger. Extract it from the One True King and you’ve got your evidence. The Dagger reveals the sigil of the guilty council member of the Remnant 2 Council Chamber. If you examine the Dagger, you can spot this by looking at the end of its hilt.

With the evidence secure, you can reach back to the Fae Council and Council Chamber. Once there, you accuse the correct member and produce the Assassin’s Dagger as evidence. This completes the quest and you are rewarded the melee weapon Ornate Blade.

Accusing the wrong member and refusing to provide evidence

If you choose to go the other way with the Fae Council and accuse the wrong member or refuse to provide evidence, a fight with the council ensues. Win this battle and get the Fae Protector Signet. This ring boosts Max Health by 10 and decreases Encumbrance by 5.

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Remnant 2 Council Chamber’s puzzles and secrets

Some secrets and puzzles sometimes appear in the Remnant 2 Council Chamber, but their appearance is not guaranteed. Sometimes they appear on other maps in Losomn. Here they are.

Fae Statues with Plain Ribbon

You could chance upon the Plain Ribbon on a corpse inside the Council Chamber. Take it and place it on the statue of two Faes holding hands. Then exit the dungeon, enter again, and make your way to the statue. Now you can retrieve the Golden Ribbon. This is an amulet that boosts Mod damage and provides haste upon Mod activation.

Hidden chamber

The Remnant 2 Council Chamber sometimes hosts a secret room with a statue on a dias and paintings on all the walls. A painting leaning on the right-side wall hides a path to the Executioner boss. Destroy that painting, reach the boss, defeat the boss, and claim the Steadfast Mutator, which prevents melee strikes from getting interrupted and decreases damage by 10%. On the way back, claim the melee weapon Ornate Flail and the Sapphire Dreamstone ring.

Torch flame puzzle

This puzzle provides you will two sets of five torches each. The aim is to make the color of all the flames the same, either all white or all blue. Shoot the torch to change the color of the flame, but keep in mind that shooting one torch changes the color of the adjacent torches too.

Turn all the torches blue and receive the Black Pawn Stamp ring which decreases Cooldowns of Skills by 10%. Turn all the torches white and get the White Pawn Stamp ring, which decreases Mod Power requirements by 10%.

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And that is all that you need to know about Remnant 2 Council Chamber, hope our guide helps you clear the dungeon, its secrets, and puzzles.

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