How to get Elden Ring Rivers of Blood katana – map location


Elden Ring Rivers of Blood katana location is something that interests a lot of players, as it isn’t easy to find this blade.

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Elden Ring just launch and it already has its gamers hooked. Developed by FromSoftware, it is a role-playing game packed with action, made in collaboration with the fiction writer George R. R. Martin.

One of the most interesting features is the swords, or Elden Ring Katanas as they are called in the game, which is to be found by the players all around the map by scouting out each nook and corner. And one of the most sought-after swords is the Elden Ring Rivers of Blood.

You have already used a katana in Elden Ring if you decided to begin the game as a Samurai. They are, after all, quick and light swords that could be employed against bosses that won’t offer you enough time to navigate.

However, in Elden Ring, there are superior katanas than the ones you’re handed at the start. Rivers of Blood is a katana that may be obtained in the late game.

The name alone is enough to make every gamer want to acquire it. That’s exactly what we’re going to show you here. Read on to find out exactly you can find the Elden Ring Rivers of Blood Katana.

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Elden Ring Rivers of Blood Katana

In the PvP (Player versus Player) mode of Elden Ring, the Moonveil Katana may be the most used and popular one. However, when it comes to looks (and names), the Elden Ring Rivers of Blood Katana may top the list for many. You’ll see just how true to its name (Elden Ring Rivers of Blood) this Katana is in action and when it’s upgraded.

Elden Ring’s Rivers of Blood is a Katana, which is indeed a good weapon for mid-range combat and can inflict both Pierce and Slash attacks. It scales largely with Strength, Dexterity, and Arcane.
Elden Ring Rivers of Blood katana’s weapon skill is Corpse Piler; nevertheless, this weapon cannot be infused with Ashes of War, enchanted with Magic, or boosted by Consumables.

Elden Ring Rivers of Blood can be upgraded with Somber Smithing Stones, but due to a bug, this item presently does not increase with your stats at all.

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The unique skill of the Elden Ring Rivers of Blood is the Corpse Piler. It is this skill that sets it apart from the other Katanas like Moonveil and Meteoric Ore Blade. When the Corpse Piler is activated, a deadly combination of ferocious attacks is set loose by a Tarnished wielding.

As mentioned, the graphics of the Corpse Piler is absolutely stunning, in addition to it being a really satisfying move to use, thanks to the Bloodloss passive. No matter the type of enemy, it won’t last long against this Elden Ring Rivers of Blood Katana.

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Map Location of Elden Ring Rivers of Blood Katana

Coming to the specifics: The Rivers of Blood Katana can be found in the Mountaintops of Giants. It is pretty easy to reach this place.

We will just simply the steps to reach the Mountaintops of Giants in order to acquire the Elden Ring Rivers of Blood Katana:

  • Simply head on over to the Grand Lift of Rold, and keep to the northeastern path.
  • Once you find yourself at the Freezing Lake, turn south.
  • Keep on going past the Giants’ Gravepost and continue till the Foot of the Forge.
  • Follow the path from this place until you arrive at the Church of Repose.

Once at the Church of Repose, you’ll have to beat Bloody Finger Okina and his cursed blade in combat. If you do that, the invader with drop both the Okina Mask and the much wanted, Elden Ring Rivers of Blood Katana.

Make sure to try this out yourself. You’ll be so impressed, you’ll forget any other Katanas exist.

We will update you with the new information as soon as it comes out, so keep following Gamevro.

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