Pikmin 4: How to Get Yellow Onion and Blue Onion in Sun-Speckled Terrace easily


Discover the secrets of Sun-Speckled Terrace and learn how to easily obtain the Yellow Onion and Blue Onion in Pikmin 4, making your Pikmin journey even more fruitful and enjoyable.

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Pikmin 4: How to Get Yellow and Blue Onion in Sun-Speckled Terrace easily

As you know, Pikmin 4 introduces nine valuable Pikmin types to aid players, including two new unique variations. Alongside these newcomers, familiar Pikmin from previous games makes a return, offering their diverse abilities to assist players in their adventures. The game offers a diverse and powerful team of Pikmin for players to utilize.

Yellow Pikmin are as valuable as other types in Pikmin 4 and are found early on, alongside Red and Blue. To produce more, the corresponding onion must be recovered. Here in this blog post, we will discuss how to unlock Yellow Pikmin. So get ready to discover this information.

How To Unlock Yellow Pikmin

Yellow Pikmin are easily found in Pikmin 4’s Sun-Speckled Terrace, leading players to the Crackling Cauldron cave near the Rugged Scaffold base. However, the cave entrance is half-buried, requiring Pikmin to dig it up.

Inside, players get yellow Pikmin but can’t reproduce them without the Yellow Onion. 


How to Get the Yellow Onion in Sun-Speckled Terrace

To find the Yellow Onion, players utilize the new Pikmin to destroy an electric fence, granting access to the third base.

By demolishing a bag found in the nearby area, the Yellow Onion is uncovered, allowing players to produce more Yellow Pikmin.

Players can merge the discovered Yellow Pikmin with the Red Onion at their base to produce more of these valuable creatures, eliminating the worry of losing them. 

Yellow Pikmin serve multiple purposes, including their speedy digging and lighter weight for increased throwing distance, enabling strategic gameplay. They are also immune to electricity, making them crucial for disabling electric fences and allowing further map exploration. 

With this new ability, players can progress and uncover the captivating story that awaits them in Pikmin 4.

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How to Get the Blue Onion in Sun-Speckled Terrace

The Blue Onion lies south of the center Base in the Sun-Speckled Terrace. To obtain it, follow the steps outlined below:

1. Save Russ from ‘Last-Frost Cavern’

To progress through the Sun-Speckled Terrace, completing “Last-Frost Cavern” is essential as it houses Russ, the inventor, and his construction skills required for further tasks. 

Unlocking Oatchi’s abilities is crucial too. Oatchi’s skills were accessible around day three, possibly correlating with Russ’s rescue. 

Both events, Oatchi’s training and the ability to ride him, should unlock simultaneously, aiding in your quest.

2. You’ll Need 50 Total Pikmin

With the two Flarlics in Sun-Speckled Terrace, you can expand your Pikmin count to 40. However, you need 50 Pikmin in total to retrieve the Blue Onion. Both options are viable for achieving this goal. 

There are two available options for carrying the blue Onion:

  • You must gather 1,500 Sparklium to unlock the second region, Blossoming Arcadia, and obtain sufficient Flarlic to accommodate a minimum of 50 Pikmin. 
  • Utilize Oatchi’s skill points to enhance his abilities to the equivalent of at least 10 Pikmin’s power.

To acquire the Blue Onion early and proceed to the second area, train Oatchi by rescuing stranded explorers, earning skill points. Complete several caves to power up Oatchi and increase your chances of obtaining the Blue Onion before advancing further.

3. Collect 30 Ice Pikmin

To retrieve the Blue Onion, you must own a minimum of 30 Ice Pikmin to accompany you. They play a vital role in this task. If lacking, search for them in two caverns, where they can be found.

4. Start Your Rescue Mission

With 30 Ice Pikmin and 50 Pikmin power, begin the rescue mission. Freeze the small pond by throwing in the Ice Pikmin. Then, construct a wall beside the pond using any Pikmin color. Depending on the Flarlic gathered earlier, multiple trips may be needed.

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How to Get the Blue Onion Out of the Water

Once the wall is complete, employ Red Pikmin to defeat the Fiery Blowhog guarding the buried Blue Onion. Afterward, have 10 Red Pikmin begin digging it out. Then, descend to the ledge, whistle to summon the Ice Pikmin, unfreezing the pond.

Rush back up the wall and toss 10 Ice Pikmin to aid the Blue Onion movement. However, due to the unfrozen pond, they get stuck on a ledge and cannot proceed.

Whistle to summon all your Pikmin and toss 30 Ice Pikmin into the pond, freezing it again. Approach Oatchi by the wall, mount his back and leap over the small ledge. Command Oatchi and your Red Pikmin to carry the Blue Onion back to the mother Onion.

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Your mission is underway, and victory is within reach.

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