Project L: release date, characters roster, exciting gameplay mechanics, and more


Prepare to enter the ring of battle as Riot Games’ highly anticipated fighting game Project L is about to astound players with its release date, interesting cast of characters and fun gameplay mechanics.

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Project L: release date, characters roster, gameplay mechanics, and more

Riot Games, the renowned developer of League of Legends, is expanding its gaming universe with “Project L,” an upcoming fighting game set in the League of Legends world.

Similar in design to popular 2D fighters like Guilty Gear, Tekkén, and Street Fighter, Project L aims to become a major contender in the fighting game scene. While details about the game are still scarce, here’s what we have detailed what we know so far about Riot Games’ Project L and what players can look forward to.

Project L Release Date and Character Roster

As of now, the official Project L release date has not been announced. However, fans shouldn’t expect to get their hands on the game until at least 2023, with a potential launch window extending to 2024.

Despite the wait, a version of the game was showcased at EVO 2023, teasing fans with a glimpse of the game’s potential gameplay.

Regarding the Project L character roster, Riot Games has revealed six champions from the League of Legends universe who will be part of the new game:

  • Ahri
  • Darius
  • Ekko
  • Illaoi
  • Jinx
  • Yasuo

These initial fighters offer a diverse range of playstyles, with more champions expected to join the roster upon the game’s official release. The inclusion of popular champions like Yasuo ensures a thrilling experience for players who are familiar with their League of Legends abilities and lore.

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Project L Gameplay Mechanics

Offense and Defense

Project L’s base gameplay mechanics for offensive maneuvers align with traditional fighting games, featuring a mix of highs, mids, and lows that enable players to execute combos and juggle opponents.

Each character possesses a special button dedicated to a unique mechanic in their kit, akin to Guilty Gear Strive. Additionally, champions have access to a launcher and anti-air attacks, along with other uniform offensive options.

On the defensive side, Project L offers unique defensive maneuvers that reward players for reading their opponents. The game introduces “Push Block” and “Retreating Guard” as meter-expending defensive options that help create or close the space between players. Furthermore, all characters possess the ability to parry, allowing them to counter enemy attacks at the cost of one meter. Missing the parry window exposes players to vulnerabilities, creating a high-risk, high-reward dynamic.

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Tag Mechanics and the Fuse System

Project L embraces tag-team gameplay, allowing two players to form a team and control individual champions. Teammates can coordinate combos and create opportunities for each other, requiring strategic communication and coordination to achieve victory. The “Assists” mechanic enables quick calls for help or swapping characters to create new combos.

The game’s “Fuse System” offers players four distinct options that significantly alter tag partner interactions:

  • Fury: Grants bonus damage and a special dash cancel when health falls below 40%.
  • Freestyle: Allows two consecutive Handshake Tags in one sequence.
  • Double Down: Combines the ultimate abilities of both champions.
  • 2X Assist: Enables the partner to use two assist options consecutively.

The Fuse System opens up a wide range of additional combo possibilities, encouraging players to experiment and strategize with different combinations.

RiotDirect Netcode

Riot Games will employ their RiotDirect netcode, which has proven effective in reducing ping in games like Valorant and League of Legends. By implementing elements of rollback netcode, Project L aims to provide a smooth and responsive online experience for players.

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Project L Trailers and Teasers

Project L was first revealed during Riot’s League of Legends 10th anniversary stream in October 2019. Game director Tom Cannon provided a brief glimpse of the game’s prototyped gameplay, sparking excitement among fans. Two years later, during the RiotX Arcane event in November 2021, players were treated to an evolved version of the game, showcasing some of its mechanics.

The trailers and teasers hint at Project L being a 2.5D “assist-based” fighting game, with 3D character models fighting on a horizontal 2D plane. The game will feature tag-team mechanics, allowing players to switch between two different champions, enabling seamless and devastating combos. The foundation of these mechanics emphasizes strategic team building and on-the-fly decision-making, alongside solid fighting fundamentals.

In conclusion, Project L holds immense promise as Riot Games’ foray into the fighting game genre. While players await the official release, Riot’s dedication to refining the next game is evident in the early builds.

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