Remnant 2 Archetype Tier List: Ranking of Classes from best to worst


With our thorough Remnant 2 Archetype Tier List, which ranks each class from the strongest to the least favored, you may unravel the mysteries of the new Remnant game.

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Remnant 2 Archetype Tier List: Ranking of Classes from best to worst

From among the many Remnant 2 Archetypes, which one will you choose? To help you answer that question, we have prepared this Remnant 2 Archetype Tier list of all the archetypes in the title grouped according to their tiers.

Remnant 2 Archetype Tier List

First, let’s see the table of Remnant 2 Archetype Tier List and then we will dwell into the details.

TiersRemnant 2 Archetypes
SHandler and Medic
AGunslinger and Hunter
BChallenger and Alchemist
CSummoner and Explorer

Remnant 2 Archetypes: S Tier


One of the best archetypes in Remnant 2, the Handler, along with this Companion Dog, works in solo and team gameplay. The Companion suffices to take care of weaker opponents and to serve as a distraction for stronger ones. It is also required for the Prime Perk, Bonded, which revives the Handler when downed. The Companion can also revive itself and has an amazing health regen rate.

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If survival is the name of your game, Medic is the obvious choice. It is the archetype that has the single most health bonus for itself and its allies. For example, Healing Spring grants 10.5 health per second to allies for 15 seconds within a 3-meter radius. The Healing Shield provides a 25-meter radius barrier that has a life equal to the maximum health of all those inside. The Redemption unleashes a shockwave reviving all allies and granting them half their maximum health.

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Remnant 2 Archetypes: A Tier


Go for the Gunslinger class if you are an all-offensive player because there is none better than it. Gunslinger does high damage and fast reloads all while conserving ammo. Its Prime Perk, Loaded, reloads both of the player’s firearms immediately and grants infinite ammo for five seconds. All the Perks are offense-oriented. This was one of the pre-order bonuses but it can be unlocked in the normal version as well.

However, Gunslinger lacks the healing capacities of the S Tier classes.

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Hunter is a silent killer that preys upon the opponents from a distance. All its skills and perks are oriented toward enhancing long-range firepower. The Hunter’s Mark boosts Hunter’s awareness, the Hunter’s Focus improves aiming, while the Hunter’s Shroud veils allies from preying eyes. The Prime Perk, Dead to Rights, boosts base ranged weak spot damage.

All that said, Hunter lacks the prowess of the other classes in close-quarter combat.

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Remnant 2 Archetypes: B Tier


The Challenger is the master of close-quarters combat. All its skills are adapted to this range of fighting. They improve the player’s movement speed, fire rates, and Bulwark. Its Prime Perk, Die Hard, provides a free revival at the time of a lethal hit.

Though a solid choice for short-range battles, most bosses do not allow for such a style of fighting, requiring an archetype skilled in long-range combat. As the game advances, opponents also grow tougher.

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Alchemist is one of the best support classes. Multiplayer gameplay would be amiss without this class. All of the potions and concoctions that Alchemist brews provide buffers to the offensive and defensive abilities of teammates. Spirited, the Prime Perk, advances the limit on the number of active concoctions allowed at a time.

Alchemist is a secret character class that requires the completion of certain objectives to be unlocked. However, it is obvious that alone, this class lacks both offensive and defensive capabilities.

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Remnant 2 Archetypes: C Tier


The Summoner summons a retinue of ugly minions to fight on his behalf. However, this costs anywhere between 10-35% of the player’s health. There are three options for the minions: Reaver, Hollow, and Flyer. The Prime Perk, Ruthless, boosts the minions’ speed and damage output when they receive damage themselves. You can also choose to shoot your minions to produce the same results. All the Perks help in improving the minions’ performance.

Summoning a group of henchmen comes at a great cost to the Summoner. And that cost could prove to be lethal.

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The Explorer archetype moves fast but surprisingly, doesn’t hit back like other classes. Its major ability is to be able to find valuable goods. Its Prime Perk, Lucky, enhances the chance of players finding rare items for collection. The chances of finding gold are also boosted. The Gold Digger skill is the most beneficial. A fountain is struck in the ground which boosts players’ statistics.

It goes without saying that the Explorer class is not a great option for offense. It does not compare in that respect with many of the top archetypes.

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The Remnant 2 Archetype chosen must be given considerable thought because players will come across many difficult opponents and monsters as they explore the numerous realms in the game. We, therefore, hope that our Remnant 2 Archetype Tier List may be useful to you.

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