Remnant 2 Tower of the Unseen dungeon: Guide to its puzzle and secrets


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Remnant 2 Tower of the Unseen dungeon: Guide to its puzzle and secrets

The Remnant 2 Tower of the Unseen dungeon lurks in the undead world of N’erud. The Timeless Horizon and Eon Vault maps feature this dungeon that houses a series of locked red doors, the unlocked and locking of which form part of the puzzle that lies in the Tower of the Unseen. Not only this, various other secret rooms and paths can appear.

In this article, we take you on a journey of this Remnant 2 Tower of the Unseen dungeon, revealing all its secrets.

Remnant 2 Tower of the Unseen: Guide to the Puzzle

Once you reach the mid-map Checkpoint in the Remnant 2 Tower of the Unseen, turn around towards the door and extract the glowing orb (Stellar-Powered Cell) that is in the terminal in the corner. Then, leave the room and make your way up until you reach a locked red door. This door can be unlocked by inserting the orb in the terminal beside the door.

Once through the door, move ahead and enter the elevator in your path to go up to a large open room. From here, extract the Stellar-Powered Cell that you find beside a door to the left side of the room. After this is done, go down, and then continue on the path until you reach another red locked door which can be unlocked using the orb you just collect. The elevator in this room takes you to where the Samoflange amulet resides.

Once you have collected the amulet in Remnant 2 Tower of the Unseen dungeon, get back to the locked red orb and retrieve its associated orb. Return to the large open room you got the orb from and insert it back into the terminal it came from, on the left side of the large room.

Once the door beside the terminal opens, walk through it and look around until you chance upon a ledge from which you jump onto a metal walkway.


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Traverse the walkway and you pass another locked red door. Continue and you reach back to the large open room, but this time have unlocked a previously locked door. Collect the Stellar-Powered Cell from the terminal on the left side of the room and hurry back to the locked red door. Insert the orb and open the door, go through, and enter into an elevator. Continue on the path until you reach the E.D. boss fight.

You have no choice but to defeat this boss and get the Refunder mutator of the Remnant 2 Tower of the Unseen dungeon. Also, from the middle of the arena, you can pick up the Stone of Continuance ring. You will spot another locked red door here. Here’s how to unlock this door.

First, get back to the last locked red door that led to this boss and retrieve the Stellar-Powered Cell from its terminal. Then, get back to the large open room and go down via the elevator. Get out of the elevator when it reaches the bottom and send it up again by stepping on it and quickly get off. Then, drop down into the elevator shaft and trail the path until you get to the back of the status of the boss arena. There’s a terminal behind the statue. Insert the orb here and go through the now-unlocked red door. Continue along the path until you reach the Shielded Heart relic in Remnant 2.

But that’s not all in the Remnant 2 Tower of the Unseen dungeon. It still hides some secrets.

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Secrets of Remnant 2 Tower of the Unseen

The Remnant 2 Tower of the Unseen is not finished yet. There are secrets that may appear in some rolls of this dungeon. We have outlined what to look for below.

Elevator with a hole

Midway through the long elevator ride in the Remnant 2 Tower of the Unseen, you could encounter a hole in the wall. Jump through this hole and follow the path to reach the Low Yield Recovery Ring. Continue further until you get to an elevator. Send this elevator downward by stepping on it, but don’t ride it. You will find another elevator now that transports you to the Propulsion Loop ring.

An unmarked path at the bottom

On the lowest path of the dungeon as per the map, you may spot a path not shown on the map underneath them. Follow this path to get the Burden of the Stargazer ring.

Room with a red hole

Somewhere early in the dungeon, you could have stumbled upon an open room with a large hole through which shone a red light. Using the ledges around the perimeter descend through the hole to get the Constant Variable Ring. If you are looking for a fight, on your way back, interact with the cyclonic device to enter the Restless Spirit boss fight. The reward for winning is the Timewave mutator.

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And that brings us to the end of Remnant 2 Tower of the Unseen Guide, covering all the puzzle solutions and their secrets.

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