Pikmin 4 Obstacles: Easy guide to solve all obstacles in Pikmin 4


Players will come across various Pikmin 4 obstacles that require strategic solutions to overcome, and understanding how to navigate and solve these hurdles is crucial for progress in the game.

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Pikmin 4 Obstacles: Easy guide to solve all obstacles in Pikmin 4

In Pikmin, obstacles present fascinating challenges for players. These interactive objects obstruct the path of the adorable Pikmin and their leaders. However, overcoming these hurdles is part of the thrilling adventure.

Some Pikmin 4 obstacles yield to the relentless attack of Pikmin, while others require clever tool utilization. Surprisingly, a few barriers may even turn into useful aids once cleared, showcasing the game’s innovative twist. This article explores the delightful strategies and creative thinking needed to navigate through the captivating world of Pikmin and tips on how to solve all Pikmin 4 obstacles.

How to Solve All Pikmin 4 Obstacles

The list of challenges aka Pikmin 4 obstacles is quite long and we might miss a few, however, the post below covers all the Pikmin 4 obstacles that we have come across so far.

1. Cardboard Box

Cardboard boxes are in the way in some places, and we need to move them. We should use and command a few Pikmin to push them aside.

2. Dirt Wall

Dirt Walls in Pikmin serve as basic barriers made of dirt, akin to Bramble Walls. Any Pikmin can break it, but Rock Pikmin are less effective. It requires a single Bomb Rock to demolish. For faster destruction, Pikmin can latch onto the wall, but they’ll fall off as layers crumble. Notably, the tutorial’s Dirt Wall in Pikmin 3 is easier to dismantle than later ones.


3. Pottery

It’s a pretty simple Pikmin 4 obstacle. Just command Oatchi to Rush and break them.

4. Electric Gate

In Pikmin 4, there are special walls that only Yellow Pikmin can break. Gates have electricity on them, so use Yellow Pikmin to break the electric gates.

5. Conveyor Belt

Conveyor Belts are big metal belts in Clockwork Chasm. They move in one direction all the time. Pikmin and Captains go faster if they walk with the belt and slower if they go against it. Conveyor Switches change the belt’s direction.

6. Crystal Wall

In Pikmin 4, there are walls made of glass and a big metal clamp. Only Rock Pikmin can break them. The number of hits needed to destroy them varies, with some taking 20 hits and others more than 35.

7. Cave Entrance, Onion, and Buried Treasure

Tell Oatchi or Pikmin to dig these Pikmin 4 obstacles by giving them a command. If you want them to dig quickly and effectively, it’s best to use Yellow Pikmin, as they are really good at digging.

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8. Geysers

Use special Pikmin: Red for Fire, Blue for Water, Yellow for Electric, White for Poison. They can’t be hurt by those elements.

9. Ice Wall

Utilize your Ice Pikmin to dismantle the gate.

10. Metal Bridge

Jump to another hill, and throw Pikmin at the bar to lower the bridge.

11. Hydro Jelly

Use Ice Pikmin to freeze Hydro Jelly, you can attack with different Pikmin types to destroy it.

12. Broken Bridge

Use Pikmin to collect raw materials and turn them into clay on S.S. Beagle. Now use this clay to solve this Pikmin 4 obstacle and fix bridges.

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13. Mud

Use Ice Pikmin to freeze deep mud or use Winged Pikmin to bypass it. Avoid slowdowns in light mud with Gunk Busters.

14. High Ledges

Certain ledges are too tall for regular Pikmin but can be reached by Yellow Pikmin or Winged Pikmin due to their abilities.

15. Paper Bags

You can either push paper bags off a ledge or flatten them with Pikmin.

16. Potted Plant

Use Oatchi or Pikmin to move the plant. Toss more Pikmin for quicker pulling.

17. Rope

Toss Pikmin at the rope to drag it.

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18. Broken Wall

Build the wall using basic raw materials, then climb up.

19. Concrete Wall

Use Bomb rock to destroy the wall. The Bomb Rock is a helpful item for exploring. It explodes strongly, beating enemies and breaking tough concrete walls for new places. It’s also great for winning battles and finding hidden spots.

20. Poison Mushroom

Use White Pikmin or Oatchi with Sniff Saver to attack. They are strong.

21. Lava

Throw Red Pikmin on lava to stop the fire and cross this Pikmin 4 obstacle.

22. Metal Fence

Operate switches to lower shiny fences; they obstruct passage. Rusty, brown fences are immovable, allowing only you and Pikmin to pass.

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23. Water Sprinklers

Deactivate the sprinklers by completing a nearby clay valve. Use Pikmin to turn it off and halt the water flow.

24. Straw Wall

Use Red Pikmin to transport fire starters from bonfire altars and ignite straw.

25. Spider Web

Winged Pikmin stuck in spider webs need help. Use your Pikmin’s weight to lower the trapped treasure. This will free the winged Pikmin and get the treasure back.

26. Tunnel

In the Distant Tundra and Tropical Wilds areas, there are patches of soil among rocks. These can be tunneled through to create shortcuts. Yellow Pikmin are the quickest at digging these tunnels, making the process faster.

27. Sticky Mold

Use Pikmin to remove mushrooms. Wear Gunk Busters to move freely across without slowing down.

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28. Water

Freeze water with Ice Pikmin, swim with Blue Pikmin or Oatchi and fly over with Winged Pikmin.

And that covers all the Pikmin 4 obstacles for us. We hope our guide helps you to have a smooth ad obstacle-free gameplay experience.

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