Microsoft Reportedly Has Exclusive Publishing Rights to 2 Sunset Overdrive Sequels


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Microsoft has exclusive publishing rights to two of the Sunset Overdrive sequels.

Recently, there was a significant cyberattack against Insomniac Games, and once the ransom deadline passed, the ransomware group uploaded 1.67 gigabytes of Insomniac Games’ internal data to their covert website. This data leak impacted more than 1.3 million files, but, one of the significant discoveries in this data breach was Microsoft has exclusive publishing rights to two of the Sunset Overdrive sequels.

Microsoft Reportedly Has Exclusive Publishing Rights to 2 Sunset Overdrive Sequels

From current sales of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and its $315 million budget to development updates and gameplay leaks of the Wolverine video game, revelations from Insomniac’s leaked docs keep coming. Yet, the most surprising discovery was about Sunset Overdrive, Insomniac’s cherished Xbox One exclusive, which surprisingly brought in a mere $567 profit.

Additionally, using the studio’s internal leaked documents, @eXtas1stv on Twitter found that Microsoft holds the rights to release Sunset Overdrive’s two sequels. These consist of any related DLC, ports, and derivative games (such as hand-held, web-based, and mobile companion experiences).

Well, if this is the case, then it appears like there are four possible outcomes:

  1. Sony (current right holders) sells the IP to Microsoft.
  2. Sony purchases the publishing rights from Microsoft (which, based on the leaked documents, isn’t currently planned).
  3. They arrange a deal for a multiplate rollout.
  4. The series has come to an end, which is sadly the most likely outcome.

Having purchased Insomniac Games in 2019, Sony currently holds the right to this IP and filed for a patent for it in 2021. So, even though Sony would approve the creation of a sequel, Microsoft would likely publish it, making everything much more complicated when exclusivity is considered.

Also, no remaster, PS4/PS5 version, or even rumors of a sequel have surfaced. And since Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 has sold over 13 million copies, making it the best-selling superhero game ever, Insomniac will likely continue to develop more games centered around the web-slinging hero.

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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 was one of the fastest-selling PlayStation Studios games.

When Sunset Overdrive was released, it had positive reviews and was an enjoyable game, however, its sales figures were never disclosed. But with current data of a mere $567 profit and the absence of discussion about a sequel over nine years later, presents an unfavorable image and presumably rules out a sequel for the time being.

After Sunset Overdrive was developed for $42,682,135, the game brought in $49,737,133 in sales with 1,898,433 units sold. That’s not a lot, as Insomniac made a total of $567 from Sunset Overdrive’s whole lifecycle once expenditures were split.

Also, the general view following this finding is that Sunset Overdrive is a dead franchise as neither Sony nor Microsoft will want to work on it. In any case, don’t anticipate hearing about a sequel anytime soon as these publishing rights have not been formally verified by Microsoft, and it is unclear how long they might last.

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