All Pikmin 4 Caves: Easy guide to locations of every cave in Pikmin 4


All Pikmin 4 Caves in every explorable area of the game has something exciting to offer to the players, including numerous Treasures, Onions, and Rescues.

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All Pikmin 4 Caves: Locations of every cave in each area of Pikmin 4

As you know, the Pikmin 4 game is huge, with expansive adventures and exciting caves. As you explore the planet for castaways, you’ll find caves holding hidden treasures. Exploring these caves is always rewarding, as they hold valuable surprises waiting to be discovered. Therefore, our guide presents all Pikmin 4 cave locations, making your journey to 100% completion simpler.

All Pikmin 4 Cave Locations

Here is a list of all Pikmin 4 cave locations found within each of the six explorable regions:

Sun-Speckled Terrace Cave Locations

The Sun-Speckled Terrace is the starting place in Pikmin 4. It looks like a garden with pots and bricks. Here, you find Ice, Yellow, and Blue Pikmin. There are 5 caves plus 2 Dandori to discover. Here are the Pikmin 4 caves and objects you will find inside Sun-Speckle cave:

Pikmin 4 Cave NameRescuesTreasuresOnionPikmin 
Aquiferous SummitDalmo40Ice Pikmin
Crackling CauldronSchnauz60Yellow Pikmin
Hectic HollowsKingsly30Ice Pikmin
Industrial MazeDingo50Yellow Pikmin
Last-Frost CavernRuss21Ice Pikmin
  • Dandori Challenge: Near 3rd base, Meandering Slope, find the Dandori Challenge cave. To reach it, use 30 Ice Pikmin to freeze water, and help Oatchi jump onto a high ledge.
  • Dandori Battle: Found in the same area where the Dandori challenge can be found. Build a bridge to reach it on a ledge.
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Blossoming Arcadia Cave Locations

Blossoming Arcadia is the second area. It’s like a big playground with a big elephant slide in the back. Here, Rock Pikmin are found for the first time. There are 4 caves, 2 Dandori challenges, and 1 Dandori battle. 

Pikmin 4 Cave NameRescuesTreasuresOnionPikmin 
Drafty GalleryFrancois100Ice Pikmin
Sightless PassagePitunia40Yellow Pikmin, Red Pikmin
Kingdom of BeastsYonny, Puddle160Red Pikmin, Rock Pikmin
Secluded CourtyardMika, Sy101Yellow Pikmin, Blue Pikmin
Battle in a Box (Dandori Battle)1 Leafling
Hotshock Canyon (Dandori Challenge)1 Leafling
Rockaway Cellars (Dandori Challenge)1 Leafling

You can find a Dandori Battle cave by the 1st base, Fragrant Ravine. Look near the river in a big box—no obstacles at the entrance. You’ll see the leafy individual from the sun-speckled terrace with another castaway.

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Serene Shores Cave Locations

Serene Shores is a beachy place in Pikmin 4. It’s Area 3 and has a big sand castle. What’s remarkable is, it changes when the sun moves. At noon, the water goes away, showing more land. It features 4 caves, 3 of which are Dandori caves.

Pikmin 4 Cave NameRescuesTreasuresOnionPikmin 
Below-Grade DiscothequeSheeba110Yellow Pikmin, Red Pikmin, Winged Pikmin
Seafloor ResortMuggs, Keesh231Blue Pikmin, Ice Pikmin
Engulfed CastleOsa, Frise170Blue Pikmin, Purple Pikmin
Subzero SaunaKaia, Vondra50Ice Pikmin, White Pikmin
Dandori Castle (Dandori Battle)1 Leafling
Test Tubs (Dandori Challenge)1 Leafling
Ice-Cross Course (Dandori Challenge)1 Leafling

Dandori Battle is located near the 1st base, Blossoming Dunes. The Pikmin 4 cave’s entrance is by the water, and you can find it on the left side. You and Oatchi can walk on water, so you can go up the slope to get inside. To carry the prize you win in the battle, make sure to build a bridge to the mainland or freeze the water around the cave. That will keep the prize safe.

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Hero’s Hideaway Cave Locations

The Hero’s Hideaway in Pikmin 4 is the fourth prominent place. It’s inside a house, in the living room and kitchen. There are 3 caves and 2 Dandori caves inside.

Pikmin 4 Cave NameRescuesTreasuresOnionPikmin 
Doppelganger’s Den1 Leafling160Ice Pikmin, White Pikmin
Plunder PalaceTwyla, 1 Leafling291Rock Pikmin, Purple Pikmin
Frozen InfernoOsa, Frise171Ice Pikmin, Rock Pikmin
Leafy Showdown (Dandori Battle)1 Leafling
Hefty Haulways (Dandori Challenge)1 Leafling

Inside a secure box lies the Dandori Battle cave. To open it, find three treasures: Courage Emblem, Power Emblem, and Wisdom Emblem. The safe code changes every time.

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Giant’s Hearth Cave Locations

The Giant’s Hearth is the fifth area in Pikmin 4. It’s like a camping site with a tent and fences in the back. There’s a brick fire pit and a folding chair, but no fire. It’s outside and big, like a giant’s home. There are 3 caves, 3 Dandori challenges, and 1 Dandori battle.

Pikmin 4 Cave NameRescuesTreasuresOnionPikmin 
Cradle of the Beast1120Purple Pikmin, Red Pikmin, Rock Pikmin
Ultimate Testing Range2120Winged Pikmin, White Pikmin
Dream Home1141Winged Pikmin, Purple Pikmin
Aerial Incinerator (Dandori Challenge 1)1 Leafling
Strategic Freezeway (Dandori Challenge 2)1 Leafling
Planning Pools (Dandori Challenge 3)1 Leafling
Hot Sandy Duel (Dandori Battle)1 Leafling

You’ll spot a Dandori Battle cave near the 3rd base. It’s down a hill, enclosed by shallow water and a short edge. This setup makes it simple for Oatchi to hop into it easily.

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Primordial Thicket Cave Locations

The Primordial Thicket is the last area in Pikmin 4. It’s a big muddy forest. It has 15 things to find on top, 74 things in caves, 8 people to save (5 Castaways and 3 Leaflings), and 3 Onions. There are 7 caves, with one having a Dandori Battle, and three with Dandori Challenges.

Pikmin 4 Cave NameRescuesTreasuresOnionPikmin
Subterranean Swarm2130Purple Pikmin, White Pikmin
The Mut Pit1111Winged Pikmin
Toggle Training(Dandori Challenge)1 Leafling
Oasis of Order(Dandori Challenge)1 Leafling
Cliff-Hanger’s Hold(Dandori Challenge)1 Leafling
Cavern for a King(Dandori Battle)1 Leafling480Red Pikmin, Purple Pikmin, White Pikmin, Blue Pikmin, Ice Pikmin

You’ll explore six stages, the Rescue Command Post, and even tackle Dandori Challenges and Battles. Inside these Pikmin 4 caves, you’ll discover rescues, treasures, and onions. Get ready for the ultimate Pikmin experience and we hope our Pikmin 4 Caves Location guide helps you conquer every challenge the game offers.

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