Remnant 2 Lemark District: Easy guide to the clock tower puzzle


Use our comprehensive guide on Remnant 2 Lemark District to navigate the intricate clock tower puzzle within Remnant 2’s Lemark District with ease.

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Remnant 2 Lemark District: Easy guide to the clock tower puzzle

The Remnant 2 Lemark District hides many secrets even if that might not seem to be the case on the surface. And one such secretive element is the clock tower puzzle.

Let us see how we can go about solving the Remnant 2 Lemark District clock tower puzzle.

Remnant 2 Lemark District

If you have been paying attention in Losomn, you’d have stumbled upon the Lemark District, a dilapidated and destroyed region belonging to the Dran city. And had you ventured further in, you’d have noticed an old clockmaker’s workshop. Maybe you thought it was a trifling matter and paid it no mind. But the twist is, the workshop is connected to the Hewdas Clock Tower, a structure of much significance in Losomn.

You might have climbed the Hewdas Clock Tower and would have been dismayed to learn that no reward lay hidden there. But rest assured that there is a reward, but the clock tower is only one piece of the puzzle. The other piece is the Lemark District itself.


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Remnant 2 Lemark District: How to solve the clock tower puzzle

In Remnant 2 Lemark District, explore the clockmaker’s workshop and you will find an interactable clock among the many clocks on the table. Touch and the clock’s face fills up the screen. You can move the individual arms around and the objective here is to arrange them in a certain way. For this, you have to make your way to the Hewdas Clock.

The Hewdas Clock sometimes appears in the Morrow Parish, Brocwythe Quarter, or Forsaken Quarter. Once you have located Hewdas Clock Tower, look at the clock, preferably e a scope, and read the arrangement of the arms of the clock. Then, return to the Lemark District. Arrange the arms of the clock here the same as what you saw on the Hewdas Clock. This arrangement will probably differ in each playthrough, so you have no choice but to go check yourself.

The way these clocks have been designed, it is not easy to read them. Dran clocks have only eight hours and each hour is split into four-minute sections. Now, it could happen in your playthrough that the Hewdas Clock is too vague to make out. In this case, there is a crude approach you can follow. And that is to spam the Confirm button while randomly moving the hands of the clock around until you get the right combination.

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But there’s more to the Remnant 2 Lemark District clock tower puzzle. Once you have the right combination of the hands in the clock, make your way to the Hewdas Clock Tower. Climb up to the very top of the tower. You can start at the base and use the ledges to scale the tower. A caveat: the stone gargoyles you encounter are Winged Fae and they can throw you off the ledge straight to your death if you are not careful.

Once you are at the very top, flip the level near the elevator and power up the clock tower. You will also have to turn the wheel. When you have done this, an item falls by the hole in the wall. This is the Broken Timepiece. You can give this to McCabe in Ward 13 and return, you will receive the enemy-freezing Time Lapse mod.

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That’s how you crack the Remnant 2 Lemark District clock tower puzzle. The prize may not seem much to you, but if you are of a collector’s inclination, then need to have this mod.

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