Remnant 2 Hatchery Dungeon: easy guide to unlock Hatchery Locked Door


With the help of our guide learn how to unlock the Hatchery Locked Door, and set off on an exciting adventure in Remnant 2 Hatchery Dungeon, revealing hidden mysteries and earning significant rewards along the way.

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Remnant 2 Hatchery Dungeon: easy guide to unlock Hatchery Locked Door

Contain within the sinister Remnant 2 Hatchery dungeon is the Hatchery locked Door. To open this door, players need to find certain items. Unlocking this uncanny passage fetches great rewards and battles.

In this article, you’ll find everything you need to know to enter this mysterious doorway in Remnant 2 Hatchery Dungeon.

How to Unlock Hatchery Locked Door

To unlock Hatchery Locked Door, there are two major segments:

  • Hatchery Dungeon
  • The Progeny Mini-Boss

Players must locate the Aerary Glyph, which acts as a key and can be found adjacent to a corpse in order to unlock the Hatchery Locked door. In Remnant 2, the Aerary Glyph, a quest item necessary for advancement, can be found as a random drop in two places: N’Erud – The Hatchery and The Dark Conduit.

Battles with Robot Grunts and The Progeny mini-boss follow unlocking the door, and successful completion can net players the Crisis Ring reward.


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Remnant 2 Hatchery Dungeon

Situated in N’erud, in the eastern part of the Phantom Wasteland, the Remnant 2 Hatchery dungeon is a storage unit inundated with parasites. In it resides the passageway to the second part of N’erud’s storyline.

Here’s how to find this dungeon.

Locating Remnant 2 Hatchery Dungeon

The Hatchery dungeon appears regularly on the eastern side of the Phantom Wasteland in N’erud. Finding it a bit difficult as the map layouts are trickier to read, but keep at it even if you don’t find it in the first go.

Remember to enter through the eastern side of Phantom’s Wasteland as this is crucial in gaining access to the second Seeker’s Key, required for unlocking the Hatchery locked Door. Search the quarry-like area or try going down an elevator.

This is the access point to the second part of Remnant 2 Hatchery Dungeon.

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Advancing through the Hatchery dungeon

In the Remnant 2 Hatchery dungeon, you come upon a locked door that doesn’t open even on knocking. Unlocking this Glyph door is only possible through the Aerary Glyph (this is found in that region itself, besides a downed body).

This is a Quest Item that is required for special quests, locating some hidden areas, and progressing through the main storyline as well. The Aerary Glyph can be obtained in either this location or The Dark Condiut (both located in N’erud).

Once through the door, you face Robot Grunts and The Progeny, defeating who grants the opportunity to acquire the Crisis Ring.

There is another locked door here with a purple icon. To go through, blow up the tank near the broken cables from the room above. Access the room through the floor of the nearby side room.

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The Progeny Mini-Boss

Through the Glyph Door with the help of the Aerary Glyph, you come face-to-face with The Progeny mini-boss, a steroid version of the Slug Parasite. What it lacks in attacks, it makes up for in resistance and damage. Robot Grunts will also be creeping through the arena’s dark regions, so watch out.

Invasion, combined with perfect shots at The Progeny’s weak spot, is the name of the game here.

The Melee Lunge is wind-up combined with a quick tentacle thrust. Wait for the wind-up to finish, then dodge.

Heralded by a clear roar, the Melee Sweep is a horizontal sweep attack that covers a short yet broad area. Dodge backward here.

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The final phase of The Progeny Mini-Boss

Then comes the deadly Cross Claws sequence. The Progeny will stand up, exposing its belly. Then swiftly, it will draw a short-range slashing attack. This attack is short-range, so keep your distance or dodge quickly. A quick tip: Focus on the parasite’s head; do not go for the belly for this doesn’t yield bonus damage.

Defeat the Progeny to obtain these rewards:

  • Iron
  • Scrap
  • Handgun ammo
  • Long Gun ammo
  • Disengage Mutator

The Remnant 2 Hatchery dungeon is an important part of not just N’erud, but of the main storyline of the game itself. In this respect, the Aerary Glyph parts an important role as a Quest Item.

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Through this dungeon that is full of puzzles and tricks that keep you on your toes, you will unlock countless rewards, fight many opponents, and most importantly, have a lot of fun. Make sure you do not miss out on this arc. Even if you do not find the Remnant 2 Hatchery dungeon in your first playthrough, keep searching. You will chance upon it sooner or later.

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