All Pikmin Types in Pikmin 4: Easy guide on all Pikmins and their abilities


Discover the full range of Pikmin types available in Pikmin 4, learn how to collect all the Pikmin types in the game, and explore their unique abilities and roles within the Pikmin 4 universe.

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All Pikmin Types in Pikmin 4: Easy guide on all Pikmins and their abilities

Pikmin 4 is a strategic game where players plan their actions using the available Pikmin. These little alien creatures, similar to plant-like beings, inhabit the planet where Captain Olimar has landed after crashing. The planet has nine distinct Pikmin types, each with unique traits, skills, and appearances. To excel in the game, understanding these types is crucial.

Here’s a breakdown of each Pikmin Type in Pikmin 4 and its role in the game.

All Pikmin Types in Pikmin 4

As stated above we have nine Pikmin Types in Pikmin 4, which include:

  • Red Pikmin
  • Blue Pikmin
  • Yellow Pikmin
  • Purple Pikmin
  • White Pikmin
  • Rock Pikmin
  • Winged Pikmin
  • Ice Pikmin
  • Glow Pikmin

Let’s see the details of each of these Pikmin Types below.


Red Pikmin

Red Pikmin is the basic and first species you encounter in the Pikmin series. They’re in all three games and are known for two main strengths. 

First, they’re stronger than other regular Pikmin, dealing more damage. When facing tough enemies, you’ll want them on your team. Second, these Pikmin types are not hurt by fire, which is a big advantage. This helps you go through fire-prone areas and fight fire-breathing enemies like the Fiery Blowhog in the first game.

Blue Pikmin

Blue Pikmin are super important when you are in places with water. They’re the only ones that can swim and not get hurt by water. If you need to move things over water, you’ll use these Blue Pikmin. They are especially helpful in the Serene Shores part of the game. 

Just remember, they’re like your water buddies – they’re strong against water and can help you with watery tasks.

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Yellow Pikmin

In the Pikmin game series, the third species you encounter, following the Blue Pikmin, is the Yellow Pikmin. They might not be the strongest fighters, dealing average damage, but they come with unique benefits. Thanks to their flappy ears, they can reach high ledges when thrown by Olimar. 

These Pikmin types are also immune to electricity and skilled with bomb rocks. These explosive rocks are essential for opening paths and dealing extra damage. Earlier in Pikmin 3, they even excel at digging, making them faster than other Pikmin when it comes to excavation.

White Pikmin

White Pikmin are really fast and can move around quickly. They’re great for exploring and going to different places fast. They can also protect themselves in a cool way: if some enemies eat them, they release a strong poison that hurts the enemies a lot. But the coolest thing about these Pikmin types is that they’re good at going through dangerous places. 

They can go where other Pikmin can’t because they’re not affected by harmful things. You can find them in special flowers called Ivory Candypop Buds after you finish the main game.

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Purple Pikmin

Purple Pikmin are super strong, like having ten regular Pikmin in one. When thrown, they make a big shockwave that stuns enemies. But they’re slower because they’re so strong. 

They are great for tough places and fights and can handle strong winds. You can get them by throwing a Pikmin into a Violet Candypop Bud. So, Purple Pikmin are really important for exciting adventures.

Rock Pikmin

Rock Pikmin are special creatures in the game found in Pikmin 4 Blossoming Arcadia. They’re great because they can break glass and crystal barriers, which helps a lot in tough places. 

What’s cool is that they can’t be hurt by stomping or trampling, which is really handy. This makes them super tough for overcoming hard obstacles.

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Ice Pikmin

In Pikmin 4, these tough little creatures arrive just after the Red Pikmin. With a strong affinity for ice, they really stand out. Unlike regular Pikmin, you can’t grow Ice Pikmin from Onions. Instead, you’ll discover them in caves mostly.

They’re super handy both for battles and exploration. They can’t carry stuff over water, but they won’t sink either. Toss them into water, and they freeze it, making paths. In fights, these Pikmin types freeze enemies solid after dealing enough hits. Cool, right?

Winged Pikmin

In Serene Shores, you can find and use these small creatures with special abilities. They’re great for the game. They can fly over obstacles, which helps a lot in rough areas. Also, they’re good at fighting in the air, so they’re really useful against flying enemies.

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Glow Pikmin

In the Sun-Speckled Terrace, there are special Glow Pikmin. They’re super cool because they can’t get hurt by fire, water, electricity, or poison – that’s really helpful for a good team. But, you need to be careful and not take them to places that are too bright, or they might get scared. 

These Pikmin can even make a bright ball that can surprise enemies and help in fights. To get these special Pikmin, look for glow pellets at night when you go on adventures. Those pellets are what you need to find to have these amazing Pikmin friends.

Overall, the Pikmin world is full of surprises, and the new species make exploring more exciting. Each Pikmin type has special abilities that help in different ways. Some can open new areas, while others are great in fights. These species are like helpful friends.

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