Price Prediction of Mana coin – market value in 2022, 2023, 2025, 2030, 2040, 2050, and can it ever reach $1000?


Mana coin price predictions for 2022 – 2030, 2040, 2050, and more have been shared below, and based on these predictions we will also be able to tell you when and if its market value will ever cross the mark of $1000.

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So what is Mana coin?

MANA is an ERC-20 token, it lets users buy or trade LAND and pay for goods and services in the virtual world. Mana coin is also used to purchase apparel, avatars, and distinctive names through the Decentraland Marketplace.

In short, Mana coin is the cryptocurrency of the game Decentraland.

Mana token was created in 2017 by Argentinians Ari Meilich and Esteban Ordano and was sold for $0.02 USD in the beginning. The coin got immense popularity with time among crypto users which further increased after the launch of Metaverse by Facebook. MANA, today, is ranging around $0.95 USD.

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Lets now begin with the price prediction of the Mana coin:

Price Prediction 2022:

The maximum price for the year 2022 is going to be $2.11, whereas the minimum price can drop to $0.85. The average for this year can be said to be $1.48.

Price Prediction 2023:

If the Mana coin in the year 2023 manages to bounce back, its price may reach $5.70, which is as good as its all-time high of $5.90.

In case it fails to bounce back it will remain near $2.55 with an average price of $3.23 for the year 2023.

Price Prediction 2024:

2024 will be a good year for Mana coins as far as the predictions go, the Market cap of MANA may exceed the $30 million mark! The maximum for the year 2024 is going to be $8.28 and $6.14 will be the minimum with the average price ranging around $7.75.

Mana Coin Price Prediction 2025:

Mana coin is expected to reach a maximum of $11.44 and a minimum of $8.77 with an average price of $10.16. The coin is one of the favorites of the investors and can always give us a surprise and surpass our predictions too!

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Mana Coin Price Prediction 2026:

Price prediction can definitely turn out to be a gamble sometimes, causes being the new rules and regulations that the government keeps coming up with, also there is always going to be volatility in the market.

That being said the maximum price for the year 2026 will be $16.25 with an average of $14.70 and a minimum price of $12.25. However, it’s true when we say that the Mana coin has more potential as compared to other cryptocurrencies of the same niche.

Price Prediction 2027:

For the year 2027, the maximum price might touch $20.37, while the minimum will be around $16.51, and the Mana coin will average around $18.12 for this year.

Price Prediction 2028:

For 2028 price predictions on the maximum side are $24.78 and $21.11 on the minimum side with the average ranging between $22.92.

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Price Prediction 2029:

The maximum price of Mana for the year 2029 can be hoped to be $27.30, while the minimum could be around $24.85, and the average will be $26.75.

Price Prediction 2030:

2030 is supposed to be that year when we can hope to see an all-time high in all cryptocurrencies, needless to say, it will be a good year for investors too. The maximum price of the MANA coin will be $34.62, minimum will be around $28.20. The average will be $31.24.

Price Prediction 2040:

Our predictions of the average price for the year 2040 are $93.75. Maximum and minimum prices are $107.30 and $85.12 respectively.

Price Prediction 2050:

For 2050 we hope that we will see the Mana coin reaching a maximum of $264.11 and a minimum of $224.55, while the average will be near $242.27.

So this was the end of our prediction part, now let’s look at a few more things related to the Mana coin before we conclude this article.

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So what can we say about MANA coin reaching $100?

We can say based on our technical analysis that the Mana coin can sure with time reach the price of $100, although it’s going to be more than a decade’s wait, as was seen from our predictions. Although we can hope it to reach the target sooner if investors and the like contribute towards it.

What of Mana coin reaching the price of $1000?

Honestly speaking it’s unlikely that Mana coin can reach $1000. The reason for this is the high supply of these coins, which reduces the chances of it reaching that level. That being said the coins are as popular as they already are, and with time they are sure to reach new heights.

Where can we buy Mana coins from?

It can be brought from cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance, Kucoin, Coinbase, WazirX, etc. Since it’s a popular cryptocurrency it’s available mostly on all crypto exchanges.

In conclusion, we can say that Mana coin which is a token created for the purchase of land, assets, and other services in the game “Decentraland” is a good investment and it had an all-time high of $5.90 in 2021.

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We will update you with the new information as soon as it comes out, so keep following Gamevro.

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