Remnant 2 Postulant’s Parlor: unlock every reward in this dungeon


Exploring the Remnant 2 Postulant’s Parlor unveils intricate puzzles, hidden secrets, and valuable rewards, making a comprehensive dungeon guide essential for maximizing the benefits of this unique location.

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Remnant 2 Postulant’s Parlor: unlock every reward in this dungeon

The Remnant 2 Postulant’s Parlor dungeon lies in Losomn’s Beatific Palace. Though available in only some rolls of Remnant 2’s Losomn playthrough, this dungeon is home to a puzzle that can be unlocked in multiple ways.

In this article, we explore this dungeon holistically, providing you with a complete picture of the rewards this place can unlock for you.

Remnant 2 Postulant’s Parlor: Solving the puzzle

The Remnant 2 Postulant’s Parlor is accessed through a decorated wall near the Jester. Use the Magic Quil to turn it into a door. The spotlight in this dungeon is on the intriguing puzzle. Formally, this is much like a chessboard, and like chess, would appear confusing to one unfamiliar with it. But once you’ve understood the logic behind it, it won’t pose much problem.

Here’s the breakdown of the puzzle:

  1. Opponents have control of the black pieces and players have control of the white pieces.
  2. If your opponent manages to line up the black pieces (like tic-tac-toe), the puzzle starts again, and you receive the curse status effect.
  3. However, if you manage to line up the white pieces, then the game is yours and the puzzle is loved.

So there are two objectives in this puzzle: create a line with the white pieces and prevent the opponent from doing this with black pieces. As you can imagine, there are several solutions to this puzzle. After this puzzle is solved, you can enter a room that houses the Royal Hunting Bow.


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Remnant 2 Postulant’s Parlor: Secrets

If you think the Royal Hunting Bow is all the Remnant 2 Postulant’s Parlor dungeon offers, you are dead wrong. There are several other items available here and the key to all these items resides in the puzzle you just solved. The developers have put a lot of thought into this.

See, for every position on the puzzle board, a certain part of the dungeon is either locked or unlocked. You can easily understand this if you overlay the puzzle board onto the map of the dungeon.

If a black piece sits on the corresponding location of a door on the puzzle board, that door is locked.

If a white piece sits on the corresponding location of a door on the puzzle board, that door is unlocked.

So using just the puzzle board, you have access to the entire dungeons and all the rewards that lie within it. However, there are only two that, we say, justify the effort in unlocking them. These are the Fae Royal armor set which resides in the top-right room on the map, and the Game Master’s Pride ring which resides in the bottom-left room.

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Unlocking the Fae Royal armor set

If you want to unlock the room sheltering the Fae Royal armor set, then put a white piece in all the locations mentioned below:

  1. Top-left
  2. Top-right
  3. Bottom-middle

This will unlock the top-right door.

Unlocking the Game Master’s Pride ring

To unlock this item, you’d need a co-op partner in Remnant 2 as there are two doors you need to go through to collect this item. Here are steps to unlocking the Game Master’s Pride ring.

  1. You will move around in the Remnant 2 Postulant’s Parlor dungeon and your partner will control the puzzle, or vice versa.
  2. The player controlling the puzzle puts a white piece in the bottom-left position.
  3. The player moving through the dungeon moves through the first door in the bottom-left room.
  4. The puzzle player loses the puzzle to reset the puzzle.
  5. The player in the dungeon now moves through the now-unlocked second door and collects the ring.

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These were just two items that are available in the Remnant 2 Postulant’s Parlor chamber. Should you desire it, you can unlock each and every item.

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