Remnant 2 Vault of the Formless: Every secret and puzzle in the dungeon


The Remnant 2 Vault of the Formless, a straightforward dungeon also has a fair share of puzzles and secrets, which you can solve and explore with our guide.

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Remnant 2 Vault of the Formless: Every secret and puzzle in the dungeon

The Remnant 2 Vault of the Formless is among the most straightforward dungeons in the title. But that’s not to say it doesn’t have its fair share of puzzles and secrets. You could encounter this dungeon in the land of N’erud.

In this article, we give complete information about the Vaulth of the Formless Dungeon and how to make it through.

Puzzle of the Remnant 2 Vault of the Formless Dungeon

Red locked door

The end of the Remnant 2 Vault of the Formless dungeon is always the same: a large facility filled with rotating devices. You can spot a locked red door at the end of this facility, which is to be opened by the House Lythla Glyph. To find this glyph, just enter the second rotating device and let it finish rotating. Then move along the revealed path and you reach the House Lythla Glyph.

The room that this glyph unlocks is where the Rupture Cannon Handgun is to be found.


Secrets of the Remnant 2 Vault of the Formless Dungeon

A major caveat before we move on with this segment: not all rolls of the Remnant 2 Vault of the Formless dungeon features all of the secrets outlined here. You’d have to re-roll the dungeon several times to encounter all these secrets. Also, most of these secrets do appear in other N’erud dungeons. So you can explore other places as well for these secrets.

Claw platform

Sometimes, you spot a room in the Vault of the Formless where a large claw interacts with a rotating device, much like the final room of this dungeon. Wait until the claw finally takes out a platform from the device and then jump onto it. Wait for the platform to get into position and then jump from it onto a broken walkway. Follow this to get a room housing the melee weapon Atom Splitter.

Locked glass door & W.D. 109

In Remnant 2 Vault of the Formless, you sometimes encounter a locked glass door behind which you can notice a tantalizing purple item. To open this door, continue along the path until you stumble upon the W.D. 109 mini-boss. After you are done defeating it, bring it to the locked door to open it. You can now collect the Excess Coil ring inside. This item grants a Shield for 25% of the max health. It lasts for 10 seconds and it cannot stack itself.

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Ventilation shaft near the locked red door

Now, if you encounter the locked glass door mentioned above, then locate a nearby small room that is crowded with containers. Break these to find a ventilation shaft. Enter the shaft and as you go forward, you will notice a hole on the right side. You would be able to see a broken cable through this. You need to shoot the container that is between the two sections. This unlocks the red door. Thus you can acquire the Blackout Ring that is beyond it.

However, if you continue along the shaft, you come upon the Rerouting Cable ring as well.

Aerary Glyph door

A door that can only be unlocked by the Aerary Glyph sometimes appears in the Remnant 2 Vault of the Formless. You find this glyph on a corpse as you progress along the dungeon. You encounter the Progeny mini-boss as well as the Crisis Ring beyond this door.

Purple orbs

Not too much a secret as a phenomenon, the purple orbs that you keep encountering time and again in the Remnant 2 Vault of the Formless dungeon are indestructible dangers. It is best to keep your distance from them.

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Flooded room

You could chance upon a flooded room in this dungeon which contains three items. You’d have to first drain this large vertical room and then enter it to collect the items. Keep in mind you only get one chance for a Flooded Room event. Keep those traits that provide Movement Speed stocked and check on your gears and consumables before you take this attempt.

The three items found in this room are:

  • Insulation Driver: This amulet grants a 15% boost to all damage delivered and HASTE when BULWARK is active.
  • Generating Band (Ring): When a Shield is active, you regenerate 3% of max health per second.
  • Subterfuge Link (Ring): The Cast Speed of the Mod or Skill Cast is boosted by 35% after an opponent is downed. This holds for 15 seconds or until it’s finished.

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And that is all that we have on Remnant 2 Vault of the Formless dungeon guide. We hope that this post will help you have a smooth gameplay experience in the game.

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