Pikmin 4 Oatchi Rescue Pup Skills: every level skill and ways to unlock


Learn every Pikmin 4 Oatchi Rescue Pup skill and use our guide to learn how to unlock and use the greatest abilities for a more successful rescue operation.

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Pikmin 4 Oatchi Rescue Pup Skills: every level skill and ways to unlock

In Pikmin 4, the Oatchi rescue pup will be your faithful companion on a foreign planet. It helps you in your challenging rescue mission alongside Captain Shepherd.

With 35 skills to unlock, Oatchi can destroy obstacles, swim, attack enemies, and more. By investing Pup Drive points wisely, you can enhance Oatchi’s abilities, making your exploration easier as the challenges increase. This guide will help you discover the most beneficial Oatchi Rescue Pup Skills, ensuring a smoother and more successful adventure in the game. So, choose wisely, and let Oatchi become the ultimate partner in your rescue quest.

How to Unlock Oatchi Rescue Pup Skill Upgrades

You can upgrade Oatchi Rescue Pup skills at the Rescue Command Post by speaking to Shepherd. These upgrades require Pup Drive, which is obtained through various in-game activities. Pup Drive amounts differ for each skill and are non-refundable once used.

Most Oatchi Rescue Pup skills have three levels, and Pup Drive can be used on the following skills: 


1. Buff

Oatchi can carry items by biting and dragging them alone or with Pikmin’s help. His strength can be boosted with the Buff skill. Increasing the Buff level allows Oatchi to carry or push more weight, making him even more helpful during your rescue mission in Pikmin 4.

  • At level 1, he’s as strong as 3 Pikmin
  • level 2 makes him as strong as 5 Pikmin
  • level 3, he becomes as strong as 10 Pikmin.

2. Super Buff 

Super Buff unlocks after Buff reaches level 3. It’s like Buff but with larger increments for more powerful effects.

  • At Super Buff level 1, it grants the strength of 20 Pikmin.
  • At Super Buff level 2, it grants the strength of 30 Pikmin.
  • At Super Buff level 3, it grants the incredible strength of 100 Pikmin.

In simple terms, Super Buff makes Oatchi much stronger, allowing him to carry and lift more Pikmin at higher levels. 

3. Swallow

The Swallow skill in Pikmin 4 lets Oatchi eat an object, carry it, and spit it out later. Oatchi can do this with small things from the start, but with the skill, he can swallow bigger objects for faster transport. His movement speed doesn’t change, and Olimar teaches this skill after you rescue him and reach Super Buff level 3.

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4. Chomp

Chomp is Oatchi’s main attack. When directed, he runs and bites enemies on command. There are three levels of Chomp:

  • Level 1: Oatchi’s weak chomp can defeat a Bulborb Larva in one hit.
  • Level 2: Oatchi’s strong chomp takes two hits to defeat a Dwarf Bulborb.
  • Level 3: Oatchi’s very strong chomp can defeat a Pellet Posy in one hit.

5. Big Chomp

Big Chomp is an Oatchi Rescue Pup skill that unlocks at level 3. It lets Oatchi bite enemies while jumping in the air. 

  • At level 1, Oatchi can defeat a Shearwig with one mid-air chomp. 
  • At level 2, it can defeat a Dwarf Bulborb in one hit. 
  • And at level 3, Oatchi’s bite becomes powerful enough to defeat a Fiery Blowhog in 8-9 hits. 

This skill makes Oatchi a formidable airborne attacker during your rescue mission in Pikmin 4.

6. Rush

The Rush skill allows Oatchi to quickly charge forward. It helps to attack enemies or break through obstacles. He can charge his rush in three levels:

  • Rush Level 1: Takes about 3 seconds to charge.
  • Rush Level 2: Takes about 2 seconds to charge.
  • Rush Level 3: The rush becomes stronger, able to defeat some creatures directly.

7. Mega Rush

Mega Rush is an upgraded skill for Rush, the ability that becomes available at level 3. With Mega Rush:

  • Level 1: Rush can stun big creatures when it hits them and charges faster.
  • Level 2: Rush deals more impact damage, about half of a Joustmite’s health.
  • Level 3: Rush’s stun lasts longer, and it becomes even stronger and charges faster.

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8. Doggy Paddle

Oatchi learns to swim using a Doggy Paddle. 

At first, he swims slowly (level 1), but after two in-game days or when he grows up, he becomes faster (level 2). 

Later, at level 3, Oatchi can dive, attack underwater enemies, carry objects underwater, and overcome obstacles in the water. 

This skill lets you and any Pikmin riding Oatchi stay on his back while he crosses water, making it easier to explore and conquer challenges on your rescue mission.

9. Jump

This Oatchi Rescue Pup skill allows the friendly dog to help you and your Pikmin get over small ledges that you can’t cross alone. It becomes available the day after rescuing Russ.

10. Pluck

Pluck is a skill that lets Oatchi pick Pikmin sprouts. As Oatchi’s Pluck level increases, he can pluck the sprouts faster and more efficiently. 

  • Level 1 allows him to pluck Pikmin sprouts
  • Level 2 makes him do it faster than Level 1
  • Level 3 lets him pluck even faster than both levels. 

With this skill, Oatchi can help gather Pikmin quickly and become an essential companion in your rescue mission.

11. Dig

Oatchi can learn the skill “Dig” to help uncover objects like dirt-blocking caves, buried treasures, and dirt mounds. 

  • At Dig level 1, Oatchi gains the ability to dig
  • At Dig level 2, Oatchi’s digging speed improves
  • And at Dig level 3, Oatchi becomes even faster than a Yellow Pikmin at digging

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12. Heal

Heal is an Oatchi Rescue Pup skill that lets the dog automatically recover his health over time. You can upgrade it to level 2 and level 3, making him heal faster each time.

13. Command

In the first level of Command, Oatchi can use his sense of smell to help find Castaways, treasure, and rare Pikmin. At level 2, he can follow commands to go back to the base, go to a certain place, or come to the player. At the highest level, Oatchi can gather Pikmin and bring them to where the player is.

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Pikmin 4 Oatchi Rescue Pup Ultimate Skill

The legendary skill, Infinite Rush, gives Oatchi unlimited energy. He can keep using Rush without getting tired. This skill makes exploring faster and helps Oatchi defeat weaker enemies easily.

To get this Oatchi Rescue Pup skill, you must unlock all of Oatchi’s other skills first. Once you do that, talk to Captain Shepherd at the Rescue Command Post, and she will teach Oatchi Infinite Rush for 8 Pup Drives. It’s a powerful reward that will make your adventure even more exciting and efficient.

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